5 Fintech Companies in Sydney

In Sydney, fintech companies run the gamut from investment brokerages to lending platforms. These are the ones to watch.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 30, 2024
5 Fintech Companies in Sydney
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Fintech is changing consumer shopping habits and reshaping the financial sector. In Australia, fintech remains a highly lucrative career thanks to the diversity of jobs in the sector and the exceptional growth fintech companies are seeing. These companies in Sydney are the ones to know as the sector continues to thrive.

Top Fintech Companies in Sydney

  • CommSec
  • Zip
  • Prospa
  • Weel
  • BrickX


Fintech Companies in Sydney to Know

CommSec is one of Australia’s largest investment brokerages. Through the platform, people can invest in financial products, like exchange-traded funds, Australian stocks and international stocks. CommSec also offers money management services that provide expert trading advice from its financial staff.

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Zip is a global buy now, pay later, or BNPL, company that provides shoppers with unsecured loans for future purchases. Like other BNPL platforms, Zip offers flexible repayments that are interest-free. One way Zip sets itself apart is by offering virtual cards consumers can use to make purchases in person, so they aren’t limited to online shopping.

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Prospa is a fintech platform that provides lending services to small businesses. The company features an easy-to-use platform where businesses can sign up and, in a matter of minutes, apply for up to half a million dollars in financing. The company also offers a free business checking account with tools to help customers manage funds.

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Weel is a fintech platform that allows businesses to create and manage corporate cards. The platform features virtual card generation, bill pay, spend controls, budgeting and integrations for accounting software. Through Weel’s web and mobile platforms, the company can also process expense reimbursements.

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BrickX is a property investment platform where people can invest in properties for as little as $250. With these micro-investments, BrickX can purchase properties. Users earn capital returns and net rental income based on their initial investment.

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