10 Website Design Elements to Increase Sales and Engagement

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss website elements that could help boost customer engagement and overall sales.

Published on Dec. 28, 2022
10 Website Design Elements to Increase Sales and Engagement
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Top row, from left: Nathalie Lussier, Kyle Michaud, Mary Harcourt, Jared Atchison, Firas Kittaneh. Bottom row, from left: John Turner, Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Benjamin Rojas, Syed Balkhi, John Brackett.

Often, when entrepreneurs think of trying to boost customer engagement and sales, they start brainstorming marketing campaigns they could run or different social media techniques they could implement to get customers more interested in their business. Not as much thought is given to the business’s website as a way to increase engagement, however.

More than just the place of transaction, a business website can serve as an information hub, a community and a place customers will want to return to again and again — all with the right design. To help get you started, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council each discuss one website design element you’ll want to consider in order to increase your business’s sales and engagement.

10 Website Design Elements to Increase Sales and Engagement

  1. A “polite” pop-up box.
  2. High-quality photos.
  3. A quiz.
  4. A clean navigation menu.
  5. Bulleted text.
  6. A social media wall.
  7. A call-to-action button.
  8. Social proof.
  9. Color choice.
  10. A customer support chat tool.

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1. A Polite Pop-Up Box

One very effective design element is the use of a polite pop-up box. You can use it to draw attention to a sale or discount, to a free opt-in gift or to highlight a live event happening on your site. Pop-ups dont need to be obnoxious; they can be elegant and timed for when people are about to leave, which increases conversions like nothing else can. — Nathalie LussierAccessAlly


2. High-Quality Photos

Visual elements — like a great logo and photographs — are vital to a website experience that results in conversions. I think the best thing a new business can do is to hire a high-quality photographer; cell phone photos really won’t cut it these days. Quality photo assets will really help your social media presence as well, particularly Instagram. — Kyle MichaudCarolina Dozer


3. A Quiz

Incorporate a quiz! So many people love to know where they fit on a certain spectrum. If they have taken the time to answer the questions, youve already sold them on the product by making them think about the outcome differently than a typical sales pitch. They see their results and understand more about what youre offering and are more likely to go through with the purchase. — Mary HarcourtCosmoGlo


4. A Clean Navigation Menu

Having a clean, easy-to-find navigation menu is crucial to increasing sales and engagement. If visitors have trouble exploring your website, they’ll make an exit in no time at all. Your navigation menu contains the most important links on your website, such as FAQs, contact page, about page, products page and more. For mobile users, it needs to be especially easy to find. — Jared AtchisonWPForms


5. Bulleted Text

Use bullet points to highlight key data. Help visitors skim your page and focus on important information. The more they absorb, the easier it is to convince them to convert. That way, your sales team wont have to persuade them as aggressively since your website can help facilitate more buyer interest. — Firas KittanehAmerisleep Mattress


6. A Social Media Wall

Social media walls are an excellent way to skyrocket engagement on your site. Essentially, social wall tools allow you to show snippets from your profiles on Twitter and Instagram directly on your website. This is helpful for convincing visitors to navigate to your social media and hit the “follow” button. Consequently, youll generate more one-on-one experiences. — John TurnerSeedProd LLC


7. A Call-To-Action Button

An important element in website design is the call-to-action button. This button is typically located at the top or bottom of a page and is designed to prompt users to take an action, such as make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or download an e-book. A call-to-action button lets people know what you want them to do next. — Kristin Kimberly MarquetMarquet Media, LLC


8. Social Proof

Social proof works wonders in increasing sales and engagement on your site because were all social beings. When we see a huge social following, it signals to us that this business might be worth our time. Were also encouraged when we see other peoples rave reviews. By placing testimonials at prominent spots, you can improve a customers trust and confidence in your brand. — Benjamin RojasAll in One SEO


9. Color Choice

One website design element that can help a business increase its sales and engagement is the effective use of color. Choosing the right colors and using them in an appropriate way can help to increase conversions, which can have a huge impact on sales and engagement. For example, use colors on the call to action that contrast with the rest of the design to make it stand out. — Syed BalkhiWPBeginner


10. A Customer Support Chat Tool

A robust customer support system can help your business increase sales and boost customer engagement. After all, most online shoppers expect a live chat option when visiting an e-commerce website. If you have a team ready to swoop in and help users when they have a problem, you will see positive results. I recommend including a clickable chat bubble on key pages throughout your site. — John BrackettSmash Balloon LLC

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