4 Advertising Agencies In Baltimore To Watch

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 18, 2020
4 Advertising Agencies In Baltimore To Watch
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While big tech cities like San Francisco and New York may earn more headlines, it's often the smaller and more overlooked cities that are the best places for startups to gain traction. In Baltimore, the emerging tech scene is proving to be one of the most encouraging for ambitious companies both large and small. With office space going for a little over $23 per square foot, the city offers the opportunity for tech founders to flourish professionally without compromising on their quality of life. Between its affordability and sense of community, the city has all the makings of the next great tech hub. 

To compete with its flashier neighbors, Baltimore’s enterprising advertising agencies are getting to work promoting both the city and the tech companies that call it home. Each advertising agency’s team of creative directors and content producers work to bring out the best in their clients, showcasing exactly what makes Baltimore’s tech market special. Take a look at these four advertising agencies putting Baltimore’s unique personality on display for the world to see.

Advertising Agencies in Baltimore to Know

  • R2integrated
  • Gable
  • Planit
  • DoublePositive
R2integrated Advertising Agencies in Baltimore

Founded: 2003

What they’re about: R2integrated develops interactive digital experiences designed to help brands of all shapes and sizes strengthen and amplify their voices online. Working with everyone from higher education institutions to industrial manufacturers, R2integrated provides its clients with an array of targeted branding and marketing services. The company's suite of services includes technology integration, creative media production, digital experience design and a variety of other capabilities. The company additionally runs an advertising focused blog, covering the latest developments in the industry and offering its readers advice on how to hone their branding approaches.

Clients: Senseonics, CloudBlue, Fortis, PHH, Bluetooth, Volvo.

Headquarters: 400 E Pratt St.


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Gable Advertising Agencies in Baltimore

Founded: 1980

What they’re about: Gable is a visual communications agency that specializes in custom graphics and brand development solutions, working on advertising projects with companies in a range of industries from retail to gaming. Working with companies like Verizon and Uniqlo, Gable guides each client through every step of the campaign development process, from initial consultation to project rollout. 

Clients: Verizon, Uniqlo, Tyson's Corner Center. 

Headquarters: 7440 Fort Smallwood Rd.


Planit Advertising Agencies in Baltimore

Founded: 1994

What they’re about: Planit hones in on digital marketing as a means of helping its clients achieve success and build upon their customer bases, equipping them with advertising tools that are both creatively driven and data proven. The agency's team offers each client a variety of digital marketing capabilities, including email and direct marketing, digital media production, social media advertising and more. Planit's work in the advertising field has earned the agency recognition for a number of prestigious awards, including places on Advertising Age's Small Agencies of the Year and Best Places To Work lists.

Clients: Sheetz, Kleenex, Marriott, Dunbar, BarclayCard, Under Armour.

Headquarters: 1414 Key Highway


DoublePositive Advertising Agencies in Baltimore

Founded: 2004

What they’re about: DoublePositive's team specializes in performance-based online marketing, offering companies advertising and branding services focused on producing tangible results. The company's marketing products aim to help sales teams boost their acquisition numbers and ROI, and its solutions have proven to boost engagement and contact rates by over 70 percent. DoublePositive serves a client base of companies in all industries, both large and small, and its team operates out of two national offices in Baltimore and Scottsdale.

Clients: Cardinal Financial, Freedom Mortgage, Tier 1 Lending, Arizona College.

Headquarters: 1111 Light St.


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