5 Renewable Energy Companies in Ireland to Know

These companies are investing in areas like wind and solar to expand access to sustainable energy sources.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 09, 2024
5 Renewable Energy Companies in Ireland to Know
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Renewable energy usage in Ireland has grown steadily over the years, due in part to the Sustainable Energy Authority’s lofty goals, but also because of the many greentech companies innovating in the sector. These companies provide many services from solar panel installation to emissions-free cooling. Here are some of those greentech and sustainable energy companies in Ireland you should know.

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Ireland

  • BNRG
  • Aer Soleir
  • Schneider Electric
  • Urban Volt 
  • Exergyn


Top Renewable Energy Companies in Ireland to Know

BNRG is a Dublin-based renewable energy company that finances and builds solar farms. Unlike other energy companies, BNRG is involved in the entire lifecycle of its energy projects and it is responsible for purchasing land and managing its facilities after construction. The company uses the energy produced from its farms to power homes, and its website features an up-to-date tracking system displaying the amount of energy it produces.


Aer Soleir, which is Irish for clean air, constructs and operates multi-gigawatt storage solutions for renewable energy sources. The company has a large portfolio of wind and solar energy projects that can provide long-term power to local communities.

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Schneider Electric is a European energy company developing products and software for sustainable homes and businesses. Some of its products for solar solutions include inverters that transform direct current electricity from solar panels into alternating current, which is necessary for home electricity.


Urban Volt is working to eliminate barriers to sustainable energy solutions. The company offers products like Light-as-a-Service and Solar-as-a-Service, which enable businesses to transition to solar energy or more efficient light solutions without investing money up front. Instead, Urban Volt covers the cost of the services along with the design and installation.

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Exergyn develops net-zero solid-state cooling solutions that are emissions-free and do not contain refrigerant gases, which cause global warming. With its patented technology, the company can provide cooling solutions that are less energy and resource-intensive.

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