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Social media plays a big part in all our lives, including our work. Many employers have been known to research potential hires online before committing to a hiring decision, and so what candidates post to their social media profiles can have an impact on their prospects.

But candidates can also take control of their job search by using social media to their advantage. To explain, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members discuss 12 ways professionals can leverage social media to find the right job for them.

12 Ways Candidates Can Use Social Media While Job Searching

  1. Engage with potential employers online
  2. Highlight your best aspects
  3. Follow job search experts
  4. Search relevant hashtags
  5. Reach out to your network
  6. Create thought leadership content
  7. Participate in relevant industry groups
  8. Direct message leaders for advice
  9. Join industry discussions
  10. Showcase your ‘portfolio’
  11. Connect with employees of companies you want to work for
  12. Check job listings on LinkedIn


1. Engage With Potential Employers Online

Aside from a business’ website, their social media can tell you a lot about them as a company. One of the best things about social media is the ability to have access to a business and interact with them more than you can do through a website. If you’re interested in a company, connecting with them and engaging in discussion can give you a good idea if they’re right for you and also can give you the opportunity to set yourself apart. —Joe Morgan, Joes Datacenter, LLC


2. Highlight Your Best Aspects

Social media allows you to put your best foot forward and to highlight your best aspects. Most large companies will research your social profiles before hiring you, so give them something good to find. Highlight your past projects, successes, and your ability to network effectively. —Salvador Ordorica,  The Spanish Group LLC 


3. Follow Job Search Experts

One way to use social media to find the right job is to follow job search experts on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Doing so will keep your feed updated with current tricks, new advice and inspiration. —Shu Saito, SpiroPure

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4. Search Relevant Hashtags

To find a job through social media, search relevant hashtags that will bring you to the right employers and recruiters. You want to use hashtags that are specific and related to your industry but not so specific that no ones using them. Most people forget to look through social media for potential candidates, which is why its a gold mine for talent and expertise. —Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms


5. Reach Out to Your Network

The best way to find work by utilizing social media is by asking your friends via direct or private message. It sounds too simple, but if you need something, who are you supposed to ask? The answer: a stranger or a friend who would help you in an instant because you would do the same for them. Facebook and LinkedIn are great public tools to help you find jobs by asking friends for help privately. —Michael Sinensky, WeShield


6. Create Thought Leadership Content

A good option to find the perfect job is to blog professionally on social media. How you got into the profession, why, what obstacles you overcame, what you can advise young professionals to do — the list of topics is endless. However, it takes effort on your part. But in return, youll regularly receive job offers from people who know youre a passionate professional. —Maksym Babych, SpdLoad

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7. Participate in Relevant Industry Groups

Join social media groups to stay on top of new job postings. Youll also make connections with local business owners and people in your industry who can help you. Look for Facebook and LinkedIn groups where professionals like you hang out. Join them and participate in discussions, but dont just ask for jobs. Try to contribute and provide value through content so that you stand out. —Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner


8. Direct Message Leaders for Advice

Send direct messages to anybody who has your dream job. Dont ask for their job, but ask for their advice. If you send 10 of these a day, pretty soon youll meet someone who needs a role filled or who is looking to make an addition to their team. Even if this action doesnt yield a role, it will yield invaluable guidance and lessons. —Tyler Bray, TK Trailer Parts


9. Join Industry Discussions

Join the discussion your industry is in. You can do this on Twitter, LinkedIn and more, but its important that you participate in these conversations so youre visible within the community. Take your time, provide good value to the conversation, connect with influencers in the space and, over time, you never know when an opportunity will arise that you can connect with. —Andy Karuza,

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10. Showcase Your ‘Portfolio’

Social media is now our portfolio. It is our subtle way of showing off to our possible future clients who will stumble upon us by accident and will love our work. Lets be honest: Recruiters tend to look for us on social media. Why not make their lives easy and just include our social media accounts? It will show our transparency and consistency plus the influence we have. —Daisy Jing, Banish


11. Connect With Employees of Companies You Want to Work For

Theres a saying that the majority of job opportunities are not publicly posted. In many cases, job openings are mentioned by the employees of a company on their LinkedIn profiles and feeds. Use LinkedIn to find employees who work in the company or industry you want to join. Connect with them. When they share new job opportunities, youll see it right in your feed early on. —Blair Williams, MemberPress


12. Check Job Listings on LinkedIn

One way you can use social media to find a job is by checking relevant listings on LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes it easy for employers to list their job openings and for people like you to apply. Weve used the platform to hire new employees in the past, and have found plenty of qualified candidates. —Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

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