5 Top Solar Companies in Delhi

These solar companies are expanding access to renewable energy across the country and developing new technologies.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 01, 2024
5 Top Solar Companies in Delhi
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India aims to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2070 and it’s already adapting to new technologies like solar at a staggering pace. This may be due to the many solar companies headquartered throughout the country that do everything from manufacture maintenance software for solar parks to photovoltaic, or PV, panels. These are a few solar companies to know as India shifts to renewables.

Solar Companies in Delhi

  • TrackSo
  • AMP Energy
  • Alpex Solar
  • First Solar
  • Agni Solar


Solar Companies in Delhi to Know

TrackSo develops IoT management solutions to optimize solar panel runtime. The company’s platform proactively monitors activity and anomalies in large solar panel installations to predict when panels need maintenance. According to the company, its software can oversee weather monitoring and water pumping stations. 


AMP Energy develops renewable energy technologies, including solar PV panels and storage solutions. The company established a presence in India in 2016. It uses its facilities to manufacture panels and build relationships with clients, some of which include the Power Grid Corporation of India and Hewlett Packard

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Alpex Solar manufactures specialized solar PV panels used in large installations that can withstand intense weather conditions. Alpex’s panels are made in state-of-the-art facilities in an almost entirely automated process. The resulting products can produce up to 590W of power and are suitable for solar-powered water pumps. 


First Solar is a global manufacturer of solar panels with facilities in various cities, including Delhi. The company sets itself apart from other PV panel manufacturers by developing thin panels using its CadTel technology. Despite their size, the panels produce similar energy output and are less susceptible to cell cracking. 


Agni Solar is a commercial solar company helping businesses and residential homes adapt their local populations to renewable energy. The company began as a research firm but now sells solar products, including rooftop panels, solar heating devices and off-grid solutions. Agni Solar also services and maintains solar systems, even if they are installed by another company.

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