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Year Founded: 2020

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Corporate companies are struggling to deal with the costly effects of Employee Emotional Health Pressures. An average of 10 % of any company's employees will suffer significantly under this category. The average per annum cost of each person in this category is 10/15k USD / Euro in direct costs and lost economic value. Opa Mind have developed a unique exciting new '' Voice Driven '' support platform for people who struggle with emotional & mental health pressures. A developer of AI-based voice driven mental wellness tools, designed for self-engagement and monitoring of emotional states. The company has developed a ''Voice Input'' system that has the ability to listen and return various metrics based on a persons emotional state, also vocal biomarker analysis and a personalised support space, enabling individuals to undertake actionable follow-up steps in order to improve health and wellbeing. One of the great difficulties with emotional health pressures is that many people ## feel they cannot speak to another person about their pressures ##. Regardless of how close the relationship. Helping people to tackle the various stigma's around emotional health, presents a huge challenge and we present an easy to use solutions to help people towards positive well being. Opa Mind can now help people who struggle to manage emotional pressures, anonymously and in small steps on a supported and rewarding personalised journey. The Opa Team are growing in size and their empathy and skills have now built a wonderful solution to bring real hope to people who perhaps feel they could never reach out because of Stigma. Our technology is leading edge and scientific in nature, however our real value is having the care, understanding, empathy and lived experience to walk in your shoes, the Opa Mind users, guiding you all towards a better quality of life. Inquiries to [email protected] or all Social channels.

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