5 Healthcare Companies in Canada to Know

These healthcare companies are developing new care platforms, therapeutic treatments and more.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 17, 2024
5 Healthcare Companies in Canada to Know
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Despite being recognized for its robust single-payer healthcare system, Canadian healthcare companies are disrupting the field. These companies, both at the enterprise and SMB level, are working to improve patient care as well as collaboration with government agencies and private corporations. Below, we rounded up some of the top healthcare companies in Canada to keep an eye on.

Top Healthcare Companies in Canada

  • PointClickCare
  • Fullscript
  • Alayacare
  • McKesson
  • dentalcorp


5 Healthcare Companies in Canada to Know

PointClickCare develops software solutions for the senior care industry. As one of the largest senior care networks, the company has amassed data it uses to develop products ranging from CRM platforms to lab imaging solutions. 

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Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary that enables medical practitioners to develop and fulfill supplement plans for patients. In addition to dispensing supplements, Fullscript’s platform provides users with a large library of evidence-based content and medical resources. 

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Alayacare is a cloud-based medical platform that helps medical practices provide better patient care. The platform is an end-to-end solution that facilitates intakes, referrals, health information storage and bill payments. For practices, it’s added operational benefits like processing payroll and collecting patient insights.

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McKesson is a global healthcare company with a strong presence in Canada. Through strategic partnerships with a wide range of medical companies and governmental entities, McKesson develops automation technologies and pharmaceutical supply chains with the goal of lowering costs and improving patient health.  

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Dentalcorp is a Canadian dental network that enables its partners to optimize their practices by leveraging technology, marketing, training and other resources. According to the company’s website, dentalcorp partners have access to proprietary technology for cost-effective solutions and dedicated IT services. 

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