5 Companies That Don’t Test on Animals

These companies don’t use animal testing in any of their product lines.

Written by Rose Velazquez
Published on Jun. 23, 2023
5 Companies That Don’t Test on Animals
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Animal testing has been used in a variety of industries to evaluate the safety and efficacy of goods and treatments. To avoid practices that could be harmful to animals, some companies, especially those producing cosmetics and personal care products, have committed to pursuing alternative methods of making sure their offerings are safe and meet quality standards. Here’s an overview of five companies that don’t test on animals to produce makeup, lotion, soaps and other consumer goods. 

Companies That Don't Test on Animals

  • Fenty Beauty
  • Dr. Bronner's
  • Blueland


Companies That Don’t Test on Animals

Founded: 1961

Headquarters: New York, New York

COVERGIRL has been a household name in the cosmetics industry for more than six decades. It offers an array of well-loved beauty products from foundation and eyeshadow to lipstick and mascara. The company earned its cruelty free certification from Cruelty Free International in 2018, meaning COVERGIRL doesn’t use animal testing to produce any of its products.


Founded: 2017

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Founded by singer Rhianna, Fenty Beauty has risen to notoriety for its pigmented lip, cheek and eye products, as well as its inclusive shade ranges for other face products. Fenty Beauty and skin care-focused sister brand Fenty Skin are both cruelty free, refusing to test their products on animals or let their suppliers do so for them, according to the company’s website.

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Founded: 1848

Headquarters: Vista, California

Dr. Bronner’s is known for its versatile liquid soap, which the company touts as having 18 different uses, including face and hand washing, laundry and dish washing. It also makes lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion and other products for personal care. Dr. Bronner’s says there’s no animal testing involved in the manufacturing of its products available to customers in the United States and Canada.


Founded: 1978

Headquarters: Blaine, Minnesota

AVEDA is a prominent name in the world of hair care and styling, but it also makes various other personal care products, such as makeup, body scrub and body mists. The company boasts product lines that are completely vegan and says it has been free of animal testing since its founding.

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Founded: 2019

Headquarters: New York, New York

Blueland sells cleaning products in plastic-free reusable packaging. For example, its laundry tablets come in what the company refers to as “Forever Tins,” which can be refilled with additional tablets delivered in compostable paper. From dish soap to facial cleanser, all of the products are formulated using vegan ingredients and without any animal testing, the Blueland website confirms.

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