New Zealand has a sprawling tech industry and is working to strengthen its startup ecosystem with the Startup Advisors Council. This panel will collaborate with tech companies and the Ministers for Economic Development to foster more robust local industry and fuel economic growth. Below, are some of New Zealand’s top startups already contributing to the local tech ecosystem. 

Top Startup Companies in New Zealand to Know

  • Cin7
  • Carepatron
  • UneeQ
  • Ubco
  • Laybuy


Top Startup Companies in New Zealand 

Cin7 is a tech company helping businesses create efficiencies with its Cin7 Core and Cin7 Omni products. The company’s solutions provide inventory intelligence and help clients visualize their sales systems, marketplaces and global regions. Since launching out of Auckland, Cin7 has strategically scaled into other countries.  

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Carepatron is a seed-stage startup developing CRM, or customer relationship management, software for the healthcare industry. Its software enables healthcare practices to offer telehealth services, automate workflows, process payments and more. Since launching, the company has gained the admiration of many clinics and healthcare professionals through its encompassing features.

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UneeQ is an innovative artificial intelligence startup. Using gen-AI, the company creates realistic avatar animations capable of processing marketing, sales or customer service requests. Though UneeQ is a relatively new tech company, it has already worked with clients like AWS, T-Mobile and Dell. 


Ubco develops electric motorbikes capable of traversing rugged terrain. Its motorbikes can haul up to 150 kilograms of payload and reach a maximum range of 120 kilometers on a single charge, making them ideal for camping or outdoor trips. 

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Laybuy is a fintech startup offering buy-now-pay-later, or BNPL, services. The company’s products enable customers to split their large digital purchases into six fragment payments without incurring interest or fees. Laybuy also offers a digital card customers can use for in-store purchases.

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