7 Fintech Companies in Dublin to Know

From tax software to loan platforms, these fintech companies are changing the world of finance.

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7 Fintech Companies in Dublin to Know
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Rose Velazquez | May 13, 2024

Fintech is reshaping consumer finance with its innovative products. In Ireland the Central Bank credits the industry with creating lucrative banking and financial service options for residents. Fintech is also a rewarding career path with numerous growth opportunities. Here are the fintech companies in Dublin to know.

Top Fintech Companies in Dublin

  • Enfusion
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Doddl.ie
  • Fonoa
  • Flender
  • Grid
  • CurrencyFair


Top Fintech Companies in Dublin to Know

Enfusion’s SaaS solution works to simplify investment management operations for clients in the financial services industry. Its technology equips enterprises with software, analytics and managed services for their middle- and back-office operations. Alongside streamlining workflow management, Enfusion aims to help its clients monitor risk and make improved investment decisions for their clients.


Global financial institution JPMorgan Chase has upwards of 300,000 employees working across 60-plus countries. Through a combination of finance and technology expertise, it serves consumers, small businesses, large corporations and even governments. JPMorgan Chase’s presence in Ireland traces back to 1919.


Doddl.ie is a digital mortgage platform that helps homebuyers apply for loans from Ireland’s major lenders. The platform allows users to complete applications and submit all required documents through one portal. Besides its mortgage platform, Doddl also offers advisory services and can help homeowners switch their mortgages to secure better rates. 


Fonoa develops tax software that helps businesses all over the world streamline their finances. With Fonoa’s products, businesses have access to tax filing, invoice and global tax rate solutions. The company aims to help clients navigate the complicated world of taxes by culling tax data from governments across the globe.

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Flender is a fintech platform providing lending services to businesses. With the company’s platform, businesses can apply for loans up to €300,000. Flender provides favorable repayment terms and, unlike traditional financial institutions, also offers same-day credit decisions.


Grid develops finance software that enables small and medium-sized businesses to scale. The company’s Business Finance product provides loans that range from €10,000 to €500,000. Its analytics platform also closely monitors financial metrics to help clients operate efficiently.

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CurrencyFair is an Irish remittance company that helps people send money from one country to another. The platform features several tradable currencies alongside more than one hundred countries that can receive currencies. The platform appeals to users by charging lower service fees than other remittance providers.

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