5 Tech Companies in Gurgaon to Know

These businesses are turning this city into a blossoming international tech hub.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 19, 2024
5 Tech Companies in Gurgaon to Know
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Gurgaon, officially renamed Gurugram in 2016, is the epicenter of a modern technological gold rush. Following the arrival of General Electric in the 1990s — the first U.S. company to outsource software work to India — what was once farmland has rapidly transformed into a glistening tech hub rivaling Gurgoan’s neighboring city, New Delhi. Since the initial tech boom, the city has seen a flourishing infrastructure of government-supported housing and educational options for professionals and families looking for their next move. The companies featured in this list are proof there’s growth on the horizon for Gurgaon.

Top Tech Companies in Gurgaon to Know

  • Udemy
  • RingCentral
  • Google
  • Meta
  • HCL Technologies


Top Tech Companies in Gurgaon

Udemy is an edtech platform that provides upskilling opportunities and educational content on the latest technology trends. Through a monthly subscription, users get access to over 11,000 courses taught by industry experts, including ones on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Besides teaching about AI, Udemy also utilizes it on its platform to match users with courses based on their interests. 


RingCentral develops cloud-based products that streamline communication. Its products provide text, video, and voicemail solutions, as well as phone services over a VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol system, instead of a landline. While headquartered in California, RingCentral maintains a sizable workforce in India.

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Google is world famous for its search products and platforms like YouTube, Gmail and Ads. The company constantly develops new products and is working on a generative AI chatbot called Gemini. Gemini, built on Deepmind artificial intelligence research, claims to excel in general intelligence, reasoning, and coding compared to other AI chatbots.


Meta is one of the most influential tech companies in recent decades and it’s opened an office in Gurgaon. Meta is known for developing Facebook, but the company has also created Reality Labs to develop Metaverse technology, a shift which prompted the company to rebrand from Facebook to Meta.  

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HCL Technologies develops semiconductors, AI and cloud computing solutions. Its chip services provide clients with tailor-made solutions from design to fabrication and testing. To date, HCL has created over 2,000 types of semiconductors and uses various labs for fabrication. 

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