16 San Diego IT Companies Modernizing the Business World

These 16 San Diego IT companies have the technical know-how to boost your tech stack.

Written by Sam Daley
Published on Jul. 01, 2020
16 San Diego IT Companies Modernizing the Business World
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What comes to mind when you think of Southern California? Constant sunshine? Beautiful beaches? Fantastic foodie scene? Those are all true, but San Diego should also be known as a tech paradise, especially when it comes to IT companies. These world-class IT companies are helping clients upgrade their tech stacks, meet important business goals and securely manage trillions of data points with ease. They have the knowledge and ability to meet any need, no matter the technology, size, or goals of an organization. Check out 16 of San Diego’s top IT companies that are going above and beyond to make sure each client’s IT challenges are solved.

Top IT Companies in San Diego

  • AgileIT
  • CentrexIT
  • Abtech Technologies
  • Skyriver IT
  • IT Tech Pros
  • CompuOne
  • IT Responsive
agileit it companies san diego

Founded: 2006

What they do: AgileIT provides IT solutions based around Microsoft products, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365. The firm offers an impressive array of IT solutions, like IaaS, cloud storage, data centers and CRMs, that upgrade any company’s tech stack and improve the security of the organization. AgileIT also offers remote work IT consulting that helps implement various technologies to help companies to be as efficient as possible during COVID-19.

Who they work with: Shutterfly, Washington Capital Management, CW Driver, Michigan City, Indiana and the City of Indian Wells


csc corptax san diego
CSC Corptax

Founded: 1975

What they do: A B2B software company offering end-to-end corporate tax services, CSC Corptax has provided customers with technology-based tax solutions for over four decades. The platform includes data and entity management, tax planning and tax compliance services.

Who they work with: Toyota, CleanHarbors, Kimberly-Clark and more. 


centrex it it companies san diego

Founded: 2002

What they do: CentrexIT has four main areas of focus when it comes to IT services: managing IT, building IT infrastructure, cloud-based IT and cybersecurity. The company’s managed IT services range from strategy consulting to continuous health monitoring, while their cloud specialities range from public/private cloud to cloud-based applications. CentrexIT’s “buildIT” helps internal teams with implementing, testing and training on new technologies.

Who they work with: CentrexIT works with hundreds of companies across sectors, like healthcare, construction, professional services, nonprofits and manufacturing, ensuring the technology these industries use is up-to-date.

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abtech technologies it companies san diego
Abtech Technologies

Founded: 1989

What they do: Abtech Technologies is a Carlsbad-based IT firm with core business areas in hardware support, managed IT services, consulting, cloud hosting and disaster recovery. Abtech employs DellEMC when it comes to cybersecurity IT to protect critical systems from ransomware attacks, system failures and even natural disasters. They even offer relocation services that safely transfer data and equipment while their client’s move physical office spaces.

Who they work with: Abtech Technologies works with dozens of clients to bring them the latest technology from partners, like Dell, RedHat and IBM.


skyriver it it companies san diego
Skyriver IT

Founded: 2010

What they do: Skyriver IT is a business-centric firm that has clients both locally and around the globe. Instead of installing technology that a client may never use, Skyriver consults with business leaders in order to install technology that will help to achieve a firm’s goals efficiently and safely. The firm offers on-site support (dealing with network issues), CIO services (like strategic planning and software consultation) and constant monitoring for security threats and bugs. 

Who they work with: SkyRiver IT works with local southern California businesses, as well as, international clients, to boost their IT infrastructure to help meet business goals.


it tech pros it companies san diego
IT Tech Pros

Founded: 2006

What they do: IT Tech Pros deliver cost-effective solutions for small businesses. The managed IT services provider focuses on a variety of important tech areas, including server monitoring, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, vendor management and product licensing. IT Tech Pros also offers IT consulting services that help plan projects, set goals and assess a company’s overall tech stack. 

Who they work with: IT Tech Pros partners with small businesses in almost every sector across California.


compuone it companies san diego

Founded: 1997

What they do: CompuOne creates customizable IT services to fit every business need. The firm focuses on three important areas—cybersecurity, cloud and managed IT services. CompuOne will assess these areas of a client’s business, and will then suggest emerging technologies that will help them stand out from their competitors, while meeting the overall business goals.   

Who they work with: CompuOne works with a variety of clients, including some in logistics, manufacturing and nonprofits.


it responsive it companies san diego
IT Responsive

Founded: 1997

What they do: IT Responsive offers IT services for business continuity, cybersecurity and cloud storage. The Santa Ana-based company, with an office in San Diego, boasts a team of highly-trained consultants, who can identify pain points and offer managed services or cloud-based solutions to meet any challenge throughout a tech stack. 

Who they work with: Health Essentials, Cambro Manufacturing and dozens of other small to medium-sized businesses across the US.


natural networks it companies san diego
Natural Networks

Founded: 1994

What they do: Natural Networks maintains a slew of managed IT and phone solutions for businesses. Natural Networks takes a hands-on approach when it comes to managed IT by offering on-site support, world-class cybersecurity and 24/7 access to monitoring and reporting tools. Additionally, the company offers cloud-based IT solutions that help boost the security and flexibility of a client’s data.

Who they work with: Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association, TMS Titanium, Harvey King, Dalis & Seiley Wealth Management and Seaforth Sportfishing


spotlink it companies san diego

Founded: 2000

What they do: SpotLink is a technology solutions firm that provides personalized IT services to both small and medium-sized clients across the US. The company provides systems design and consulting services that include architecting network design on a variety of platforms and apps. Additionally, they offer managed services and security consulting to help clients get the most out of their tech. 

Who they work with: SpotLink works with dozens of businesses across a multitude of sectors, including restaurants, hospitality, e-commerce, finance and manufacturing. 


itcm it companies san diego

Founded: 1990

What they do: ITCM helps businesses bolster their IT infrastructure by combining managed IT services with cloud computing. The company’s managed IT services include 24/7 IT system monitoring, as well as, cybersecurity protocols that help protect a company’s most important data. ITCM will also help create strategic design, migration and implementation of cloud environments for any business application. On top of that, ITCM offers consulting services that help clients address everything from small issues to whole refreshes of their tech stacks.  

Who they work with: ITCM has partnered with tech leaders, like Microsoft, AMD, Intel and Apple, to give dozens of clients the best IT experience possible. 


logically it companies san diego

Founded: 1999

What they do: Logically is a full-service IT provider that specializes in the cloud, managed services, cybersecurity and special IT projects. The company, based in Maine, but with an office in San Diego, offers a wide-range of services within these specialties that include cloud backup and disaster recovery, IT augmentation, regulatory compliance, and cloud implementation with AWS or Azure. 

Who they work with: Logically works with companies and organizations from virtually every industry, including healthcare, public sector, professional services, nonprofit, finance, education and manufacturing.


wendego it solutions it companies san diego
Wendego IT Solutions

Founded: 2006

What they do: Wendego IT Solutions helps small-to-medium-sized businesses with upgrading tech stacks and implementing new technologies to help reach important goals. Wendego offers a variety of cloud, business continuity, cybersecurity and mobile device IT solutions, and prices them out per-person, so a small business will always know the cost up front. 

Who they work with: Wendego IT Solutions works with dozens of small to medium-sized businesses all over Southern California.


mcb systems it companies san diego
MCB Systems

Founded: 1989

What they do: MCB Systems provides software and IT services that are personalized for every small and medium-sized client. The company’s “proactive watch” IT service helps keep tabs on infrastructure with constant monitoring of online statuses, network devices and cybersecurity protocols. Meanwhile, the “proactive care” service is a constant monitoring of the health of a network, and features everything from maintaining device connectivity to diagnosing hardware issues.

Who they work with: MCB Systems has worked with clients all over the State of California


excedeo it companies san diego

Founded: 2003

What they do: Excedeo offers their wide-range of IT services to businesses all over the San Diego area. The IT firms specializes in a plethora of areas, including IT consulting, VoIP phone systems, data backup and recovery, cloud services, and one-off IT projects. Excedeo ensures that clients are receiving excellent technology by partnering with industry giants like Microsoft, Cisco, vmWare and HP.

Who they work with: Alpine Fire Protection District, Dramm & Echter and Grah Safe and Lock

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lansolutions it companies san diego

Founded: 1997

What they do: LANSolutions custom-tailors their IT services to meet the exact needs of each client. The company offers strategic solutions like cloud services, disaster recovery, cybersecurity and IT support services that help to fit the needs of every individual client. LANSolutions has partnered with major tech companies like Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and HP to bring clients top-of-the-line solutions.

Who they work with: LANSolutions has worked with hundreds of clients across the legal, professional services, healthcare, manufacturing and construction industries.


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