Vancouver has a substantial presence in the tech industry, both in Canada and internationally. The city’s most prominent companies offer products that can streamline social media management, corporate spending oversight and other core business tasks. We’ve assembled a list of companies in Vancouver leading the way on software innovation.

Top Software Companies in Vancouver

  • Salesforce
  • Hootsuite
  • Lumen5
  • Klue
  • Procurify


Software Companies in Vancouver to Know

Salesforce makes cloud software for customer relationship management so it serves customer-facing businesses across industries. Its dedicated sales, marketing and customer service arms represent a cohesive operational platform, and the software is built to integrate into a wide range of complementary digital products. 

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Hootsuite’s software is designed to make it easy for users to manage social media accounts. From the Hootsuite platform, creators can curate content, schedule and publish posts, manage teams and measure analytics. It also includes a universal social media inbox that collates private messages and provides automated response options across social media channels. 

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Lumen5 makes video creation software for creators, marketers, brands and publishers. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform is geared toward non-videographers and guides users through creating high quality, brand-coherent content with minimal onboarding. Its AI capabilities include pulling images and text from blog posts to be converted into video content for social media.

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Klue’s software product is a business intelligence platform that gathers, analyzes and offers information about a clients’ competitors. The company refers to its platform as “competitive enablement.” It’s equipped with AI to automate its intelligence gathering processes. 

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Procurify offers a spend management platform that client companies use to monitor, manage and analyze business expenses while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability. The platform handles expense requests and approvals, purchase orders and receipts, invoicing and payments. Procurify manages over 30 billion dollars of corporate spending and serves client companies around the world. 

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