12 Forward-Thinking Detroit Tech Companies to Keep on Your Radar

These companies in Detroit have their sites set on the future of tech.

Written by Sunny Betz
12 Forward-Thinking Detroit Tech Companies to Keep on Your Radar
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Margo Steines | Dec 12, 2023

Ever since the invention of the assembly line, Detroit has been emblematic of American technological ingenuity. Built around the United States' automotive industry, Motor City was founded on progress and forward motion. Today, Detroit's legacy lives on and sparks of innovation fly in the city’s other industries, specifically tech. Some of the auto manufacturers who put Detroit on the global map are adopting new technologies to make their vehicles safer and more efficient, but there’s also a wealth of startups in other sectors showcasing the city’s inventive spirit.

After a long road of highs and lows, Detroit is on the upswing, since 2015 the Michigan metro has seen an over 25 percent bump in available tech jobs, making the city a no-brainer destination for software engineers and IT professionals looking to put down roots. From marketing software to healthcare technology, check out how these 11 tech companies in Detroit have their eyes locked on the future of tech.

Tech Companies in Detroit to Know

  • General Motors
  • Magna International
  • Detroit Labs
  • Cadillac
  • Urban Science
  • MSX International
  • StockX
  • Rock Connections
  • InvestNext


Founded: 1957

Focus: Automotive, Robotics

Magna International makes components for vehicles. Its four departments — body exteriors and structure, power and vision, seating systems and complete vehicles — produce products like chassis, powertrain systems, mirrors, lighting and electronics. Founded in the 1950s, the company develops driver assistance products in the ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) ecosystem, which use tech to increase road safety. 


Founded: 2016 

Focus: Software, Financial Services 

What they do: InvestNext is making the fundraising process more transparent and enjoyable for investment firms and investors. With a comprehensive platform, organizations can automate subscriptions, legal documents, and investment waterfalls for a smoother experience. InvestNext also allows firms to keep investors up to speed on investment performances, so all parties can make more informed decisions.  


Founded: 2016

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: StockX hosts an e-commerce platform for selling and purchasing footwear, accessories and other streetwear products. StockX's sales model mimics stock market operations in that buyers can place bids on items they want with anonymity. Additionally, the company carries products from some of the top brands in streetwear, including Air Jordan, Supreme, and Ivy Park.


Founded: 2011

Focus: Software

What they do: Detroit Labs is primarily a software development company, but their comprehensive service suite provides each of its clients with solutions for web, mobile and experiential digital design. The company has worked on past projects such as sales engagement tools, utilities tracking apps, interactive site designs, and more for companies like Bosch, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Domino’s.


Founded: 1977

Focus: Marketing, Automotive

What they do: The Urban Science team helps companies in the automotive industry reach their growth goals by offering marketing services designed to generate leads. The company gathers data from each client's customer base and utilizes market trends to develop targeted campaigns, consumer engagement strategies, and dealership network plans.


Founded: 1908

Focus: Automotives

What they do: General Motors is one of the oldest automotive companies in Detroit, and its impacts on the industry have led to a broad variety of advancements in vehicle safety, efficiency and accessibility. Aside from their traditional vehicle offerings, the company's team is working to develop zero emissions and EV technologies to help make the automotive industry more sustainable.


Founded: 2009

Focus: Security

What they do: Duo creates modern access security solutions that enable people to have more control over their data. Specializing in two-factor authentication solutions, Duo's MFA, SSO, remote access and device trusting capabilities ensure that all users, applications and devices remain safe and undisturbed at all times.


Founded: 1996

Focus: IT

What they do: MSX International builds cutting-edge technologies for use by transportation and automotive manufacturers, providing its clients with fleet management software, channel management services, warranty products and a variety of other solutions. MSX International delivers outsourced business technologies to companies across the globe in over 80 countries, and the company maintains presences aside from its Detroit offices in the U.K., Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Australia.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Telecommunications

What they do: Rock Connections is singularly focused on enhancing customer experiences, and its team works with enterprise clients in all industries to develop omnichannel marketing initiatives to reach customers more easily and effectively. Rock Connections empowers its clients to take advantage of tools like text, chat, and email communications to reach their customers on all available platforms, and its team helps companies like Quicken Loans better guarantee that their customers are satisfied with the quality of their services.


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Founded: 2015

Focus: Artificial Intelligence

What they do: Aggregate Intelligence helps companies and entrepreneurs better harness their data to optimize their operations, offering a scalable AI platform that scans large data sets to guide clients in honing their business approaches. By delivering intelligent data in both spreadsheet form and in platform integrations, Aggregate Technology puts the power of analytics in its clients hands, enhancing their understanding of their particular industries and customer bases.

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Founded: 1902

Focus: Automotive

What they do: Cadillac is a leader in the automotive industry, manufacturing sedans, SUVs, electric vehicles and a number of other transportation products. Cadillac equips its vehicles with the latest technologies, giving its customers the opportunity to experience connected vehicle technology and advanced AI powered safety features.


Founded: 2018

Focus: Healthcare Technology

What they do: Accurate Accreditation helps healthcare organizations simplify their financial and logistical operations, offering software-powered solutions for communications, records keeping, and other regular operations. Its centralized interactive platform provides clients with a dashboard with which they can view training records, scheduling, and other necessary information, helping healthcare clients reduce risks and errors in daily tasks.

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