6 Sports Analytics Companies to Know

These companies are using data to change the game.

Written by Alyssa Schroer
6 Sports Analytics Companies to Know
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Hal Koss | Jan 29, 2024

When it comes to the wide world of sports, analytics has changed the game. Teams, from the college ranks up to the professional level, use analytics to optimize coaching strategies, game-management decisions and personnel moves. Sports media professionals rely on analytics to provide data-driven, in-depth analysis to keep viewers engaged. And sports bettors use analytics to boost their chances of winning in fantasy sports leagues.

With these use cases — and more — it’s no surprise that sports analytics is nearly a $3 billion industry.

Sports Analytics Companies

  • DraftKings
  • Scorability
  • Genius Sports
  • Hudl
  • Whoop
  • ChyronHego

Below are some of the major sports analytics companies to keep an eye on.


6 Top Sports Analytics Companies

Sports technology company DraftKings operates a sports-betting platform users can access through a computer or mobile app. Betting is available for several sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, soccer and golf. The company also brings its customers fantasy sports and online casino games. DraftKings employs a sports intelligence team that’s split into two units: sports data engineering and sports data science. Team members work to build models that produce insights to inform business and product decisions, as well as generate the odds that are visible to DraftKings’ users.


Founded by two D-1 athlete parents, Scorability uses algorithmic tech to optimize the student-athlete recruitment process. By creating a central platform where athletes are paired with programs, the company’s software takes much of the guesswork, grueling travel and disparate levels of access out of the collegiate recruiting game, replacing it with a transparent, data-driven process.


Genius Sports offers tools that make it easier for coaches and broadcasters to track statistics during a game and analyze them for insights. Coaches can access the data during the game to inform coaching decisions, or focus on a specific play or data set to inform training sessions. Genius Sports partners with several major sports organizations, including the NCAA, MLB, NFL and the Premier League. In addition to providing statistical analysis for coaches, it also powers online scoreboards and live play-by-play entries that aim to increase fan engagement.


Hudl provides a mix of smart cameras, desktop apps and video tracking software to help coaches draw insights from game film. Within its suite of tools, coaches can create their own workflows to generate custom analysis, as well as integrate scouting reports directly to game film of their opponents. Hudl also provides analytics support to help coaches recruit and scout athletes. Hudl’s software is used by both high school coaches as well as those at the collegiate and professional level, helping them break down game film and generate statistical analysis that they can use to improve their teams.


While some sports analytics companies focus on in-game performance, WHOOP provides a wearable device that tracks an athlete’s physical metrics like resting heart rate, sleep cycle and respiratory rate. The device aims to help athletes better understand when to push their training and when to rest, as well as to make sure they’re taking the necessary steps to get the most out of their body. WHOOP allows athletes to approach their training with the same statistical rigor as their games.


ChyronHego provides real-time data visualization and broadcast graphics for live television, news and sports coverage. With a collection of products and services, the company offers player-tracking solutions that use optical, GPS and radio frequency methods to collect data. The company’s optical tracking system uses cameras to track players and ball positions in thousands of games annually, providing the information for play-by-plays, graphic visualizations and other analysis for coaches, analysts and commentators. The company’s technology helps power the MLB’s popular and award-winning Statcast.

Margo Steines and Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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