Lozen Liu | Jan 09, 2023

Swift uses concise code and simple syntax to make it easy to work with, scalable and approachable for newer developers.

Swift vs. C++

Although both Swift and C++ are object-oriented programming languages, the two excel in different areas. Swift is used to develop applications intended for Apple’s MacOS and iOS operating systems while C++ may be used for web and Android applications.  Swift is an evolution of Objective C, whereas C++ is an evolution of C. C++ is known to many for its excellent performance and is typically somewhat faster than Swift code but due to Apple’s OS dominance in the mobile space, creating mobile apps with C++ may be futile.

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What Is Swift Used For?

Swift is a programming language but can be viewed as a successor to the C and Objective C languages. Swift supports many of the core concepts found in Objective C, such as dynamic dispatch, widespread late binding and extensible programming, but Swift does so  in a way that makes it easier for developers to catch software bugs, which creates a safer overall language.

Swift also uses Objective C runtime libraries, thereby allowing the language to run alongside Objective C, C and C++ within the same program.

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What Are the Benefits of Swift?

Swift uses concise code, simplified syntax and eased grammar to make the language easy to write and understand. As a result, Swift is adaptable for developers of all skill levels. Although Swift is a newer programming language that originated in 2014 for use on Apple devices, we can now use Swift on Windows and most Linux-based operating systems, though this practice is still uncommon.

Swift’s use of Objective C runtime libraries on Apple platforms allows Swift, C, Objective C and C++ code to all run within the same program, thereby boosting the performance of C to an even greater level. 

Other areas where Swift excels include memory maintenance, overall speed and binary compatibility, as well as its cross-platform, open-source nature.

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