6 Tech Companies in Paris to Know

One of the most visited cities in Europe, Paris is famed for more than its architecture and historical landmarks.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on Jun. 05, 2024
6 Tech Companies in Paris to Know
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The Eiffel Tower. Arc de Triomphe. Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur. One of the most visited cities in Europe, Paris is home to some of the oldest and most well-known landmarks in the world. And due to recent government efforts, it’s emerging as a tech hotspot, boasting more than 8,000 startups, the world’s largest startup campus — even an arrondissement dubbed “Silicon IX.” Below are the companies to know. 

Top Tech Companies in Paris

  • Datadog
  • Qualtrics
  • Streem Energy
  • Mojo
  • DataHawk
  • Pubstack


Tech Companies in Paris

Datadog offers a monitoring and analytics SaaS to help clients determine performance metrics, monitor events and assess threats. Datadog’s platform, compatible with ecosystems like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, ensures real-time observability and security for digital interactions across industries. The company is actively hiring in Paris.

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Qualtrics creates software for what is calls “experience management.” Its products allow users to create surveys, collect anonymous responses and analyze data without programming knowledge. Its customers include Mastercard, Allianz, SAP and more. Qualtrics is a global company with offices throughout Europe, including one in Paris.


Streem Energy provides SaaS solutions to distributed power market players. Through its expertise in artificial intelligence, interface design and its knowledge of renewable energy generation and power market mechanisms, the company generates actionable insights to integrate new sources of energy into the European power markets.


With Mojo, users can create professional social media content. The app recently reached 28 million installs, has a community that spans over 180 countries and is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars with over 800,000 ratings. 


DataHawk is a software platform that enables users to easily gather and analyze e-commerce data on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and BigCommerce. It uses this data to help generate insights that help its customers improve their performance. Users can integrate DataHawk’s into the analysis tools they use every day like PowerBI or Looker Studio, 

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An innovator in ad management, Pubstack empowers publishers through a data-driven approach to building, maintaining, optimizing and monitoring high-performing ad stacks. Based in Paris, the company works with over 100 premium publishers across the continent. 

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