The Most Rewarding Teams in Tech Are Looking for Talent. Are You In?

Don’t let your new year’s resolution fall to the wayside: It’s time to find your dream role, and these 13 companies are looking to grow. 

Written by Adrienne Teeley
Published on Jan. 29, 2022
The Most Rewarding Teams in Tech Are Looking for Talent. Are You In?

Don’t deny it: Joining the Great Resignation has probably crossed your mind a few times in the last several months.

With companies across the industry growing at a dizzying pace, the talent market has never been so hot — or so full of exciting opportunities. And after all the uncertainty of the last two years, techies aren’t changing roles out of boredom, or because they think it’s what they should do to further their careers. They’re chasing their passions.

As tech talent continuously expands their horizons, Built In has watched as forward-thinking industry leaders do the same. We connected with 13 companies embarking on their most ambitious projects to date. Each of them is looking to welcome new talent and fresh perspectives to broaden their reach, roll out new features and solve tough challenges. But what’s more impressive is they’re doing it all with a people-first mentality, offering meaningful perks and benefits that add real value to employees’ lives. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to chase a new opportunity and build something worth remembering. 


Top perks: Hot Topic offers employees free breakfast and lunch when they come into the office, as well as access to an on-site massage therapist and a gym. Other notable benefits include a Udemy for Business subscription and, importantly, a team with a shared entrepreneurial spirit. 

Where they’re hiring: Currently hiring in City of Industry, CA, as well as remotely for nearly all IT roles.  

A peek at Hot Topic’s roadmap:  “We are going through a transformational period in our tech evolution. The team is in the process of replatforming many of the systems and processes that power our e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. As we embark on this new journey, we’ll be moving onto the latest cloud platforms, microservices and integrations with the latest e-commerce tech offerings to power up a fresh and modernized customer experience. It goes without saying that Hot Topic's work culture is like no other. We live and breathe music and pop culture around here, and whatever your fandom — from superheroes to video games to punk rock — we love when people express themselves.” — Vice President of Digital Products Javier Marimon


Top perks: Employees at Angi can work remotely from anywhere in the United States or Canada. The company also offers a generous PTO policy, parental leave and monthly reimbursements for pet products, and hosts frequent team events and celebrations. 

Where they’re hiring: Remote, with hubs in Denver, New York, Indianapolis, IN, and Canada. 

A peek at Angi’s roadmap: “The vision for Angi’s key product engineering teams is to grow our active member base tenfold and improve engagement and retention for our existing and new members, so we can build toward Angi’s mission of home for everything home. For the engineering teams, this is a terrific opportunity to build innovative product features, such as priority matching for members with our best service professionals, or offering better home management by exploring integrations with smart devices and partnerships. 

“These goals would be impossible to achieve without sound software engineering principles. The teams will be learning and challenging themselves to ship iterative and byte-sized software, working with our technology toolset of Vue, React, Spring Boot, Rails, MySQL, Oracle and DynamoDB. It is equally important that our engineering teams have a short feedback loop and understand the impact of each feature launch, thereby making the product and engineering systems better.” — Senior Engineering Manager of Memberships Asha Balasubramaniam


Top perks: Pluralsight offers its team cushy perks like unlimited PTO, a professional development stipend, weekly team social events, an on-site gym in Salt Lake City and semi-annual jamborees to celebrate every team’s accomplishments.

Where they’re hiring: Remote, Boston, Austin and Salt Lake City.

A peek at Pluralsight’s roadmap: “Until recently, the assessment teams were developing the most widely used assessment on the Pluralsight platform, SkillIQ. In the last few years, we have developed the first iteration of summative assessments, a new assessment product. For the moment, summative assessments are available to a limited audience on our platform, and only as part of our growing custom achievement programs package for businesses. In 2022, we are very excited to expand on this work to create two new assessment products, as well as tooling support and analytics for all our audiences.” — Director of Software Development Margarita Dekoli 


Top perks: ServiceNow has a slew of great benefits, but also offers thoughtful, lighthearted perks: Think local or holiday-specific gifts (like beach kits for summer or donuts for Hannukah), a trained clown on staff, financial support for creative and professional learning opportunities, plenty of team events and, of course, free t-shirts. 

Where they’re hiring: In the United States, ServiceNow is hiring in San Diego and Santa Clara, CA, as well as Chicago and Seattle. Internationally, the team is expanding in Hyderabad, India; Dublin, Ireland; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; and Petah Tikva, Israel.

A peek at ServiceNow’s roadmap: “We are turning our UI building experience into something that is accessible to all, with powerful new primitives and concepts that will cut development times of common user experiences from weeks or months into hours or days.  This will open the door to explosive growth in the number and variety of user experiences that ServiceNow’s business units, partners and customers can create to enable their user base.” — Vice President of Platform Engineering, Mobile, Chatbot & Collaboration Platform Wendy Li


Top perks: GitLab supports its team through yearly companywide retreats to promote bonding, discretionary bonuses awarded for living out company values, a CEO shadow program to foster transparency, and a tight-knit company culture where employees support one another, in and out of work.

Where they’re hiring: GitLab is a fully remote organization. 

A peek at GitLab’s roadmap: “I am most excited about the features that will provide our customers with a richer monolithic repository, or monorepo, experience. There are several advantages to monorepos, including reduced complexity, code reuse, easier team collaboration and improved dependency management. There are some drawbacks to monorepos, but the features we're developing will solve most typical issues, such as being difficult to scale, consuming a lot of storage and losing per-service semantic versioning. 

“Efforts like this are highly motivating to our software engineers because they realize that what they design, build and deploy affects the efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction of their fellow engineers.” — Senior Manager of Engineering Darva Satcher


Perks: QuantumBlack provides its team with a competitive salary, annual bonuses, extensive training and development, and international opportunities. 

Where they’re hiring: Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Stamford, CT, and more.

A peek at QuantumBlack’s roadmap: “Kedro, an open-souce tool created specifically for data scientists and engineers, is one of the biggest projects that QuantumBlack and McKinsey will continue to focus on and grow in 2022. We want to encourage everyone to build this ecosystem around Kedro, so it is easy for them to use and develop a custom data set, plugins, custom hooks or anything else to increase usability. 

“We have seen a lot of engagement, and it is cool to see how others in the community help each other and support others, without having to rely only on the core Kedro team members to provide answers, support or guidance.” — Senior Engineer Lorena Balan


Top perks: EPAM provides access to industry-leading trainings and certifications, places emphasis on career advancement, runs on an advanced tech stack, offers competitive compensation and nurtures an inclusive culture focused on mentorship and collaboration.

Where they’re hiring: Remote, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, TX, Charlotte, NC, and more. 

A peek at EPAM’s roadmap: “We are currently focused on large-scale technology and business transformations for some of the most recognized brands around the world, which will make a significant impact on their business both internally and externally. The work we do is challenging, the projects are interesting and our team members are terrific. I love that I get to work with some of the smartest people on the planet and be a part of EPAM’s rapid growth and continued success.” — Senior Vice President of Delivery Ethan Matyas


Top perks: Uber treats its team to monthly credits for Uber Eats and rides, equity and stock purchase plans, generous vacation and paid time off, sabbaticals every five years, and monthly well-being reimbursements for gym memberships, home office setups and more. 

Where they’re hiring: Remote, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Louisville, KY, and Sunnyvale, CA.

A peek at Uber’s roadmap: “We are customer-obsessed and strive to make magic in the marketplace. However, a three-sided business (earner, rider, eater, carrier and merchant) comes with its own challenges and requires blending algorithms with human ingenuity, and the ability to create simplicity from complexity. To support user retention, one of my team’s biggest goals this year is around automated appeasements such as promotions, membership trials and credits. 

“As a part of this project, we plan to build a platform that leverages machine learning and predictive analysis to provide incentives for such experiences. Given our size, the design needs to be extremely scalable and reliable, which makes this project both hard and rewarding. When we get the balance right for everyone, Uber magic happens.” — Engineering Manager of Uber Eats Anwaya Aras


Top perks: Employees at GM receive 12 weeks of parental leave, up to $8,000 in tuition reimbursement annually, remote flexibility, generous vacation time, 401(k) matching and a competitive benefits package.

Where they’re hiring: GM is hiring remote talent, as well as techies in Roswell, GA; Chandler, AZ; Austin, TX; and Detroit, Warren, Milford and Pontiac, MI. 

A peek at GM’s roadmap: “Imagine if you could add options, like more advanced driver-assist features, to your vehicle years down the road — options that weren’t even available when you first brought your car home. All of that may be possible with our platform, Ultifi. We’ll leverage the technology that already exists on our vehicles — the sensors, cameras and controllers — and introduce cloud services to add new features without disrupting their original function. Thanks to Ultifi, there are infinite possibilities to create new customer experiences for GM vehicles that can be updated again and again for years to come. All we have to do now is dream them up together!” — Vice President of GM Software Defined Vehicle and Operating System Scott Miller


Top perks: PagerDuty offers about two months of paid time off to employees each year through wellness days, companywide office closures, vacation time and holidays. Additionally, the company offers in-office, hybrid or remote models, so employees can pick where they work best.

Where they’re hiring: Remote, San Francisco and Atlanta, GA.

A peek at PagerDuty’s roadmap: “Our teams are driven by keeping the world's most critical services, and the teams behind them, running efficiently. In 2022, PagerDuty will continue our laser focus on helping solve critical and time-sensitive work for the modern business. As business functions have become digitized, mastering your business now means mastering business-critical services. The PagerDuty Digital Operations Platform connects everyone in a business with these critical services, providing a source of truth and a cloud platform to discover and automate work in real time. This enables organizations to make sense of complex digital signals, improve team efficiency and health, and automate business processes to new levels — all while delivering unprecedented customer engagement and satisfaction.” — Vice President of Product Michael Cucchi


Top perks: HelloFresh offers deep discounts on HelloFresh and EveryPlate products, as well as flexible hours, a $750 annual learning stipend, a 16-week parental leave policy and a generous PTO plan.

Where they’re hiring: Remote, Chicago, Boulder, CO, and Toronto, Canada.

A peek at Hello Fresh’s roadmap: “In 2022, we are building a new supply chain management system to streamline the process of taking millions of orders from customers and delivering delicious meal kits on time. The system will enable multiple HelloFresh brands such as HelloFresh, EveryPlate and Factor to leverage the same back-end services to increase customer choice and satisfaction. We use a cutting-edge tech stack such as Kafka, AWS, Snowflake, Python, Kotlin and Golang.” — Engineering Manager Pablo Carbajal


Top perks: Gopuff employees can take advantage of family planning assistance that includes generous parental leave as well as perks like unlimited PTO, a variety of thriving employee resource groups, 401(k) matching and a referral bonus program.

Where they’re hiring: Gopuff is a mostly remote corporate team, with hubs in multiple cities across the United States and Europe.

A peek at Gopuff’s roadmap: “The Gopuff IT team is constantly looking for the best talent to tackle challenges on the cutting edge of IT SaaS engineering, networking, project management and more! On our team, you will have the opportunity to work with tech like Cisco Meraki and Okta Workflows. As a cloud-first company, we are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible with user automations, and are looking for talented engineers who like solving complex technical problems and are comfortable tackling the unique challenges of a cloud-first IT environment. If you are ready to take the next leap in your career, join the Gopuff team as we build the future of the instant needs category together.” — IT Director Jenna Gradel


Top perks: Generous time off, 401(k) matching, continuous learning opportunities like coding bootcamps and conferences, unconscious bias training, employee resource groups and remote flexibility are just a sampling of the benefits Liberty Mutual’s team enjoys.

Where they’re hiring: Remote, Boston, Seattle, Indianapolis, IN, the seacoast of New Hampshire (including Portsmouth and Exeter) and Plano, TX.

Insider’s insight: “Liberty Mutual has been on a multi-year digital transformation that has laid the foundation for us continuing to be one of the top global insurers. Today, we are well-positioned to live our years-long commitment to accelerating and propelling our business forward by focusing on these areas: relentlessly focusing on our customer; creating a developer-first environment by providing a self-service model that provides capacity on-demand and the opportunity to quickly scale and deliver capabilities to market; deploying artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural network models across the business; leveraging 7 billion miles of telematics data to deliver sophisticated product pricing through our modern, cloud-enabled telematics platform; and ensuring equity and inclusion for all employees so we can fully leverage a wealth of unique backgrounds, strengths and experiences to create an environment for belonging and fulfilling careers.” — The Liberty Mutual Team

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