18 Publicly Traded Cybersecurity Companies to Follow

In our digitally hyperconnected world, cybersecurity companies are more in demand than ever. We’ve rounded up 18 publicly traded ones.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
18 Publicly Traded Cybersecurity Companies to Follow
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Matthew Urwin | Oct 04, 2023

Publicly traded cybersecurity companies have become popular in light of complex cyber attacks, an increasingly remote workforce and the growing number of online connections.

Top Public Cybersecurity Companies

  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Rapid7
  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • NortonLifeLock
  • Splunk
  • A10 Networks
  • F5
  • Varonis
  • Tenable
  • SolarWinds

Within this interconnected ecosystem, the costs of cybercrimes could soar to as much as $10.5 trillion per year by 2025. Businesses have responded by investing in cybersecurity measures, keeping the global cybersecurity market on pace to reach $657 billion by 2030. Cybersecurity is thriving on this concentration of capital, and public cybersecurity companies provide a way in for the average investor. 

In contrast to private companies, publicly traded cybersecurity companies allow anyone to own shares in the company and earn some of the profits. And because they can more easily access funds from larger investor pools, these businesses must abide by strict SEC regulations. This way, public companies can quickly fund new projects and growth initiatives while maintaining trust with investors and financial authorities. 

Fast funding will be necessary to keep up with the field, which has already incorporated technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate processes. Investors may then want to gain an early foothold in the industry before it takes off in the coming years.   

With that in mind, we’ve gathered 18 publicly traded cybersecurity companies you should know about.


Publicly Traded Cybersecurity Companies to Know

Founded: 2009

Location: San Francisco, California

Stock symbol: NET

Cloudflare provides cybersecurity services via its cloud security platform, which works as an intermediary between servers and visitors to client sites. The company serves customers across multiple industries, including education, e-commerce, finance, the public sector and gaming. Its global network stretches across 300 cities in more than 100 countries.


Founded: 2005 

Location: Santa Clara, California

Stock symbol: PANW

Palo Alto Networks’ cybersecurity platform provides protection across cloud, networks and mobile devices. Businesses can address malware threats with the company’s advanced firewalls, which apply deep learning and machine learning. These AI-based technologies make it easier to keep track of IoT devices, granting network access to only valid personnel.


Founded: 2000

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Stock symbol: RPD

Rapid7 helps companies pinpoint the vulnerabilities in their networks and catch suspicious activities in order to stop cyber threats before they escalate. The company’s tools also simplify the analysis of security data that can pile up on large networks used by multiple devices. For added peace of mind, Rapid7’s products perform black-box testing and penetration testing to locate vulnerabilities and strengthen security measures.


Founded: 1993 

Location: San Carlos, California

Stock symbol: CHKP

Check Point makes security software for businesses and governments that’s designed to stop malware, ransomware and other targeted cyber attacks. Additionally, its multi-level security architecture protects information across the cloud, networks and various mobile devices. Customers can also choose to automate many security processes, wasting no time detecting threats and protecting endpoints.


Founded: 1982 

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Stock symbol: GEN

Under the Gen Digital family, NortonLifeLock’s wide array of cybersecurity software deals with everything from threat and data loss protection to email and cloud security. In addition to its consumer products, the company makes security software for businesses of all sizes. According to NortonLifeLock, its products have blocked over 23 million phishing attacks per month and over 18 million malware attacks per month.


Founded: 2003 

Location: San Francisco, California

Stock symbol: SPLK

Splunk’s cybersecurity software identifies digital weak points and prevents malware attacks. The company’s platform uses AI and machine learning to produce automated and accurate threat detection procedures. As a result, businesses can sift through data from on-premises and cloud environments, only alerting their security teams to true cyber threats.


Founded: 2004

Location: San Jose, California

Stock symbol: ATEN

A10 helps secure cloud presence and 5G wireless by deploying machine learning and automation to recognize and stop cyber threats as they originate. A10 also provides built-in data analytics, so its clients can learn more about attempted breaches. With a range of products, A10 allows organizations to select customized products for decryption, firewall protection and denial-of-service cyber attacks.

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Founded: 1996 

Location: Seattle, Washington

Stock symbol: FFIV

F5 helps companies manage their mobile applications with services that include app management, cloud deployment and security. The company’s app security helps prevent distributed denial of service and bot-driven attacks, as well as data breaches. Even those operating in multi-cloud environments can fortify their connections with firewalls and additional infrastructure protection.


Founded: 2005 

Location: New York, New York

Stock symbol: VRNS

Varonis’ cloud-native data security platform analyzes data from data stores and perimeter devices to give users a snapshot of activity. It also provides built-in reports to keep track of certain security metrics. Customers use Varonis for data protection, compliance measures, threat detection and response to internal and external cyber threats.


Founded: 2002

Location: Columbia, Maryland

Stock symbol: TENB

Tenable helps companies identify their amount of cyber exposure using a suite of cybersecurity software that can locate, investigate, assess and prioritize vulnerabilities both on-premises and remotely via the cloud. Tenable’s IT security platform goes hand-in-hand with its other software products, which cover areas like vulnerability scanning, industrial security and threat communications.


Founded: 1999

Location: Austin, Texas

Stock symbol: SWI

SolarWinds is an IT company that provides network management, database management, IT service management and IT security. Its security products help people manage who has access across IT infrastructure and monitor, report and respond to security threats as they happen. The company’s software is also easy to install and automates processes with AI and machine learning, offering added convenience to customers.


Founded: 1999

Location: Atlanta, Georgia 

Stock symbol: SCWX

Secureworks has more than 20 years of experience compiling threat intelligence and studying cyber attacks. The company informs its cloud-based, SaaS security platform with this research, creating comprehensive solutions for organizations for identifying and stopping cyber attacks in their early stages. In particular, Secureworks’ Taegis platform can process over 470 billion events each day, providing a holistic overview of a company’s network.


Founded: 1991

Location: McLean, Virginia

Stock symbol: CYRN

Cyren builds internet security services for the cloud that help protect against email-related attacks such as phishing scams and malware attachments. By singling out unusual patterns, the company’s technology can snuff out cyber attacks without invading the privacy of customer data. Other security measures include endpoint protection, threat intelligence, malware analysis and Domain Name System security.

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Founded: 1996

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Stock symbol: GSB

Globalscape specializes in secure file transfers, allowing organizations to develop reliable digital operations. For companies that rely on the flow of online data, Globalscape helps by protecting that information as well as automating the file transfer process. Measures like two-factor authentication, compliance controls and data encryption ensure file transactions meet the necessary safety standards.


Founded: 2013 

Location: Lexington, Massachusetts

Stock symbol: MIME

Mimecast focuses on preventing email-based attacks. Its targeted threat protection helps snuff out cyber attacks in the form of malicious URLs and attachments, impersonation strategies and unsafe websites and browsers. For larger organizations, Mimecast creates products that train teams in cybersecurity best practices through engaging modules and real-life testing.


Founded: 2000

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Stock symbol: FTNT

Used in a wide variety of industries, Fortinet’s security software offers tools such as firewall protection, VPNs, endpoint protection and cloud security. The company embraces a zero-trust policy, ensuring only approved personnel are able to access applications and sensitive information. Businesses can take proactive measures to prepare for cyber threats with Fortinet’s training and readiness assessments.


Founded: 1999

Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Stock symbol: CYBR

CyberArk specializes in privileged access management, which refers to admin accounts and login credentials that oversee private networks like those used by many enterprise companies. CyberArk Labs also provides in-depth research on malware, system vulnerabilities and other cybersecurity topics for CyberArk customers and the larger cybersecurity community.


Founded: 1993

Location: Austin, Texas

Stock symbol: ABST

Absolute’s clients can monitor security breaches in real time across devices. The company’s cloud-based platform ensures endpoint security across multiple devices on a network. Its Absolute Persistence technology oversees a business’ network ecosystem, monitoring and repairing applications and connections when needed.

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