There's no shortage of excitement pulsing through Las Vegas at any given time, and the same can be said about the city's vibrant startup scene. Emerging companies across a diverse range of industries, from aerospace to cannabis, have taken advantage of the many possibilities and resources Las Vegas has to offer, including the opportunity to scale quickly while still having access to the scores of organizations on the West Coast. Startups in Las Vegas are forming and growing at an incredible rate but these are the 11 you should know about right now.

Las Vegas Startups to Know

  • Deimos-One
  • Pure Scientific Technologies
  • Card Z3n
  • Flower One
  • Amira Learning
  • Eqvista
Deimos-One Las Vegas startups

Founded: 2020

Industry: Aerospace + Robotics

What they do: Deimos-One works to advance the fields of aerospace, defense, purification and robotics, moving technology forward to increase the quality and security of everyday life. From shuttle and missile launches to developing reusable payloads and infrastructure for living and working in space, the company helps its clients take on a multitude of challenges. 


Pure Scientific Technologies Las Vegas startups
Pure Scientific Technologies

Founded: 2020

Industry: Pharmaceutical

What they do: Pure Scientific Technologies is a medical device startup creating technology to deliver pharmaceuticals and CBD products to patients more efficiently. The company’s inhaler products use Heliox to blend helium and oxygen and carry chemically active pharmaceuticals directly into the bloodstream, treating lung disease and other conditions as well as administering holistic CBD benefits.


Secura Bio Las Vegas startups
Secura Bio

Founded: 2019

Industry: Pharmaceutical

What they do: Secura Bio develops and commercializes medicines and critical pharmaceutical products, facilitating care for patients both in emergency situations and in improving quality of life. The company has been active in the fight against myeloma through its development of Farydak, a capsule-based histone deacetylase inhibitor designed to suppress tumors in myeloma patients.


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Founded: 2019

Industry: Software

What they do: is a secure platform for sharing confidential documents with customers and prospects, operating via a user-friendly dashboard to provide easy access to all documents and parties involved. The platform automates the sharing process and manual approval of individual documents, tracking agreements over time and watermarking documents with the requester’s information, company name, and email address for complete accountability and transparency.


Concierge Health Las Vegas startups
Concierge Health

Founded: 2019

Industry: Fitness

What they do: Concierge Health helps people get the most out of their health and wellness coverage by creating devices that install within fitness clubs to track workouts and earn fitness benefits from providers. The company’s VeriTap technology integrates with fitness clips, health insurance providers, life insurance providers and equipment manufacturers to connect networks for easy signal sending, with digital integrations now available as well for connecting home workout equipment.


Frontier Farms Las Vegas startups
Frontier Farms

Founded: 2018

Industry: Agriculture

What they do: Frontier Farms is a sustainable and efficient growth operation that produces several species of herbs for use in the local Las Vegas market. Varieties of basil, mint, stevia, agretti, wasabi, and more are designed and bred within the facility without the use of pesticides or herbicides, creating an environmentally sound method of producing widely-used greens. 


Card Z3n Las Vegas startups
Card Z3n

Founded: 2018

Industry: Fintech

What they do: Card Z3n provides its clients with payment solutions that help both large and small businesses take leaps forward through digital methods. Credit card processing, payment gateway, and online payroll, HR, and benefits enablement services are all available from Card Z3n to fully support and streamline a variety of business needs.


Flower One Las Vegas startups
Flower One

Founded: 2018

Industry: Cannabis

What they do: Flower One is a fully contained, seed-to-shelf cannabis production company offering cannabis cultivation, production and full-service brand fulfillment to partners throughout the state of Nevada. The company combines 20 years of greenhouse operations experience with a 400,000 square-foot greenhouse and several large production and cultivation facilities, providing businesses within the cannabis industry an opportunity to scale and consumers with unprecedented access to products.


Amira Learning Las Vegas startups
Amira Learning

Founded: 2018

Industry: Software

What they do: Amira Learning is an intelligent reading assistant that blends reading science with AI to listen, assess and tutor students as they learn to read, accelerating the pathway to oral reading fluency. Complete with diagnostic reports for parents and teachers to evaluate, a screener for early identification of dyslexia symptoms, and additional tools to help students become reading proficient and facilitate learning across all subjects.


Eqvista Las Vegas startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Fintech + HR

What they do: Eqvista offers a user-friendly dashboard for tracking and managing shares issued to founders, employees and investors. The platform features capabilities like company incorporation, issuance of company shares, 409a valuation, cap table management, waterfall analysis and company standing analysis, with the ability to seamlessly share information between founders, shareholders, accountants and lawyers.


Prasaga Las Vegas startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Blockchain

What they do: Prasaga aims to evolve blockchain architecture by providing the highest possible level of safety, scalability and reward to its contributors. The company’s proprietary blockchain technology works through multiple methods to further decentralize, scale and increase speed when processing data and transactions.


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