11 Gaming Companies in San Diego Turning Technology Into Unimaginable Experiences

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jun. 29, 2020
11 Gaming Companies in San Diego Turning Technology Into Unimaginable Experiences
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We've come a long way since "Pong."

Though video game technology of the 1970s exists today solely as a novelty, its legacy has carried on and been expanded upon for generations. Gaming today takes on multiple forms, including console-based gaming, PC gaming and mobile gaming, accounting for varying sensibilities, and providing the player with the most immersive experience possible. As technology has evolved over time, video game capabilities have followed suit, with developers and software engineers unlocking ways to incorporate virtual reality, mass-multiplayer gameplay and regenerative sprawling environments into singular titles.

Despite nearly 40 years of existence, the gaming industry is still experiencing huge periods of growth and these 11 gaming companies in San Diego are important players in the industry.

San Diego Gaming Companies To Know

  • The Behemoth
  • Daybreak
  • Intrepid Studios
  • Naquatic
  • PlayStation
  • Psyonix
  • Rockstar Games
Psyonix gaming companies in San Diego

Founded: 2000

Gaming platform: Console

What they do: Psyonix is the creator of the highly acclaimed "Rocket League," a video game that incorporates the best elements of racing, sports and action games to create a fully immersive online experience. The studio has previously been the driving force behind games like "Gears of War, Mass Effect 3" and "Unreal Tournament III," and was recently acquired by Epic Games. 

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Rockstar Games gaming companies in San Diego
Rockstar Games

Founded: 1998

Gaming platform: Console

What they do: Rockstar Games has created a number a games with massive worldwide appeal, including the "Grand Theft Auto" series, the "Red Dead Redemption" games and "Bully." The most recent release in the "Grand Theft Auto" series, "Grand Theft Auto V," has sold over 130 million copies to date since its 2013 release, placing it second all-time in sales for a video game title. Located in Carlsbad, the studio plans to adapt and re-release the game in 2021 to feature heightened gameplay on next generation consoles.


Battery Acid Games gaming companies in San Diego

Founded: 2005

Gaming platform: Mobile + PC

What they do: Battery Acid Games is a tight-knit team of game developers building mobile applications on the Unity3D platform. The company’s library consists of titles like "Peak Rider, Baller Legends," "Jam League" and "Highway Rider," with new games in development to expand and enrich the mobile and PC-based video gaming platforms.

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The Behemoth gaming companies in San Diego
The Behemoth

Founded: 2004

Gaming Platform: Console

What they do: The Behemoth produces a number of arcade-style games available for purchase across major consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo. A desire to create memorable experiences through video gaming is reflected in The Behemoth's library, which features titles like "Alien Hominid HD," "Castle Crashers" and "Pit People."


Daybreak gaming companies in San Diego

Founded: 1995

Gaming platform: MMO

What they do: Daybreak is the creator of several mass-multiplayer online games, focusing on emerging styles of gameplay to evolve experiences and build upon a deep gaming heritage. Numerous games to emerge from the studio have launched to critical acclaim and mass appeal, with titles including "DC Universe Online," the "Everquest" series, "The Lord of the Rings Online" and "Dungeons & Dragons Online."


Experiment 7 gaming companies in San Diego
Experiment 7

Founded: 2015

Gaming platform: VR

What they do: Experiment 7 takes the traditional board game experience and transforms it into a fully immersive virtual reality spectacle. Amongst the studio’s most popular games is its "Catan VR" title, based on the globally beloved "Settlers of Catan" series of board games. Experiment 7's edition provides players with access to a worldwide network of competitors to face-off with in real time, allowing users to enjoy game nights without the hassle of planning.


Game Mechanics gaming companies in San Diego
Game Mechanics

Founded: 2011

Gaming platform: PC

What they do: Game Mechanics offers several user-friendly games available for purchase and play on PCs running Windows and Mac OS, with genres ranging from puzzle games to horror RPGs. Games currently available in the developer’s online store include, "Taco Truck Madness," "Crystal Quest Classic," and "The Hat Man: Shadow Ward," with the last being described as the “Scariest game of 2014” by Steam users.


Intrepid Studios gaming companies in San Diego
Intrepid Studios

Founded: 2015

Gaming platform: MMORPG

What they do: Intrepid Studios is currently in production of one of the most highly-anticipated mass-multiplayer online role playing games awaiting release, "Ashes of Creation." The studio’s veteran AAA team boasts years of experience in producing engaging MMORPG content, avoiding tropes like pay-to-win elements to provide players with the most fulfilling experience possible.


Monkey Prism gaming companies in San Diego
Monkey Prism

Founded: 2010

Gaming platform: Mobile

What they do: Monkey Prism creates encouraging games for fun-loving audiences, focusing their releases towards the interest and development of children. Releasing its products on the Apple App Store, Monkey Prism’s current titles include "ZombieWords", a zombie-themed anagram game, "Bugs and Dolls," a soundboard for children, "Riley and the Magical Laundry Basket," a digital children’s book, and the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" app based on the viral sensation.


Naquatic gaming companies in San Diego

Founded: 2011

Gaming platform: Mobile

What they do: Naquatic offers a wide selection of app-based games that range in genre from sports to first-person shooters and everything in between. Notable releases from the studio include "Guncrafter," a virtual reality gun crafting and shooting competition, and "Civcrafter," a “clicker” game in which players can form entire civilizations and battle against clans to take over the world.


PlayStation gaming companies in San Diego

Founded: 1994

Gaming platform: Console

What they do: PlayStation has been amongst the leaders in video game entertainment for nearly 30 years, releasing four generations of consoles during that time and advancing capabilities to include virtual reality, lightning-fast speed and extraordinary graphics. The Sony-operated brand has announced the release of its fifth generation console, the PS5, for late 2020, with features that include an ultra-high speed SSD, support for haptic feedback and 3D audio.


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