16 Tech Companies Placing Tampa in the Tech Spotlight

Written by Sunny Betz
16 Tech Companies Placing Tampa in the Tech Spotlight
Ashley Bowden | May 15, 2024

When it comes to leadership in tech, the Southeast has taken the reins and is proving itself to be a force to be reckoned with. While not as flashy as those of cities like San Francisco or Seattle, Tampa Bay's tech scene is steadily growing and setting precedents for other cities across the Southeast and beyond. Due to Florida's comparatively relaxed testing regulations, Tampa has become a hub for autonomous vehicle developers, and the city’s rich tech talent pool has made it a hotspot for software and IT companies looking for a place to land. With so much diversity and energy to offer, it comes as no surprise that Tampa was included in Startup Genome’s list of the top emerging startup ecosystems. Check out these tech companies in Tampa centering the South in the tech conversation. 

Tech Companies In Tampa Bay to Know

  • ConnectWise
  • Syniverse
  • KnowBe4
  • GSP
  • SystemSoft Technologies
  • ReliaQuest
  • Vology
  • Spectrio
  • Rapid7
  • Procore Technologies


Founded: 1849

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer works to develop therapies that extend and improve people’s lives. The company collaborates with healthcare providers, governments and local communities to increase access to reliable healthcare. Pfizer expanded its presence into Tampa in 2021 and operates an office at the Heights Union East Building.


Founded: 2002 

Procore Technologies is simplifying the construction process with comprehensive software. Owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors can connect and share key pieces of information through a single platform. By centralizing all data and processes, teams can stay in sync while developing more efficient workflows with the solutions of Procore Technologies.


Founded: 2000 

Rapid7 is keeping businesses one step ahead of hackers by crafting cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Companies can monitor their systems, catch attacks before they happen, and even diagnose the status of web applications. Rapid7 has also created technology designed specifically for cloud platforms. Relying on the tools of Rapid7, organizations can save time and energy knowing accurate and intelligent security features are watching over them.  


Founded: 2010

KnowBe4 provides businesses of all sizes with security training software designed to help their teams build comprehensive knowledge of fraud and risk that they can use to better protect enterprise assets. With over 35,000 clients across the globe, KnowBe4 provides companies with an affordable option for building autonomous security protocols and training employees to mitigate risk independently.


Founded: 2007

ReliaQuest is primarily a cybersecurity company, working to build security foundations powered by automation technology that grant their enterprise clients the ability to maintain full visibility into their security infrastructures. ReliaQuest has delivered security services to companies across the world, equipping over 250 enterprises with tools to anticipate and mitigate risk in their digital environments.


Founded: 1999

What they do: SystemSoft Technologies delivers outsourced IT expertise to companies looking to optimize and streamline their digital infrastructures. The company's team combines both consulting experience with technical development skills to provide clients with a comprehensive IT service capable of updating their entire pre-existing environments.

Funding: $10M+


Founded: 1998

IQor connects companies across the globe to a talent pool of IT specialists who can help brands develop and hone their customer engagement technologies and maintain stronger relationships with their clients. Its services cover product support and analytics science in addition to customer engagement, product testing, supply chain management, billing, and other operations.

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Founded: 1982

ConnectWise helps TSPs, or technology solutions providers, streamline their business with a platform for billing and quote management, cybersecurity oversight, and other operations. The company has partnered in the past with companies like Techvera and Syrex to develop solutions that make their entire operational infrastructures more efficient.


Founded: 1987

Syniverse's team builds mobile compatible software products designed to help businesses and individuals stay connected to the grid across the globe. Offering options for IT development, marketing, fraud detection and financial management, Syniverse helps empower companies to take full control over their operations in order to compete successfully in the global economy.


Founded: 1978

GSP is a marketing and software company that collaborates with retail companies to guide them through remodeling with store and customer data in mind. The company offers its clients both environmental and marketing services, ranging from fixture designs and visual merchandising to digital asset management.


Founded: 2001

Vology assists companies in adopting affordable cloud technologies and IT solutions to elevate their operations while keeping overhead costs low. IT infrastructure management can be a burden on companies without the resources to handle their digital operations, but Vology offers them the opportunity to outsource their IT needs to a team of skilled technicians, engineers and developers.


Founded: 1986

Spectrio works with companies of all sizes and in all industries to build unique online and offline marketing solutions designed to retain customers and provide them with entertaining and satisfying experiences. Trusted by brands like Coca-Cola and Subway, Spectrio offers companies the option to adopt on-hold marketing, overhead music, Wi-Fi marketing and a variety of other unique marketing tools to boost their ROI.


Founded: 2010

Mad Mobile partners with Apple and other mobile device manufacturers to deliver point of sale systems capable of operating on cell phones and other mobile devices. Mad Mobile offers an affordable option for companies to streamline and modernize their POS systems, and the company's mobile applications have been adopted by brands in every industry, from Urban Outfitters to Buffalo Wild Wings. 


Founded: 1990

Kobie Marketing delivers technology integrated marketing solutions to companies seeking to craft loyalty programs that allow them to retain their current customers and attract new ones. With over 30 years of experience serving the marketing needs of companies across the globe, Kobie Marketing's efforts have been recognized for a number of business awards, including Addy Awards and placements on Inc. 5000's year end lists.


Founded: 2005

Focal Point Data Risk collaborates with national and international enterprises on risk management planning, providing their partners with expert guidance in data privacy, identity governance, cyber threat response and a variety of other security needs. In addition to providing one-off services, Focal Point Data Risk also offers a cyber skills development school where companies can train their security teams on the latest protocols and methods in order to become more autonomous in their operations.

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Founded: 2004

AgileThought connects companies with a variety of digital development tools with which enterprises can update and refine their online presences in order to effectively compete within their industries in the digital era. Their broad service portfolio is built to address every digital development need a client might have, including cloud integration, UX design, analytics insights, DevOps and others.


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