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Information Technology • Internet of Things • Professional Services • Sales • Energy • App development • Renewable Energy
Fully Remote
3 Employees

Worldsong Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company that specializes in providing value-added distribution, channel partnership, and supply services in the field of wireless technology and power solutions. We offer a diverse range of products, including batteries (such as deep cycle, starter, marine, RV, and off-grid solutions), solar panels, wireless routers, EV chargers, antennas, and cellular solutions. Our primary goal is to cater to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking reliable and efficient solutions for their wireless technology and power requirements. We take pride in offering high-quality products that meet the standards of excellence and are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to our product offerings, we provide a unique platform that enables businesses to effortlessly create their own mobile apps without the need for coding or development skills. This DIY approach empowers our clients to enhance their digital presence and engage with their target audience more effectively. Moreover, Worldsong Solutions offers comprehensive support services to assist businesses in various aspects of their operations. This includes website setup and management, assistance with online marketing platforms like Yelp, and other related services. We understand that each client has unique requirements, and we strive to tailor our services to meet their specific needs. At Worldsong Solutions, our ethos is centered around customer satisfaction, innovation, and reliability. We are committed to providing exceptional products and services that exceed expectations. By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry trends, we continuously adapt and evolve to ensure our clients have access to the latest advancements in wireless technology and power solutions. Whether it's helping businesses with their wireless infrastructure, providing renewable energy solutions, or assisting in digital transformation, Worldsong Solutions is dedicated to being a trusted partner and empowering our clients to succeed in an increasingly connected world.