5 Software Companies in Turkey to Know

Turkey is home to large international tech corporations as well as local software companies.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 14, 2024
5 Software Companies in Turkey to Know
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For the past several years, Turkey’s tech industry has experienced steady growth. Employment in both its IT and telecommunications industries rose by several percentage points and the overall market cap of Turkey’s tech industry increased to $11.7 billion. However, recent changes to the country’s international tax framework could lead to increased growth for both foreign and domestic companies. Below are some of the software companies operating in Turkey that are already leading the way.

Top Software Companies in Turkey to Know

  • Microsoft
  • PwC
  • BilgeAdam Technologies
  • Testinium 
  • Commencis


Top Software Companies in Turkey

Microsoft is a large software company known for its enterprise suite of programs like Word and Excel. Other notable software products include Teams, a collaboration platform, and Copilot, an artificial intelligence chatbot. Microsoft runs a large campus in Istanbul with amenities like an on-site gym, relaxation rooms and an in-house doctor. 


PwC is one of the world’s largest consulting firms, focusing heavily on tech development. When working with clients, the company integrates new technologies like GenAI and crypto. PwC has a track record of improving tech for various organizations, and it prides itself on being innovative and responsible with new technologies. 

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Commencis, headquartered in Istanbul, specializes in software, cloud and design engineering. It has over two decades of experience and has worked with companies ranging from finance platforms processing hundreds of millions of transactions to airlines needing mobile applications.


BilgeAdam Technologies provides consultancy and managed IT services to clients in over 80 countries. With nearly 2,000 employees specialized in IT and software, it also provides outsourcing services for clients looking to develop custom web and mobile software solutions. 

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Testinium understands the challenges of developing custom software and provides various testing solutions to streamline the process. Its testing services range from performance to quality assurance and everything in between. It further augments its services by providing software lifecycle consulting to help clients scale their products. 

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