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In recent years, marketing teams have doubled down on digital content creation. And for good reason: consumers and buyers now expect information on products and services to be readily available online. But businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to engage audiences effectively, particularly with in-depth information that remains vital to doing business. That’s where Turtl comes in. Turtl is a data-driven content platform that lets anyone create beautiful, high-performing digital experiences - without the need for design or coding skills. Turtl Docs are proven to increase reader engagement by 10x compared to other formats, so you can turn more of your readers into leads, sales, and customers. How does it work? Our technology applies psychological principles of how people read and retain information into the unique design and format of Turtl Docs. We use brand themes, templates, and data-based recommendations to ensure you follow best practices when creating digital documents. Your content is hardwired to be interactive, visually striking, and engaging - and you can fully personalize the reader experience to further boost engagement. With detailed analytics within the platform or within your CRM system, you can track and analyze how your documents are performing against industry benchmarks and generate the data insights to drive marketing and sales. These high-quality, on-brand digital documents can be produced without designers or software engineers. That means you can move quicker and significantly reduce the time it takes to bring new documents to market. Better reader engagement translates into higher campaign performance: more interactions and leads from prospects/customers; more intent data to inform lead scores and next actions; and ultimately contributing to pipeline generation and building relationships. Give your documents a performance advantage and win the battle for reader attention, so you can better market, serve, sell, and grow.

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