31 Tech Companies Setting San Diego Up for Success

Written by Sunny Betz
31 Tech Companies Setting San Diego Up for Success
Rose Velazquez | Jun 21, 2024

Contrary to popular belief, California’s tech scene isn’t entirely relegated to Silicon Valley’s northern coasts. San Diego might not have joined the fold during the tech boom that transformed cities like San Francisco and Seattle, but this SoCal city is building itself a rock-solid foundation that has it poised for long term success. With the UCSD campus nestled into its northern coast, San Diego has the advantage of a bottomless pool of talented, highly educated engineers, some of whom have gone on to found over 300 companies and raise over $5 billion in revenue since 2006. 

The growth of the city’s economic sector has been outpacing nearly every other city in the United States. CRBE, when ranking tech scenes across the country on its Tech Talent Scorecard, even placed San Diego in a rank above Los Angeles in terms of tech talent and expansion. Between it's flourishing economy and year-round good weather, it's not surprising that so many software engineers and developers are moving their operations to San Diego. The city might not have experienced the same explosive growth as other places, but it may be better for it: the steady pace of San Diego’s tech culture has kept it on a trajectory toward stardom. Take a deep dive into how these tech companies are setting San Diego up for the next big wave.

Tech Companies In San Diego To Know

  • Qualcomm
  • Teradata
  • Zovio
  • Mapp Digital
  • Inseego
  • Mirum Agency
  • Seismic
  • ecoATM
  • Linus Health
  • ClickUp


Founded: 1990

Focus: Biotechnology

What they do: Schrödinger develops technology to further therapeutics and materials design. Its software comes with predictive capabilities for molecular modeling, offering insights to fuel scientific research and drug discovery. The company has more than 800 team members spread across its worldwide footprint, which includes a presence in San Diego.


Founded: 2016

Focus: Software

What they do: ClickUp is streamlining the way teams collaborate with an all-around platform that can accompany a variety of tasks. Organizing project workflows, creating new documents, and integrating company applications are all possible with the technologies of ClickUp. In addition, ClickUp comes as a mobile app, allowing team members to stay up to speed while on the move.  


Founded: 2019

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: The brain is a difficult organ to monitor because of its complexity, so Linus Health is centralizing the tools necessary for high-quality brain care. With a digital platform that houses all resources, healthcare professionals can detect potential issues down the road and deliver timely treatments for patients. Now people can receive the care they need to protect their brain with the innovative approach of Linus Health.


Founded: 1985

Focus: Semiconductor

What they do: Qualcomm is a pioneer in the 5G industry, working to provide people with wireless technology to stay connected to their communities and communicate across distances. The company develops digital communications products for companies in a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare and education to automotive and wearables. Their business model focuses on how to get the latest in communications technology to the greatest population possible, inventing new AI and virtual reality devices that can be distributed on a mass scale.


Founded: 1979

Focus: Data & Analytics

What they do: Teradata helps enterprises of all kinds find power in their data, providing analytics solutions that companies can use to gain intelligent insights from their customers and assets. Teradata organizes their clients data into cloud-based warehouses and data lakes, with state of the art security compliance to allow companies the ability to access their data from any location without fear of compromising their asset security. Teradata works with over 100 companies across the globe in 75 countries, and the company counts industry leaders like Ticketmaster and Verizon among some of its top clients. 


Founded: 2004

Focus: Cloud

What they do: ServiceNow is making the world of work, work better for people. Their cloud‑based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the business. Their Now Platform offers a multitude of capabilities and enables a new era of employee and customer experiences. With the advantage of one architecture, one data model, and one platform, work flows naturally and great experiences follow.


Founded: 1975

Focus: Finance Services

What they do: CSC Corptax is a B2B software development company offering a variety of corporate tax solutions. The company has provided world-wide customers with technology-based tax services for more than four decades. In addition to tax planning and compliance services, the platform offers data and entity management.


Founded: 2010

Focus: Sales Software

What they do: Seismic is a sales enablement platform that gives companies tools such as actionable analytics and content intelligence to increase their revenue and build meaningful relationships with clients. Companies like IBM and Cisco trust Seismic's sales software to automate the distribution of their sales data, making it easier and quicker for companies to connect with partners and impact bottom lines.


Founded: 2009

Focus: Robotics

What they do: Brain Corp manufactures AI- powered core technology for implementation in robotics products, developing intelligent navigation software so that machines can navigate their surroundings completely autonomously. Backed by technology leaders like Softbank and Qualcomm, Brain Corp cloud-driven operating software is capable of being both implemented in pre-existing robotics or used as a framework to build new machines.


Founded: 2015

Focus: Artificial Intelligence

What they do: Shield.ai leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help national government organizations maintain the security of their assets and protect their human resources. Their software stack is capable of training AI assets to turn assets into actionable resources, which can then allow them to manage data workflows, learn from their environments and self-direct their missions. Shield.ai's systems can receive and interpret critical information as it happens to reduce the risk to service members on the ground.


Founded: 2006

Focus: Enterprise Tech, Nonprofits

What they do: Classy's web-based platform offers fundraising software that charitable social good organizations can use to reach more supporters and raise money for their cause. Nonprofits like Rubicon and The Trevor Project find success in using Classy's fundraising technology, which allows them to integrate online payment processing and peer-to-peer networking into their campaigns. Classy's platform also offers visibility into revenue accumulation trends and location data, helping organizations better grasp where to launch their campaigns and what goals to set.


Founded: 2010 

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: High-quality healthcare depends on accurate data, and no company understands this reality better than Q-Centrix. With its Enterprise Clinical Data Management platform, Q-Centrix connects healthcare teams to reliable, holistic insights. Professionals then have the tools they need to deliver better patient care in areas like cardiology, oncology, and infection prevention. 


Founded: 1999 

Focus: E-Commerce, Fashion  

What they do: Determined to make luxury fashion more sustainable and affordable, FASHIONPHILE has become a re-commerce leader. The company sells gently used luxury items, which are screened and approved before entering the online marketplace. Even if customers can’t pay for a product in full, they can pay in smaller installments with Reserve Luxury Layaway. With FASHIONPHILE, securing ultra-luxury items through digital channels becomes seamless. 

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Founded: 2008

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Tealium helps enterprises increase their ROI through their patented tag management system, which allows businesses to turn their data into results and integrate company knowledge into their marketing and sales strategies. With backing from investors like Tenaya Capital and Presidio Ventures, Tealium's data management services landed the company on the Forbes' list of most promising companies, and gained them a client base of industry leaders including Lenovo and Travelocity.


Founded: 2015

Focus: Transportation, Autonomous Vehicles

What they do: TuSimple is bringing the technology of self-driving vehicles to the trucking industry, developing trucking rigs capable of maneuvering from location to location completely autonomously. Their technology is enabled with LiDAR, Radar and HD cameras to give their long-haul trucks 360-imaging capabilities to detect environmental changes and anticipate and react to risks. Partnering with leading shipping organizations such as UPS and the United States Postal Service, TuSimple autonomous freight network can independently map routes and make deliveries to customers across the country.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Enterprise Software, Hospitality

What they do: Hotels across the globe can rely on Cloudbeds’ pioneered technology to manage every level of their operations, from front desk operations to new market expansion. Cloudbeds' property management and booking platform allows hoteliers the ability to look at the big picture of their bed allocation and guest reservations, helping them keep tabs on potential new channels and automate room reservations. Cloudbeds was named one of Inc. 500's fastest growing companies for two years in a row, and has been adopted by partner channels such as Expedia, TripAdvisor and Airbnb, allowing users to expand their reach into all available digital marketplaces.


Founded: 2004

Focus: Edtech

What they do: Zovio is committed to finding opportunities for tech innovation to transform the way we learn, integrating advanced analytics with e-learning software to transform institutional education programs. Their platform helps faculty and staff better connect with their student body through technology that allows users to provide feedback on course material and helps teachers update their classes based on student performance analytics. Zovio operates a network of educational technology services that includes Fullstack Academy, TutorMe, and Learn@Forbes.


Founded: 1998

Focus: Digital Marketing

What they do: Mapp Digital is a marketing agency that offers a cloud based platform that companies can use to interpret customer data and make informed, strategic decisions about their advertising targets. Through AI and unified data, Mapp Digital’s enterprise clients can gather more detailed insights about where and how their customers interact with their brand. 


Founded: 1996

Focus: IoT

What they do: Inseego works with small and large scale businesses to build mobile applications capable of powering enterprise grade operations. Working with companies like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, Inseego provides top brands with IoT solutions such as fleet management and asset tracking so they can keep their operations in motion regardless of outside circumstances.


Founded: 2015

Focus: Digital Marketing

What they do: Mirum Agency offers their digital design services to companies looking to transform in the digital era, providing software solutions to issues concerning operational and customer needs. Their suite of services includes new product development, UX design, prototyping, platform integration, campaign planning, and conversion optimization, among other services. Headquartered in London, Mirum Agency operates global offices in 25 different countries, including their San Diego location in the city's East Village neighborhood.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Greentech

What they do: EcoATM's mission is to integrate sustainable practices with everyday technology to help make the world greener. Their patented ATM technology seeks to do just that, by providing smartphone users the ability to sell or recycle their old devices as opposed to sending them to toxic waste disposal sites. EcoATM's technology has been able to recycle or collect over 25 million devices across the country, and their machines have been installed in malls and grocery stores throughout the U.S. to make smartphone recycling more accessible.


Founded: 2004

Focus: Transportation

What they do: SmartDrive Systems is a fleet management platform that transportation companies can rely on to help them protect the safety of their assets and their drivers. Dashboard video analysis and efficiency tracking technology gives SmartDrive Systems clients the ability to take action based on data on the road, helping them streamline their shipping and trucking operations. The company prides itself on its company culture, offering its employees gym memberships and yoga classes as well as a dog-friendly office.


Founded: 1987

Focus: Greentech

What they do: EDF Renewables is an energy provider with a green focus, working to design and install solar technology and EV charging stations enabled with usage trackers to help their clients optimize their power consumption. The company holds over $1 billion in managed assets, and has been able to design and build green power technology in 22 countries across the globe.  


Founded: 1997

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: XIFIN's analytics platform helps healthcare organizations leverage their data to make their operations more efficient and to cut back on extraneous expenses to preserve their revenue. The company offers a range of workflow products that automate operations such as revenue cycle management and precision medicine analysis, giving hospitals and other health agencies the ability to manage their clinical and financial data.


Founded: 2000

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Kyriba is a SaaS company whose service specifically hones in on the needs of treasuries and finance departments for thousands of companies across the globe. Their cloud-based cash management platform helps finance teams balance bank accounts, forecast investment potential, and automate investment portfolio reporting. Kyriba works with over 2,000 companies across the world to secure their assets, ensure greater visibility into their revenue, and tackle potential fraud and other risks before they happen.


Founded: 2016

Focus: Mobile

What they do: KaiOS Technologies seeks to make internet and smart technology available and affordable to everyone, manufacturing and distributing smartphones for as little as $10. Designed to be a less expensive alternative to leading smartphone brands, KaiOS Technologies offers a range of the most popular smartphone applications compatible with the devices in their product line. KaiOS Technologies aims to bridge the gap to the over four billion people across the world who have no internet access, delivering powerful smartphones at a fraction of the cost of other brands.


Founded: 2014

Focus: Sales Software

What they do: Verse.io powers lead generation for sales teams through their AI-powered contact center technologies, simplifying multi-channel management and making it easier for companies to build relationships with new partners and clients. Their platform automatically roots out qualified prospects from inbound leads, partnering human sales representatives with machine learning technology to more effectively boost revenue and close on more deals.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Software, Mobile

What they do: SweetLabs powers innovation in the app development industry, guiding device manufacturers in implementing state-of-the-art applications and installation technology into their products. The company's software installation platform gives device manufacturing companies the ability to increase their app-driven revenue and make their customer experiences as streamlined and satisfactory as possible. SweetLabs is backed by Intel Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners and Google Ventures, and the company has driven millions of app downloads and installations for leading tech companies worldwide.


Founded: 2010

Focus: Gaming Software, Virtual Reality

What they do: Foresight Sports endeavors to become the leading performance analytics platform for the golfing industry, and the company develops a range of technologies from virtual simulators to mobile applications designed to enhance the performance of players and enthusiasts. Their technology is designed for implementation in instructional, residential and corporate environments, and their true-to-life sports simulators can be both enjoyed as entertainment or used as training material for professional golfers.


Founded: 2007

Focus: Gaming

What they do: VizExplorer aids companies in the gaming and casino industry with their business intelligence software, which can be used to respond to real-time data and optimize their gaming experiences for their users. Their operational and marketing technology helps casinos strengthen their brand's infrastructure, build their reputation with their customers, and increase their revenue and ROI. One of VizExplorer's featured services is their operational AI, which makes sense out of large amounts of data and gives clients the tools they need to respond to insights and make quick strategic decisions.


Founded: 2001

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: MobiSystems' main focus is on boosting productivity, and they build mobile applications for enterprises and individuals that help users increase their creativity and get more work done. Their suite of products includes PDF readers, email optimizers, dictionaries and other applications that can all be accessed via the cloud from any location. MobiSystems' software has been adopted by some of the world's biggest tech companies, and the company's partners include leading names like Sony, Google, and Acer.

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