15 Advertising Agencies in Kansas City Serving up Creative Innovation

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Oct. 27, 2020
15 Advertising Agencies in Kansas City Serving up Creative Innovation
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Kansas City may be relatively new to the national tech scene, but this Midwestern city has long been a hotbed of artistic innovation. The city is home to numerous, world-renowned art museums, in addition to a wide array of street art, studios and galleries. 

In light of Kansas City’s artistic tradition, it’s no surprise the city also boasts a large number of advertising agencies dedicated to merging technological expertise with creative design. Serving organizations from a broad range of industries, the city’s agencies specialize in various strategies, from SEO and UX design to branding and app development

Here’s a look at 15 advertising agencies in Kansas City securing the city's status as a hub of creative innovation. 

Advertising Agencies in Kansas City to Know

  1. Bernstein-Rein Advertising
  2. Barkley
  3. Gragg Advertising
  4. Sandlot & Co.
  5. Design Ranch
  6. Seedlogic
  7. Whiskey Design
  8. Fasone & Partners
Barkley advertising agencies Kansas City

Founded: 1964

What they do: Barkley is an independent ad agency driven by the aim to “build modern brands for modern consumers.” The agency boasts a broad range of capabilities including brand positioning and architecture, data strategy, experience design, packaging design and branded environments. Barkley works with brands from a variety of industries such as retail, hospitality and healthcare.

Who they work with: Spirit Airlines, Planet Fitness, IHOP and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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Bernstein-Rein Advertising advertising agencies Kansas City
Bernstein-Rein Advertising

Founded: 1964

What they do: Bernstein-Rein Advertising offers its services to organizations from a wide range of industries. The agency’s focus areas include brand strategy, consumer journey mapping, omnichannel campaigns, web design, email marketing, digital content and SEO. Notable projects include producing videos on behalf of McDonald’s and redesigning Gold Gym’s web and mobile platforms.

Who they work with: McDonald’s, Gold’s Gym, Havertys Furniture and the Kansas City Chamber. 


Gragg Advertising advertising agencies Kansas City
Gragg Advertising

Founded: 1992

What they do: Gragg Advertising is a full-service agency that focuses on developing integrated campaigns for both digital and traditional mediums. The agency offers a variety of services such as web design and development, email marketing, paid social, SEO, graphic design, copywriting, and web statistics and analytics. Gragg Advertising also specializes in video and radio production as well as direct mail marketing.

Who they work with: Boston College, Troost Midtown, BBJ Linen and Guadalupe Centers. 


Seedlogic advertising agencies Kansas City

Founded: 2017

What they do: Seedlogic is a full-service agency that aims to help brands attract, engage and convert customers online. Their services include web design, illustration, Amazon ad management, analytics and conversion rate optimization, and Facebook and Instagram ads. Seedlogic also creates SEM campaigns using audience targeting, analytics and keyword management. 

Who they work with: Mano’s Wine, Misook and Beauty Fix Med Spa. 


Whiskey Design advertising agencies Kansas City
Whiskey Design

Founded: 2006

What they do: Whiskey Design creates campaigns for a broad range of indie brands. The agency works with its clients on developing galas, exhibitions and festivals in addition to designing packaging. Whiskey Design’s client base ranges from breweries and distilleries to dog treat brands and media companies.

Who they work with: Riega Street Tacos, Fling Craft Cocktails, Restless Spirits Distilling and Cobra Scare Ale. 


Sandlot & Co. advertising agencies Kansas City
Sandlot & Co. 

Founded: 2013

What they do: Sandlot & Co. is an advertising agency that specializes in social media and PR campaigns. The agency’s focus areas such as brand strategy, research and analytics, digital content creation, email marketing, and web design and development. Sandlot & Co.’s other services include CRM integrations, store experience design and impact reporting.

Who they work with: Altec, Connections Bank, Johnson Controls and Influent Energy.


Fasone & Partners advertising agencies Kansas City
Fasone & Partners

Founded: 1975

What they do: Fasone & Partners is an ad agency that focuses on integrated campaigns, media buying, design and brand strategy. The agency provides a broad range of services such as brand management and marketing, content development, market research, PPC management and video production. Fasone & Partners’ client base spans a variety of industries including hospitality, retail and travel.

Who they work with: 7th Street Casino, Carpet Corner, Lillianes Jewelry and Gaslight Grill.

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Design Ranch advertising agencies Kansas City
Design Ranch

Founded: 1998

What they do: Design Ranch is an advertising firm that specializes in lifestyle branding. The firm focuses on a variety of strategies including copywriting, brand strategy, product concepting, web design, photography, videography and project coordination. In the past, Design Ranch has worked with clients on crowdfunding campaigns, book and magazine design, and product packaging design.

Who they work with: Intuit, Foot Traffic, Lawrence Beer Company and BranchPattern. 

Design Ranch


REACTOR Design Studio advertising agencies Kansas City
REACTOR Design Studio

Founded: 2003

What they do: REACTOR Design Studio is a creative studio that provides a wide range of advertising services. Their capabilities include brand development, social media content, videography, newsletter and publication design, and strategic planning and research. Additionally, the studio specializes in promotional products, fundraising materials, and retail and office environment design. 

Who they work with: KVC Health Systems, Perfect Square Biscuits, Lifted Spirits and Mainstar Trust. 


EAG Advertising & Marketing advertising agencies Kansas City
EAG Advertising & Marketing

Founded: 2003

What they do: EAG Advertising & Marketing offers a variety of outsourced marketing services for growing companies. The agency’s specialties include copywriting, graphic design, social media, SEO, brand development, video marketing, web design, and development and content marketing. EAG Advertising & Marketing serves clients from a broad range of industries including financial services, education, and food and beverage.

Who they work with: Midland Industries, Smithville School District, Likarda and Signature Personal Insurance. 


Fire Engine Design Studio advertising agencies Kansas City
Fire Engine Design Studio

Founded: 2010

What they do: Fire Engine Design Studio is dedicated to helping brands optimize their positions and connect with end users. The studio specializes in a variety of strategies such as brand identity, social media, UI / UX design, digital experiences and content. In the past, the studio has helped brands develop holiday campaigns and packaging design.

Who they work with: Legends Outlets, Moonlight, State Cider Co. and Caffetteria. 


Willoughby Design advertising agencies Kansas City
Willoughby Design

Founded: 1978

What they do: Willoughby Design is a creative advertising firm that serves a diverse range of clients. Their focus areas include brand strategy, naming, digital experiences, research, packaging design and branded environments. The agency also specializes in brand vision workshops and campaigns.

Who they work with: AMC Theatres, H&R Block, Cultivate KC and Zingari Man. 


Novella Brandhouse advertising agencies Kansas City
Novella Brandhouse

Founded: 2013

What they do: Novella Brandhouse is a full-service creative firm that blends traditional and digital advertising strategies. The agency’s specialties include Wordpress and Squarespace web development, brand architecture and identity, and social media and content strategy. Past projects include an integrated marketing campaign on behalf of Abita Brewing Company.

Who they work with: Abita Brewing Company, duoFIT, FlutterHabit and St. Teresa’s Academy. 


The Pittman Group advertising agencies Kansas City
The Pittman Group

Founded: 2007

What they do: The Pittman Group offers a variety of advertising and marketing services. The company’s specialties include social media, SEO, videography, graphic design, PPC advertising, remarketing and web development. The Pittman Group is driven by the aim to help its clients drive high-quality conversions for their businesses. 

Who they work with: Educational institutions and more.

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JNA Advertising advertising agencies Kansas City
JNA Advertising

Founded: 2004

What they do: Based in nearby Overland Park, Kansas, JNA Advertising is a full-service ad agency that specializes in branding-related services. The agency focuses primarily on brand development, management, and activation, covering areas such as market planning, social media and brand strategy. JNA Advertising’s client base spans a variety of industries including healthcare, energy and education.

Who they work with: Protect The Love, Mueller Sports Medicine, Hard Rock Energy and Mooney International. 

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