6 Software Companies in Colombia to Know

These companies provide development services for domestic and international clients.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 Software Companies in Colombia to Know
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Ashley Bowden | Jul 22, 2024

Over the last several years, the adoption of cloud and SaaS products has transformed Colombia into a center of domestic development and nearshoring software services. Its domestic demand for software has led to the creation of banking, payment and cybersecurity products. When working with companies that have an international presence, developers have tried their hand at several new projects, including artificial intelligence. Below you’ll find some of Colombia’s top software companies working with local and foreign clients.

Top Software Companies in Colombia to Know

  • Qualtrics
  • Kin + Carta
  • Teravision Technologies
  • Ceiba Software
  • NativApps


Top Software Companies in Colombia

NinjaOne is an IT management solution that lets managed services providers and IT departments automate, manage and remediate all their endpoint management tasks on a single platform. The company aims to streamline the hardest parts of IT and provide teams with visibility, security and control over all endpoints. NinjaOne has a presence in Bogota.


Qualtrics develops experience management software that captures anonymous employee and customer data. Through its platforms, B2B companies can visualize satisfaction levels and engage with individuals to alleviate friction points. Additionally, Qualtrics provides relevant research on how companies can design improved product experiences.


Kin + Carta focuses on providing digital transformation consulting services and often helps clients with various software-based services. Through its managed services, Kin + Carta works with clients to identify technology gaps and works to rollout new solutions that drive value to the organization. The company has an immense global presence with offices in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

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Teravision Technologies is a well-known tech company that provides nearshoring and software solutions in Colombia and Venezuela. It helps clients develop new products while sticking to deadlines and following Agile methodologies to ensure its software has a long life span. Teravision Technologies develops software products by outsourcing entire teams or providing staff augmentation.


Ceiba Software develops custom solutions for clients that solve complex challenges and add value to the company. It employs over 600 developers in Colombia who provide services to clients in the U.S. and Canada. Ceiba Software emphasizes UX and UI in its products to make them functional and enjoyable.


NativApps provides web and mobile development for businesses looking to scale. The company builds internal end-to-end teams and places developers on projects based on their skills and interests. NativApps focuses on recruiting bilingual talent to facilitate communication with clients.

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