16 Healthcare Companies in Atlanta Redefining the Health Space

Written by Olivia McClure
16 Healthcare Companies in Atlanta Redefining the Health Space
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Built In Staff | Jun 20, 2022

As one of the nation’s largest healthcare hubs, Atlanta is well-acquainted with the health space, boasting an abundance of organizations dedicated to areas like drug research and medical device manufacturing. The city hosts global health giants like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The Carter Center in addition to world-renowned academic institutions. With its strong ties to world-class research and discovery, Atlanta’s healthcare community has flourished significantly over the past several years, and it’s only expected to grow stronger. In fact, the value of Atlanta’s healthcare market is projected to grow 22 percent by 2050, according to a report from Cushman and Wakefield

Considering Atlanta dominates the health realm, it seems only fitting that this Southeastern city is home to many healthcare companies. Some of these organizations are paving the way for new developments in treatment, prevention and management while others are helping healthcare systems and providers adopt new modes of efficiency and optimization. These 15 healthcare companies in Atlanta are just some of the companies redefining the ways in which healthcare is given and received across a wide range of disciplines.

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Healthcare Companies in Atlanta to Know

  • Sharecare
  • OncoHealth
  • Patientco
  • Loyal
  • iMedX
  • Streamline Health
  • Motivo
  • Nova Health Labs
Tempus Healthtech Atlanta

Focus: Patient Health Management 

What they do: Tempus is seeking to make healthcare faster and more patient-friendly by providing the world’s largest library on clinical and molecular data. AI technology locates personalized solutions through a platform that provides in-depth analysis and exhibits learning capabilities. By accessing a massive collection of data, Tempus helps health professionals deliver unique healthcare treatments to cancer patients.

Who they work with: Hospitals, health professionals, cancer research facilities, cancer patients 


Sharecare healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Health Data Management

What they do: Launched by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold, Sharecare is dedicated to enabling people to easily manage all their health data in one place. The company’s platform provides users with a comprehensive health profile, which connects them with evidence-based programs, healthcare professionals and prescription drug discounts. Sharecare also allows users to browse for information on a wide range of health topics such as weight loss, heart disease and infertility.

Who they work with: Healthcare providers, employers and plans. 


Loyal healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Consumer Experience Management

What they do: Loyal has developed an all-in-one consumer experience platform for health systems. Their platform enables health systems to leverage their data to power consumer-centric solutions such as online scheduling and provider search. Loyal’s healthcare consumer search solution, Patient Connect, allows consumers to perform complex, natural language queries to search for providers and schedule appointments.

Who they work with: Indiana University Health, Orlando Health and Southcoast Health. 


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iMedX healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Medical Document Management

What they do: Established in 2002, iMedX provides medical document management and health information solutions for healthcare providers. The company offers a wide range of solutions including medical coding and transcription, data analytics, core measures and abstraction, transcription disaster recovery, and coding education and training. Doctors can use iMedX’s Mobile DocAssist application to view patient schedules, search for appointments, and create and upload dictations all from their smartphones.

Who they work with: Physicians and hospitals. 


TQIntelligence healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Mental Health Care

What they do: Founded by Yared Alemu, TQIntelligence aims to transform behavioral healthcare for at-risk youth by leveraging AI and machine learning. The company’s analytic platform quantifies and predicts emotional / behavioral disorder severity using voice analytics, scientifically-validated surveys and EMR data. In an effort to assist youth with multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), TQIntelligence helps healthcare providers improve mental health treatment outcomes and reduce cost.

Who they work with: At-risk youth. 


Streamline Health healthcare companies in Atlanta
Streamline Health

Focus: Revenue Cycle Management

What they do: Based in nearby Alpharetta, Streamline Health offers revenue cycle optimization for healthcare enterprises. The company offers a broad range of solutions including clinical documentation improvement (CDI), code auditing, abstracting, business analytics, denials management, accounts receivable and clinical analytics. Streamline Health’s mission is to help healthcare organizations improve the flow and management of critical patient information. 

Who they work with: Healthcare organizations. 


CareValidate healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Senior Care

What they do: Founded in 2018, CareValidate is dedicated to improving the safety and security of older adults at home or in senior living institutions. The company offers an app that empowers caregivers to keep track of patients as well as a care kit for policyholders, which contains remote health monitoring devices. CareValidate’s mission is to help busy families and care professionals be there for their loved ones.

Who they work with: Care professionals and policyholders. 


Nova Health Labs healthcare companies in Atlanta
Nova Health Labs

Focus: Oncology

What they do: Nova Health Labs has created an intelligent patient communication navigator that helps oncology clinics provide care information to patients closer to the point of need. Leveraging AI, the company’s software optimizes existing data and answers questions concerning diagnosis, treatment and other concerns, thus eliminating the burden of important but non-urgent communication on oncology care teams. Nova Health Labs aims to improve clinical outcomes, reduce patient distress and optimize practice operations.

Who they work with: Oncology clinics. 


UpLift Health healthcare companies in Atlanta
UpLift Health

Focus: Mental Health Care 

What they do: UpLift Health offers a comprehensive digital program designed to help people navigate life with depression. Based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the company’s app guides users through weekly 40-minute sessions, during which they learn effective coping skills and receive feedback and guidance from the program. UpLift Health’s mission is to provide its users with constructive tools, which can then be applied to daily life.

Who they work with: People suffering from depression.


Trella Health healthcare companies in Atlanta
Trella Health

Focus: Home Health

What they do: Founded by Ian Juliano, Trella Health seeks to bridge the gap between post-acute providers and home health agencies and hospices. Utilizing data analysis, the company enables home health agencies and hospices to easily demonstrate their strengths and benchmark their organizations against competitors while allowing them to target high-potential physician and hospital referral partners. Trella Health allows organizations to forecast more strategically, allocate resources more effectively and communicate with impact.

Who they work with: Hosparus Health, Vitas Healthcare, Advent Health and CareDimensions. 


notOK healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Mental Health Care

What they do: Launched by siblings Hannah and Charlie Lucas, notOK is an app designed to support teens and young adults suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. The app allows users to quickly send a text message to someone when struggling to deal with an emotional or physical issue by simply pressing a button. Users can include friends, family members or counselors as “trusted contacts,” who are alerted when the button has been pressed and can check in with that person and identify their location using GPS.

Who they work with: Teens and young adults. 


Motivo healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Mental Health Care

What they do: Motivo has developed an online clinical supervision platform that enables pre-licensed therapists, supervisors and agencies to connect. Considering the majority of therapists can complete their supervision requirements online, the company aims to make the process even easier by allowing users to virtually track supervision hours, log supervision sessions and chart their journey toward licensure. Organizations can use Motivo’s platform to provide clinical supervision through HIPAA-compliant secure video conferencing.

Who they work with: Hospitals, mental health agencies, graduate university programs and addiction treatment centers.


Nox Health healthcare companies in Atlanta
Nox Health

Focus: Sleep Wellness

What they do: Nox Health aims to solve the world’s sleep problems with its suite of solutions. The company provides a variety of full-service treatment solutions in an effort to help healthcare payers and providers align to reduce costs and address issues at the individual level. Nox Health is intended to serve as a one-stop solution to identify, address and resolve sleep issues worldwide. 

Who they work with: Healthcare payers and providers. 


Medicat healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Patient Health Management

What they do: Established in 1993, Medicat offers a patient health management system for use in universities and colleges. The company offers a variety of solutions such as electronic health records management, online student portals, immunization compliance, business intelligence reporting, online prescriptions and billing optimization. Working with over 400 organizations across the country, Medicat aims to significantly improve outcomes for campus health centers.

Who they work with: The University of Montana, Reed College and Sam Houston State University.


Patientco healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Healthcare Payment Processing

What they do: Patientco is reinventing the healthcare payment experience with its suite of intuitive consumer payment tools. The company’s tools provide paperless billing options, payment reminders, co-pay and co-insurance processing, patient payment behavior analysis, patient information protection and more. Patientco’s mission is to deliver easy-to-use technology that empowers health systems to maximize patient payments.

Who they work with: Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Piedmont Healthcare and Great River Health System.


OncoHealth healthcare companies in Atlanta

Focus: Oncology

What they do: Onco Health is pioneering a patient-first approach to cancer care through real-world, evidence-based analytical solutions. The company helps health plans determine the right anti-cancer therapies and keeps them up-to-date on the rapidly changing cancer therapy landscape. Covering the full spectrum of cancer therapeutics, OncoHealth's platform currently supports five million health plan providers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Who they work with: Johns Hopkins Medicine, Western Pennsylvania Hospital and the American Cancer Society. 


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