15 Houston Real Estate Tech Companies to Know

Here’s a look at the companies and startups making Houston feel like home.

Written by Anthony Corbo
15 Houston Real Estate Tech Companies to Know
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Hal Koss | Jan 31, 2023

In one form or another, the real estate industry has existed for nearly as long as people have. Though plenty of advances have been made in the real estate industry, the property buying and leasing process is still teeming with frustrations and hangups. Because of this, the industry can be stressful on both sides, leading to money loss, moving delays or the loss of potential properties or buyers.

The real estate industry is ready for innovation and it seems that help has finally arrived. These 15  real estate companies in Houston are providing buyers, sellers, renters, managers and agencies with powerful technology and enhanced capabilities that streamline the real estate process and have the ability to revolutionize the entire industry.

Houston Real Estate Tech Companies To Know

  • Compass
  • Entera
  • Got Spot
  • iOffice
  • Linbeck Group
  • Popable
  • SmartAC
  • ValueLink


Houston Real Estate Tech Companies

Compass is evolving the house hunting process by connecting top real estate talent with advanced technology to provide a simplified experience for all users. The company’s proprietary platform and intelligent tools allow users to find better success when searching for or selling homes that match their desired location and price point — often before they even know what they're hunting for.


Entera makes a residential real estate investment platform — basically, SaaS software for people who buy, manage and sell single-family homes. It works like this: Once onboarded, users gain access to a database of residential properties, along with detailed research and real-time data. They can then buy properties through Entera, and afterward, they can use it to connect with local service providers and manage the property. Entera’s website describes its service as “Bloomberg Terminal of real estate fueled by AI.”


Future Sight AR is a turnkey solution that helps companies complete digital transformations in industries like real estate construction. The Katana XR platform provides field workers with on-the-fly access to manuals, installation guides, work packages and additional crucial information through the use of AR technology. Through this technology, the company provides heightened organization and improved quality control when completing projects for real estate and other industries. 


Got Spot provides an online platform for businesses looking to secure a short-term lease on the perfect property. Pop-up shops, temporary businesses and installations alike make use of Got Spot’s platform to discover a match for their timeframe and spatial needs, simplifying the rental process for all parties involved.


Hartman Income Reit provides office, retail and warehouse real estate services throughout the state of Texas so companies of all sizes can attain the space they need to grow and thrive. The company’s website features online calculators and advanced search tools for discovering the perfect spot to fit any business’s needs.


Insource Technology works alongside businesses in the real estate, education, energy, logistics and additional industries to provide technology solutions that power networks and keep people connected. Wi-Fi, cloud, data center, enterprise network and managed services are available from Insource Technology to allow organizations to transform processes and continue to scale, ensuring crucial data stays accessible over time.


iOffice provides solutions for companies looking to upgrade their workspaces and improve their employees’ workplace experiences. A complete platform with tools for managing leases, assets, inventory, space insights and more is available from iOffice to allow organizations to maximize their workplace potential, bringing heightened capabilities to offices across industries.


Linbeck Group uses building information modeling (BIM) software to provide real-time information and insights regarding constructability issues and workflow challenges. Linbeck Group's use of BIM technology reduces the need for re-work and produces more accurate drawings while planning, leading to improved productivity and less time and money loss for clients.


MyHouseDeals is an online platform that provides users with a nationwide network of investment properties waiting to be purchased and transformed into profit. In addition to providing access to home listings, MyHouseDeals also features ways to connect with investors and local leaders to expand networks, as well as training for keeping up with investing trends and winning strategies. 


Network Funding is the creator of the Simpl Mortgage app, a platform designed to make applying for mortgages and closing on a home quicker than the traditional process. Along with mortgage calculators, free ebooks and first-time buyer courses, Network Funding pairs its technology with best-in-class loan officers to ensure users receive the loan they need at the right rates from a single point of contact throughout the entire process. 


In recent years, the concept of a “pop-up” has emerged as a viable method of selling unique lines of products or experiences in a limited fashion. Now, Popable is providing a path to longevity for this trend with an online platform that offers businesses access to temporary spaces that allow shops, exhibits and activations to shine. Users can search listings in several cities to pinpoint the perfect aesthetic and potential amount of foot traffic their brand needs to thrive.


PropertyInfo Corporation works alongside independent agencies and realtors to provide them with the technology needed to stay competitive in today’s real estate market. Utilizing the capabilities of parent company Stewart, PropertyInfo offers agencies guidance through products and solutions that include rate calculators, closing templates, electronic policy systems and more.


Smart AC has emerged to revolutionize air conditioner maintenance and introduce households to technology that provides more energy efficiency. The system utilizes custom sensors to monitor hot and cold air leaving vents, alert owners about air filtration levels and call attention to potential leaks and clogs, allowing homeowners to save on costs and produce a lower footprint while keeping their homes comfortable.


Squarefoot provides companies with access to thousands of listings of commercial real estate and office space, allowing organizations to find the perfect home without sacrificing what is most meaningful. The company works alongside brokers to bring ease into what can typically be a hectic process, providing access to smart tools like calculators for narrowing searches by employee count, space per employee, private office count and additional factors. 


ValueLink offers a cloud-based platform that provides appraisal management companies with the ability to track and manage all appraisal orders from a single platform while maintaining regulatory compliance. Complete with automation, integration, compliance and analytics capabilities, plus compatibility with leading platforms like Encompass and Mercury Network, ValueLink uses its years of experience working with appraisers and lenders to provide a robust product that aligns with business goals and provides value to clients.

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