Los Angeles, California
44 Total Employees
Year Founded: 2022

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Spree3D is a cutting-edge start-up leading the charge in advancing the e-commerce sector through its groundbreaking, photorealistic avatar technology. With a dedicated, diverse, and talented team spread across the globe, our mission is to reimagine the online shopping landscape. Our unique digital try-on technology allows customers to envisage precisely how garments would look on their personalized avatars. This experience not only boosts consumer confidence but also enhances their decision-making process. The technology is designed to offer a deeply personal shopping journey, cultivating a meaningful bond between customers and our product. By fostering an immersive, tailor-made shopping experience, we aim to drive sales, build enduring brand loyalty, and make customer satisfaction our hallmark. Our technology sets us apart from conventional augmented reality solutions. Spree3D provides a frictionless, photorealistic try-on experience that outperforms present market offerings in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Our innovation goes beyond technology and customer-centric ethos. Spree3D is the proud holder of multiple patented processes. These proprietary protections underscore our standing as a frontrunner in the industry, granting us exclusive rights to our unique systems and methods. Our commitment to being first-to-market, reinforced by our robust partnerships and globally diverse team, equips Spree3D with a formidable competitive edge. We remain confident that our ground-breaking approach, backed by our patented solutions and the joint efforts of our world-class team, will redefine industry norms. As we push the boundaries of e-commerce, we invite you to join us on this journey. Witness how Spree3D is setting new standards and changing the face of e-commerce. Together, we can shape an exciting, innovative future.

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Los Angeles, California