Rose Velazquez | Jan 17, 2024

Ireland’s tech sector attracts established businesses with global recognition as well as a steady stream of emerging startups. These companies build solutions for a range of markets, including financial services, electronics and automotive. The following companies in Ireland represent some of the top names contributing to the country’s growing tech ecosystem.

Top Tech Companies in Ireland

  • Datadog
  • Toast
  • Fenergo
  • Cubic Telecom
  • Analog Devices
  • Teamwork
  • BrowserStack


Tech Companies in Ireland to Know

Datadog’s cloud monitoring software keeps a watchful eye on client companies’ digital processes, scanning for issues in need of resolution, latency that can be improved and cybersecurity threats that need to be nipped in the bud. Datadog occupies a design-forward space in Dubin’s North Docklands complex, which serves as a community-building hub for the Ireland team. 

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Tech company Toast develops products to serve a broad range of restaurant sizes and types, such as pizzerias, hotel restaurants, food trucks and bakeries. Its solutions cover everything from the software that facilitates smooth customer service and kitchen operations to hardware like self-service kiosks and display screens that are durable enough for the kitchen environment. The company also offers enterprise-level product packages to support corporate teams and franchisees.

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Fenergo offers SaaS-based digital client lifecycle management solutions for financial institutions. By bringing all of a client’s interactions and assets into digital form, companies that use Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management are able to closely monitor transactions and client experiences, while also reducing inefficiencies and managing regulatory compliance. 

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Cubic Telecom makes IoT software for connected vehicles in the automotive, agriculture and transportation industries. Its products link devices with the IT systems in connected vehicles, and the company handles everything from regulatory compliance and data management to manufacturing. Cubic’s PACE, or Platform for Application and Connectivity Enablement, powers the “virtual cockpit” of connected Audis, along with many other consumer and industrial vehicles. 

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More on Tech in IrelandTop Tech Companies in Dublin


Analog Devices makes semiconductors, which we can liken to the brain of electronic devices. The company focuses on analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits, which are used in a wide variety of electronics. It offers products including industrial ethernet solutions, converters, timing devices and optical communications tools.

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Teamwork offers a project management software designed specifically for businesses that provide direct client services. It can be used to facilitate collaborative work across teams and track budgetary data like expenses and time spent. The software integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Stripe and a long list of other complementary software products.

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BrowserStack is a testing platform for websites and mobile apps headquartered in Dublin Developers use it to run experiments and troubleshoot their products before taking them live. The software runs tests across multiple browsers in both live and automated formats. Trusted by clients including Microsoft and Harvard University, the software is built to integrate with programs like Slack and Jenkins.

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