Robotics as a field continues to grow as automation and AI become more crucial to our daily work.  Canada is benefitting from the advancements in robotics and employs them at scale in the Canadian Space Agency and throughout other sectors. Check out these companies to learn more about Canada’s robotics industry.

Top Robotics Companies in Canada

  • Sanctuary AI
  • Attabotics
  • Avidbots
  • Trexo Robotics
  • Titan Medical


Top Robotics Companies in Canada to Know

Sanctuary AI develops humanoid general-purpose robots that look similar to the fictional creations seen in science fiction movies. Sanctuary AI’s Phoenix system is a life-size robot with teleoperation capabilities to conduct tasks autonomously or with a human pilot. According to the company, the ideal use of its technology is to conduct actions and tasks that can put humans in harm’s way.  


Attabotics is a robotics company for warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment businesses. By developing systems to automate storage operations, Attabotics helps future-proof warehouses through efficiency and cost-saving opportunities. According to the company, its automation solutions also help retailers achieve one-hour delivery times. 

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Avidbots develops automated floor-scrubbing robots that can carry out maintenance tasks at the push of a button. By applying automation in high-trafficked areas, Avidbots can provide cleanliness without straining maintenance staff. Avidbots also uses its operation platform to schedule maintenance and analyze metrics on its robotics.


Trexo Robotics manufactures walking systems for individuals with movement disabilities like cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Its mobility solutions are developed using research outlining the benefits of robot-assisted exoskeletons. Currently, Trexo’s products are available only for preorder after an individual is deemed a good fit for the robotic brace.

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Titan Medical makes robotics systems that assist with single-port surgeries alongside medical staff. By partnering with medical leaders, Titan Medical can license its technologies to benefit care providers. 

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