9 SEO Agencies Helping Minneapolis Companies Harness the Power of Search

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Dec. 21, 2020
9 SEO Agencies Helping Minneapolis Companies Harness the Power of Search
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The tech scene in Minneapolis is heating up fast, and the exponential growth of the city's startups means that there's more competition in the industry than ever before. The entrepreneurs of today have to contend with industry peers for visibility both offline and online. Companies both large and small alike are learning to recognize the tremendous impact a strong digital presence can have on reaching their goals.

To ensure their websites land on top pages and engage their customers, enterprises of all sizes are enlisting the help of SEO agencies to up their game. SEO, or search engine optimization, utilizes tools like keyword research and audience analysis to help companies curate and refine their sites to deliver exactly what their customers are looking for. Often included as a part of broader marketing service portfolios, SEO is an organic traffic tool that can be the difference between invisibility and a top ranking. As the digital economy ramps up, hiring an SEO agency to amplify your image is a must-have for any company.

Check out these 9 SEO agencies putting Minneapolis companies at the center of the digital stage.

SEO Agencies in Minneapolis to Know

  • Gage Marketing Group
  • Colle McVoy
  • Collective Measures
  • FRWD
  • Haworth Marketing & Media
  • Internet Exposure
  • TopRank Marketing
Gage Marketing Group Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Gage Marketing Group

Founded: 1992

What they do: Gage Marketing Group is a full-service marketing organization that offers its clients comprehensive support for their digital branding initiatives, delivering a marketing suite that covers lead generation, customer support, social media advertising, UX/UI design and more. The company's SEO services include CRM and API website integration, helping companies keep up to date with incoming market data in order to adapt their approaches and achieve top rankings.

Other services: Marketing automation, rewards programs, sales training, web design.


Colle McVoy Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Colle McVoy

Founded: 1935

What they do: Colle McVoy is an advertising and marketing agency that crafts targeted campaigns and solutions built to elevate each client's digital presence. The agency helps brands build a strong and unique digital identity, and then utilizes tools like SEO and media strategy to make sure that companies achieve high visibility online.

Other services: Brand strategy, business consulting, audience definition, content production, social media marketing.


Collective Measures Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Collective Measures

Founded: 2005

What they do: Previously Nina Hale, Collective Measures provides companies with performance marketing services designed to link customer behavior and creative design to achieve real results. Collective Measures blends traditional media marketing techniques with cutting-edge digital tools to help companies maximize their impacts both online and offline.

Other services: Social media marketing, display media, e-commerce integration.

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FRWD Minneapolis SEO Company Agency

Founded: 2009

What they do: FRWD offers a suite of data analysis, media production and creative design services to clients in nearly every industry, fueling their growth with the latest digital tools for brand amplification. FRWD’s team has experience supporting companies of all sizes in their brand amplification and marketing initiatives, ranging from small-scale startups to Fortune 100 members.

Other services: Creative acceleration, capability development, marketing performance enhancement.


Haworth Marketing Media Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Haworth Marketing Media

Founded: 1970

What they do: Working with companies like Walmart, Guitar Center and Jimmy John's, Haworth Marketing Media has experience delivering highly impactful marketing services to global economic leaders in all industries. The company ensures that its clients achieve the highest ROI possible, offering a combination of creative and technical services that help boost brand visibility in search results and in offline environments.

Other services: Media buying, channel strategy, business intelligence integration, IT support.


Internet Exposure Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Internet Exposure

Founded: 1995

What they do: Internet Exposure's primary focus is on elevating online user experiences, but the company additionally supports search marketing, web design, and other initiatives its clients want to undertake. In the past, Internet Exposure has helped companies develop custom applications, build gamified platforms, create copywriting content and more.

Other services: UX/UI design, branding, web application development, email marketing, paid search marketing.


TopRank Marketing Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
TopRank Marketing

Founded: 2001

What they do: TopRank Marketing's specialty is in B2B, influencer and search marketing, and the agency helps companies craft content that both takes advantage of keywords and builds a powerful brand voice. Some of the industry leaders TopRank Marketing has served include Dell, SAP, Oracle and other top performing global companies. 

Other services: Content development, influencer marketing, link building, website migration.


Snap Agency Minneapolis SEO Company Agency
Snap Agency

Founded: 2010

What they do: Snap Agency delivers a variety of web, social media and search marketing capabilities to its client base of over 1,400 companies worldwide. It's SEO service suite offers companies the opportunity to increase local and worldwide traffic organically through keyword research and content articulation, giving them space to grow and attract new customers. 

Other services: PPC marketing, e-commerce integration, web development email marketing.


Rocket55 Minneapolis SEO Company Agency

Founded: 2008

What they do: Rocket55 offers growth-focused digital marketing services that cover SEO, web design, social media advertising and a variety of other channels. The company's team works to provide marketing services that not only amplify messaging and heighten visibility, but also help curate and hone brand images to help companies stand out in their fields.

Other services: Paid social, email marketing, content marketing, conversion optimization.


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