I came into the office completely drained after a difficult meeting but when I looked up I stopped awestruck. Someone had hung a painting on the wall. Suddenly the boring hallway had been turned into a room with personality and mood.

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My business partner decided to hang up an abstract painting by modern Ukrainian artist Anton Popernyak. The painting undeniably brightened up the space, but its real value was the course it put us on. Our office turned into an art gallery.

Putting on an art exhibition in your office might sound like an indulgent thing to do for a startup, but we discovered it actually led to a lower turnover rate and increased offer acceptance among candidates we interviewed. 

Benefits of Turning Our Office Into an Art Gallery

  • Decreased employee turnover rate
  • Increased number of job applications
  • Increased offer acceptance rate
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Clients’ recognition

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Why We Did It

My business partner is an experienced patron of the greatly under-appreciated Ukrainian art scene. He’s always been keen on bringing art closer to people and wanted to help introduce the team to their local culture. I wasn’t as involved in art as he was, but I’ve always cared about making our workplace an inspiring creative space people would want to come to. 

So when we saw our business would be expanding, we decided to combine our interests when designing a new office. 

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We invited ten muralists, graphic designers and calligraphists into the office and gave them carte blanche — a censorship-free opportunity to use our office walls as a canvas. Five months later, our 350-person office space turned into a modern art gallery. 

Now what did our team think?

They loved it.

Of course, we hoped the project would be a morale boost for the team and maybe increase people’s interest in their local art scene. But in the end, what we got was so much more. 

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Decreased Turnover Tate

We work in the customer support industry which has one of the highest employee turnover rates of any field. While the average rate for companies in general is 15 percent, for customer service centers it can reach 30-45 percent.

This is a big problem for businesses as the cost to replace an employee varies between $10,000 to $15,000. That can add up to a lot of money for big call centers. 

But since we gave our office an art makeover, our turnover rate dropped by 16 percent. All of a sudden our fun art initiative had a real measurable impact on our bottom line. 

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Increased Number of Job Applications

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As a customer support company, our recruiting process is continuous and requires a huge pool of specialists who speak foreign languages. During the  2020 we hired 658 people.

Most of our candidates come from job searching sites or are referred by current team members. After we introduced art to the office, the word got out and the number of organic job applications increased 1.5 times.

When asked, people said they’ve seen photos of our office on the job sites, on their friends’ social media or in the press, and it made them want to apply. To them, our company seemed interesting and innovative and stood out among other prospective employers.

Judging by the incredibly positive results we’ve gotten, it’s clear our investment into the aesthetics of our space paid off with increased interest among potential candidates. 

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Increased Offer Acceptance Rate

We have three-stage job interviews and in the case of a local hire, the last stage is an in-person conversation in the office. We noticed that the average acceptance rate is 50 percent higher among the candidates interviewed in our new office-turned-art-gallery  compared to the old one. And it’s clear why from the feedback we’ve gotten from newcomers:  “The minute I saw this, I knew I wanted to work here,” said one interviewee.

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To give you a bit of perspective on why this has been so successful, I think it’s good to note that 42 percent of our applicants are millennials. Since 78 percent of them consider the quality of the workspace important when choosing an employer, it’s not surprising that a creative workplace attracts candidates’ attention.

However, they are not the only ones who care about office aesthetics: 81 percent of all applicants would reject a job offer if they didn’t like the workplace. That’s why I consider resources we put in the office a long-term investment into our recruiting and retention efforts. 

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Increased Brand Awareness

Introducing an art project like this also drew the attention of local media and put us on a map of global office spaces. It helped us reach a new audience outside our traditional channels and cement a reputation as a responsible employer. 

A lot of factors contributed to getting us there. Team members shared photos of the office on social media and brought their relatives to our corporate family days. I also found employees were more willing to promote the company among their friends.

And because of all this interest, we introduced tours of the office for the public so more people could come to see the murals. All of this combined increased interest among potential candidates and, subsequently, clients.

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Clients’ Recognition

Since we’re in a competitive sector of the B2B industry, relationships and reputation are crucial for us.

Before signing a contract, clients sometimes go on a tour checking out different service providers. Before Covid-19, we hosted on average four client visits per month. Having a unique office makes a strong impression and helps us stand out among our competitors. 

The contact center industry is stereotypically perceived as a toxic work environment. We bust that myth and make our clients see how their money is spent: on happy representatives which translates to happy customers.

Clients, who value our commitment to the team’s wellness, appreciate our efforts and tend to choose us as a partner. 

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Of course, we can’t credit all the above-mentioned achievements solely to art in the office. You can’t just hang a painting on the wall and expect the turnover rate to go down — that’s not how it works. The aesthetics have  to be a part of (and supported by) other strategic efforts to improve the overall employee experience.

However, the massive introduction of art into our space definitely played a key role in how our team perceives their workplace and the company. Still, one of the less visible yet priceless benefits I love the most is when I overhear two people chatting in the kitchen … about which mural they like more — the one by Manzhos or by Kondakov.  

This article was originally published on The Next Web.

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