Great Food, Great Art, Great Tech: 13 Software Companies in Philadelphia to Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Great Food, Great Art, Great Tech: 13 Software Companies in Philadelphia to Know
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Margo Steines | Mar 13, 2024

Philadelphia is known for being an arts mecca, a research capital, and a great place to try amazing food. But while it gets less attention, Philadelphia’s software scene is climbing to the top of the list of things that make the city great. 

The City of Brotherly Love is making a name for itself in the tech world, with industry giants like Comcast and Instamed leading the pack. Software engineers from all over the country are flocking to Philly, drawn in by the city’s low cost of living and rapidly growing tech sector. What they discover is not only an invigorating technology community, but a thriving city that consistently lands on lists of best destinations not only in the country, but in the world. Philadelphia is a place where early-stage startups and entrenched software leaders can work hand in hand to expand the bounds of what software can do — check out these software companies that prove Philadelphia is a city like no other.

Software Companies In Philadelphia

  • Odessa
  • Goliath Technologies
  • Livegenic
  • The Neat Company
  • Eracent

Philly-based direct-to-consumer micro-fulfillment company Gopuff uses a deep tech stack to run its operations, which use locally contracted drivers to deliver convenience store items like snacks, drinks and household products directly to customers’ homes. The company serves these “instant needs” with efficiency, using Oracle as its base platform for ERP, EPM and SCM. 

Founded: 2013


Odessa's expertise is in the leasing industry, and their team develops full-range software solutions for managing loan origination workflows. The centralized nature of Odessa's platform makes it easy for leasing companies to maintain visibility into their operations, with specialized reporting features to deliver regular insights. Their software's low-code development also provides employees without coding experience the opportunity to easily adapt their technologies to meet their business goals.

Founded: 1998


Crossbeam is a business collaboration platform that encourages users to discover potential investors or partners whose interests and goals align with theirs. Their technologies are trusted by prominent companies including Chorus, Sendoso, Fullstory and Guru. Networking is everything when it comes to success in business. Crossbeam implements social technology to facilitate greater connections across industries and encourages networking as a means for attaining goals. Their platform is built with full data security, encouraging B2B companies to build partnerships securely and share information across all their channels

Founded: 2018


Goliath Technologies collaborates with tech- reliant companies to develop tailored IT software, streamlining their operations and make them more efficient. Some of their most prominent customers include ADP, American Airlines, Citibank and NASA. As more and more companies transition to cloud-based operations, they often run into gaps where IT infrastructures lack management. Goliath Technologies offer analytics and monitoring services to troubleshoot issues and solve them as they arise, helping keep cloud infrastructures intact and maintain customer satisfaction.

Founded: 2010


Livegenic’s team specializes in serving the insurance industry, offering client companies a full-service software platform to manage claims, anticipate risks, and connect with customers. Insurance company sites can be notoriously difficult to navigate, and part of the reason is that centrally managing health data, claims and regulations compliance isn't very simple. Livegenic provides a streamlined virtual platform that both decreases the time policyholders spend navigating their claims and reduces the cost of processing. Their platform is easy to operate for both insurers and policyholders, increasing patient satisfaction and ROI.

Founded: 2014


The Neat Company is a digital document technology company that delivers options for both small businesses and families to store, access and share their important paperwork digitally. Headquartered in Philadelphia’s Penn Center, The Neat Company serves a national client base of over 100,000 businesses. Some customers may feel skeptical about storing their valuable documents digitally, but The Neat Company puts a strong emphasis on data security and processing that protects their clients from risk. The company also combines a range of hardware, software, and cloud technologies to help their customers file and organize paperwork for access on any channel.

Founded: 2002


Eracent works with some of the country's largest government networks and enterprise clients to develop software to make license management and digital asset distribution simpler and faster. As IT infrastructures evolve, Eracent helps companies and large organizations keep pace by offering cross-platform discovery services, application recognition detailed analytics and other services. Many of their processes are automated, and their technology is designed to integrate with pre-existing platforms and remain flexible to client needs.

Founded: 2000


Softwarium is a technology development company that works with companies both large and small to design web platforms, develop mobile apps, and collaborate on a range of other software projects. Softwarium’s IT outsourcing model allows them to deliver services to their customers at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team, helping tech reliant companies save their revenue for greater projects. The 80 engineers on their team have experience working with a wide variety of companies, from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Founded: 2000


Stuzo’s focus is on digital business transformation, and they work with companies in a variety of industries to develop mobile, IoT, and AI products aligned with their clients markets and objectives. Stuzo harnesses the power of open commerce systems alongside software technology to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, offering a product suite that covers everything from customer activation to digital storefront design. 

Founded: 2005


Veryx Technologies delivers a variety of network development and testing solutions to their international corporate client base. The company additionally provides services like consulting and software design to clients such as Vodafone, HP, Time Warner Cable, and Integra.The company’s wide variety of products and services make it so their clients can quickly and efficiently get their offerings to market faster. Their testing software is integrated with powerful diagnostic capabilities, making it possible for multiple tests to be conducted quickly and altered based on previous outcomes with little hands-on labor.

Founded: 2002


Kigo is a hospitality technology company that provides rental management solutions for companies and individuals in charge of vacation rental properties. The company serves a broad international market, with additional offices outside the U.S. in Spain and Thailand. Instead of dealing with numerous individual rental sites, Kigo clients can rely on the company's centralized platform to boost their brand visibility and conduct bookings, helping companies increase their revenue streams.

Founded: 2008


ZeroEyes partners with defense and governmental organizations to build sturdy software infrastructures that allow for both full security over sensitive information and the ability to detect serious security threats and potential violence before it happens. ZeroEyes’ main focus is on mass shootings and other civilian threats. Their team works to deliver cutting-edge software to first responders so they can identify weapons threats and receive updates in real time.

Founded: 2018


Cloudnexa is a cloud computing company that partners with government organizations and large corporations to assist in moving their data into and throughout the cloud safely. Based out of the Navy Yard area, Cloudnexa is a certified AWS premier partner, and has delivered solutions to Orases, Wattifi, Nascate and other companies. Many businesses today utilize cloud technology, but often essential updates to their systems fall to the wayside. Cloudnexa delivers a holistic service suite that helps companies modernize their clouds, with services covering design, migration, optimization, and a variety of other aspects.

Founded: 2008

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