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Big Data • Insurance • Financial Services
Reno , NV
14 Employees

VeracityID, Inc. is a SaaS, ‘big data’ company focused on providing real-time fraud detection and intervention services to the financial services industry – with a focus on the personal lines/small business insurance sectors. VeracityID's idFusion solution enables financial institutions such as insurance carriers to automate the detection, measurement and mitigation of fraud risks at the point of sale – and then continuously monitor changes in risk level throughout the product/policy lifecycle. Our deep understanding of the industry – combined with our leading-edge work developing anti-fraud solutions – has enabled us to design and deliver a purpose built, sophisticated and robust solution to the problem of detecting, measuring and mitigating fraud risks before they become fraud losses. VeracityID is headquartered in Reno, NV with offices in Cupertino, CA , London, UK and development offices in Romania. About the idFusion Solution The idFusion platform offers a revolutionary approach to the continuing global war on fraud and is based on the simple idea that you can discern and measure fraud risk by viewing a prospective customer’s digital footprint from multiple perspectives by combining cutting edge ‘big data’ tools with practical insights into the behavior and psychology of fraudsters. idFusion enables customers to discern hidden relationships between people and data that traditional methods and other software tools often miss that are gateways to fraud discovery. idFusion is built for real-time analysis at point-of-sale and has been configured with a strong focus on the type of world-class systems/data/application security, virtually limitless scalability, compelling ease of use, and highly configurable workflow that the large enterprise demands. The solution is fully operational in a Fortune 50 financial institution.