5 IT Companies in France to Know

IT is one of the country’s largest employers in tech and these are the companies leading the way.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 17, 2024
5 IT Companies in France to Know
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Information technology, or IT, is one of France’s leading sectors, influencing much of its tech exports and investments. Some of the country’s most prominent IT players include Capgemini, Atos and IBM, as they provide in-demand data and security solutions and show no signs of stopping. Below are some of the top IT companies in France to know. 

Top IT Companies in France to Know

  • Mirakl
  • Atos
  • Keyrus
  • Amadeus
  • Cloudity


Top IT Companies in France

Mirakl helps retail and e-commerce companies scale with its products. Its software, like Mirakl Catalog and Target, uses artificial intelligence to reduce manual tasks and manage product web pages. The company aims to use its software to help businesses improve their revenue streams. Mirakl is headquartered in Paris with additional offices in New York and Boston. 


Bezons-based Atos has a significant presence throughout Europe and it’s expanding in the United States, too. The company provides comprehensive IT services like cloud computing, cybersecurity and generative AI solutions. Atos employs over 95,000 people and operates under the Atos and Evidan brands.

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Amadeus develops data and IT platforms for hospitality businesses like hotels and airlines. Its various products help clients make complex business decisions, such as flight prices and website management. By working with clients in the tourism industry, Amadeus aims to create better travel experiences for consumers.


Keyrus’ services help companies understand their data and make informed decisions. It utilizes advanced analytics to unlock insights and handles much of the dirty work to ensure a company’s data is clean and properly stored. Keyrus also provides migration and cybersecurity services to further secure data.


Cloudity provides IT services and Salesforce consulting. Cloudity helps customers optimize their digital technologies and implement Salesforce technologies to help them reach their business goals.

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