20 IT Consulting Companies Supporting Tech Innovation Nationwide

Sunny Betz
February 8, 2021
Updated: July 12, 2021
Sunny Betz
February 8, 2021
Updated: July 12, 2021

Any company looking to compete in the 21st century needs a powerful digital strategy — but developing one that stands out from the competition is easier said than done. Devising a strong tech infrastructure and updating it to keep up with industry standards, takes a lot of work that many companies simply don't have the time, resources, or manpower to take on alone.

This is where IT consulting companies and agencies can lend a hand. IT consultants help companies upgrade existing frameworks or adopt entirely new ones, supporting everything from software design to cybersecurity development. In addition to digital help, many agencies offer staffing solutions, making clients more self-reliant and enable them to adapt new digital standards in the future. Whatever technical support your company may need, these 20 IT consulting companies and agencies can pinpoint your issues and discover new ways to evolve. Check out how they’re helping companies across the country reach new heights and harness the power of IT.

IT Consulting Companies to Know

  • Metric Theory
  • Keystone
  • Loft9
  • Logic20/20
  • RedCloud Consulting
  • EPAM Systems
  • ThoughtWorks
  • Stride Consulting


Metric Theory IT Consulting Companies
Metric Theory


Founded: 2012

Background: Metric Theory combines IT expertise with marketing know-how to boost its clients overall growth, with an average first-year client growth rate of 68 percent. Partnering with brands like Optimizely, GoFundMe and FabFitFun, Metric Theory provides guidance and tangible support with everything from feed management and programmatic features to creative ads.

Headquarters: New York, NY


Keystone IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 2003

Background: Keystone offers a range of technology and business consulting services covering everything from analytics to patent protection. The agency's team of tech experts supports companies in upgrading their ecosystem strategies, processes, tax transfers and many other essential operations. Keystone counts some of the biggest brands in the world among its clients, including companies like Coca-Cola and Intel.

Headquarters: Bellevue, WA


Loft9 IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 2010

Background: With offices in Seattle and Denver, Loft9 serves the IT and operational needs of businesses in the Rockies and the greater Pacific Northwest. Loft9's process supports business transformations throughout their entire lifecycle, beginning with initial strategizing and following through deployment and project success analysis.

Headquarters: Seattle, WA


Logic20/20 IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 2005

Background: Logic20/20 focuses on total business transformation, supporting overhaul projects in digital infrastructure, leadership structure and advanced analytics. Logic20/20's team has experience working with companies of nearly any background, serving brands in education, energy, finance, media and a range of other industries.

Headquarters: Seattle, WA


RedCloud Consulting IT Consulting Companies
RedCloud Consulting


Founded: 1995

Background: RedCloud Consulting focuses on elevating its clients efficacy through IT product management, troubleshooting, and advising, helping their total infrastructures become more intuitive. In addition to basic IT services, RedCloud Consulting also offers staffing solutions, sales and marketing support, and other services designed to help brands become the best they can be.

Headquarters: Seattle, WA


EPAM Systems IT Consulting Companies
EPAM Systems


Founded: 1993

Background: EPAM Systems designs and builds custom software, IT systems and other products for leading tech-enabled companies across the globe. EPAM Systems' methodology begins with an initial consulting stage, helping companies better understand their avenues for growth and improvement, before helping them design and engineer the best products to achieve their goals.

Headquarters: New York, NY


ThoughtWorks IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 1993

Background: ThoughtWorks consults clients on how to better implement technologies in their day-to-day operations, helping them holistically elevate their profile and achieve more success in their respective industries. ThoughtWorks aims to help brands strengthen their central technology foundations, making it possible for them to provide better experiences to their customers and encouraging long term sustainability.

Headquarters: New York, NY


Stride Consulting IT Consulting Companies
Stride Consulting


Founded: 2014

Background: Teaming up with companies like NBC Universal and Sony, Stride Consulting's IT experts collaborate with client tech teams to provide mentorship services and help companies become more self sufficient. Stride Consulting provides guidance and support in software development, digital strategy, data engineering and a variety of other tech needs.

Headquarters: New York, NY


Genpact IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 1997

Background: Genpact's large team of IT support technicians provide assistance with employee onboarding, wealth management, compliance maintenance, automation and a broad array of other regular operations or tasks. The agency has over two decades’ experience serving the IT needs of some of the largest brands in the world, and its work has won the company awards from HFS, NelsonHall, Avasant and Everest Group.

Headquarters: New York, NY


Cognizant Technology Solutions IT Consulting Companies
Cognizant Technology Solutions


Founded: 1994

Background: Combining IT consulting and outsourcing services, Cognizant Technology Solutions provides companies of all backgrounds the opportunity to make their customers have better experiences. With a team of nearly 300,000 global employees, the company is capable of supporting projects like IoT development, intelligent process automation, security improvement, core modernization and more.

Headquarters: New York, NY


Blue Pisces Consulting IT Consulting Companies
Blue Pisces Consulting


Founded: 2017

Background: Blue Pisces Consulting guides companies in updating their core infrastructures and DevOps to elevate above their industry peers. In addition to baseline IT services and support, Blue Pisces Consulting also offers staffing solutions to help companies build robust tech teams and become more self-sufficient.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA


Capto IT Consulting Companies
capto Consulting


Founded: 2009

Background: Capto Consulting is dedicated to encouraging its clients' long term growth, partnering each customer with a senior IT advisor who can guide them through each stage of project and infrastructure development. The agency helps companies optimize their spending and improve their cyber security standards, and provides additional services such as portfolio management, cloud integration, and customer care.

Headquarters: Evergreen, CO


Ciber IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 1974

Background: Serving companies in industries ranging from transportation to education, Ciber's IT service portfolio can help companies leverage AI, cloud computing, marketing technology and other digital tools to become better economic players. Ciber maintains headquarters in Colorado, but the agency's team of over 6,000 experts conducts business from offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Headquarters: Greenwood Village, CO


Squarei Technologies IT Consulting Companies
Squarei Technologies


Founded: 1996

Background: Squarei Technologies helps companies deploy new applications, design databases, build interactive web platforms, and take on any range of IT projects its clients may need. Companies that need a more robust team of technicians can rely on Squarei Technologies' outsourcing services to cut costs and upgrade their software capabilities.

Headquarters: Fort Collins, CO


Xtivia IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 1992

Background: An agency focused on software development and IT innovation, Xtivia helps companies deploy apps, improve their digital experiences, and better store their data. Xtivia's tailored IT solutions have helped large brands like Avaya, HP, Domino's, Rite Aid and Bosch boost their digital presences and become stronger competitors in their sectors

Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO


Nerdery IT Consulting Companies


Founded: 2003

Background: Nerdery works with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them take advantage of all the business tools the digital realm has to offer. Its experienced tech team has helped previous clients modernize their platforms, adopt new cloud technologies, develop digital products and customize their connected ecosystems.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


Maven Wave IT Consulting Companies
Maven Wave


Founded: 2008

Background: Maven Wave empowers companies to build powerful web, mobile and cloud applications capable of elevating performance across their whole enterprise. Maven Wave combines the abilities of a traditional IT consulting agency with those of a digital design firm, providing its clients with assistance in adopting machine learning, encouraging enterprise collaboration, and strengthening overall infrastructures.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


SDI Presence IT Consulting Companies
SDI Presence


Founded: 2016

Background: SDI Presence optimizes and elevates each clients digital ecosystems through powerful IT solutions designed to tackle their individual weak points. SDI Presence's services are unique in that they offer hyperlocal support from nearby technicians who can provide in-person support whenever needed.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


York Solutions IT Consulting Companies
York Solutions


Founded: 1989

Background: York Solutions has spent the past several decades providing staffing and IT services to companies in nearly every industry imaginable, offering solutions such as software development, cybersecurity strengthening and application project design. York Solutions also offers support for professionals looking to break into the tech consulting field, with a dedicated job board and resume advising designed to help them fill slots in their desired areas.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


Black Diamond Studios IT Consulting Companies
Black Diamond Studios


Founded: 2004

Background: Black Diamond Studios provides targeted technical support to companies in the small to mid-sized range, guiding them in everything from security upgrades to wireless communications adoption. The agency's record of supporting the growth of smaller sized businesses has earned it multiple accolades and awards, including two from CRN.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

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