15 Cleantech Companies in San Diego Transforming the Future of Renewable Energy

Written by Olivia McClure
15 Cleantech Companies in San Diego Transforming the Future of Renewable Energy
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Built In Staff | Aug 01, 2022

Like many other tech-centric cities, San Diego is making a major impact on the renewable energy industry. In fact, the city is so intent on going green that a nonprofit has been established called Cleantech San Diego, which aims to position the region as a worldwide leader in renewable energy innovation. According to San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, the city aims to run on 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035 — a goal that is expected to generate a substantial amount of new jobs within the renewable energy industry. 

As a city so serious about its environmental impact, San Diego has unsurprisingly become a launching pad for many of the nation’s most innovative environmental companies. Whether they’re mastering the art of solar energy storage or opening up new opportunities within the electric vehicle space, these eco-conscious tech leaders are unrelenting in their fight against climate change, redefining the renewable energy sector both nationally and globally. Here’s a look at 15 environmental companies in San Diego transforming the future of renewable energy. 

Environmental Companies in San Diego to Know

  1. Solar Turbines
  2. EVgo
  3. Nuvve
  4. Kitu Systems
  5. Sunline Energy
  6. Achates Power
  7. Uprise Energy
  8. Ivy Energy
Ivy Energy environment companies San Diego
Ivy Energy

Founded: 2018

Focus: Energy Consumption Monitoring

What they do: Ivy Energy is dedicated to changing the way buildings create and use energy. The company’s PV technology helps multi-unit buildings create energy at a fraction of what energy companies charge tenants, while their monitoring systems gauge each unit’s actual energy consumption to make solar energy billing fair among tenants. Ivy Energy’s mission is to help its clients increase market value and tenant appeal.


Solar Turbines environment companies San Diego
Solar Turbines

Founded: 1927

Focus: Solar Energy

What they do: With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, Solar Turbines plays an integral role in the development of oil, natural gas and power generation projects worldwide. The company’s sustainability efforts include the creation of solar energy storage technology as well as the development of pollution-prevention combustion technology. Solar Turbines is driven by the aim to develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets that improve living standards across the globe.


EDF Renewables environment companies San Diego
EDF Renewables

Founded: 1987

Focus: Wind + Solar Energy

What they do: EDF Renewables is an independent power producer and service provider that specializes in renewable energy solutions. The company focuses on onshore and offshore wind projects, solar energy, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy storage and asset optimization. EDF Renewables works with organizations from a wide range of sectors including utilities, government, education and property management.

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EVgo environment companies San Diego

Founded: 2010

Focus: Electric Vehicles

What they do: EVgo operates the nation’s largest public electric vehicle fast charging network. The company provides EV fast chargers to commercial, retail and state fleets, which in turn helps property owners attract new customers, increase revenue and boost their property value. Boasting more than 800 fast charging locations across 66 markets, EVgo also powers rideshare, autonomous, and governmental fleets in addition to private charging hubs.


Measurabl environment companies San Diego

Founded: 2013

Focus: Sustainability Measurement + Reporting

What they do: Measurabl is making it easier for commercial property owners to measure their sustainability efforts. The company’s platform enables organizations to collect and analyze sustainability data, granting them access to information such as environmental threats, waste performance, and carbon and greenhouse gas emissions levels. Measurable is dedicated to helping major companies measure, manage and disclose their sustainability performance. 


Nuvve environment companies San Diego

Founded: 1996

Focus: Electric Vehicles

What they do: Nuvve offers vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G) designed to make electric vehicles greener. The company’s GIVe platform is designed to enable a parked electric vehicle to charge its battery and discharge stored energy back to the grid in response to real-time requests from a systems operator, thus providing a revenue stream while lowering the cost of electric vehicle ownership. Boasting offices worldwide, Nuvve is committed to increasing the positive environmental impact of electric vehicles by supporting the introduction of renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuel power plants.


Uprise Energy environment companies San Diego
Uprise Energy

Founded: 2012

Focus: Wind Energy

What they do: Uprise Energy has developed a portable wind turbine that offers greater access to low-cost, clean energy. Besides being easy to transport and assemble, the company’s turbine is designed to be efficient in low wind speeds, which allows it to be conveniently located in areas that ordinarily rely on diesel generators for power. Uprise Energy also intends for its turbines to be used during disaster relief efforts and other mobile operations in which there is little access to power.


Kitu Systems environment companies San Diego
Kitu Systems

Founded: 2015

Focus: Energy Solutions

What they do: Kitu Systems has created an intelligent software platform that provides a foundation for new energy networks. By enabling interconnection and providing communications and coordination capabilities to energy networks, the company aims to accelerate the consumer adoption of solar, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. Kitu Systems aims to seamlessly connect and orchestrate massively distributed resources in order to adjust operations for maximum safety and efficiency. 


Achates Power environment companies San Diego
Achates Power

Founded: 2004

Focus: Environmentally Sustainable Engine Development

What they do: Achates Power provides Opposed-Piston Engine technology that allows for ultra-clean, cost-effective transportation. The company’s internal combustion engines are intended to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at lower cost. Achates Power’s engines are designed for use in passenger vehicles, heavy duty commercial vehicles and military vehicles.


Oberon Fuels environment companies San Diego
Oberon Fuels

Founded: 2010

Focus: Fuel Alternatives + Sustainable Waste Management

What they do: Oberon Fuels develops ultra low-carbon and carbon-negative fuels as practical, economical and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. The company has created small-scale production units that convert methane and carbon dioxide to dimethyl ether (DME) from various feedstocks, thus avoiding the financial, infrastructure and permitting challenges associated with large-scale projects. Oberon Fuels’ mission is to address the growing problems of emissions and particulate matter generated by diesel engine vehicles while offering a more sustainable option for waste management.


Aquacycl environment companies San Diego

Founded: 2016

Focus: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

What they do: Launched by Orianna Bretschger and Sofia Babanova, Aquacycl has created technology that rapidly treats wastewater, eliminates primary sludge and recovers energy as direct electricity without methane production. The company’s BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology utilizes natural and locally-sourced bacteria to convert organic waste and sludge into direct electricity and is capable of providing a 90 percent reduction in treatment footprint. Aquacycl’s aim is to significantly lower operational costs for the treatment of industrial, agricultural, military and commercial wastewater.


Sunline Energy environment companies San Diego
Sunline Energy

Founded: 2011

Focus: Solar Energy

What they do: Sunline Energy is a privately held provider of solar installation services. The company installs solar panels on both residential and commercial buildings, offering clients the chance to significantly reduce their electricity bill, boost their property’s market value and eliminate lost productivity. Sunline Energy also installs solar home batteries, which allow customers to gain control over what they are billed for through bypassing the pricing whims of utility companies.


Eurus Energy America environment companies San Diego
Eurus Energy America

Founded: 1987

Focus: Wind + Solar Energy

What they do: Eurus Energy America specializes in wind and solar energy development. In addition to its solar energy operations, the company works on wind energy projects across the country, which involve collecting and analyzing wind data and conducting environmental impact assessments. Eurus Energy America is dedicated to helping the nation address the increasing demand for energy with clean, reliable and renewable resources. 

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Borrego Solar Systems environment companies San Diego
Borrego SOlar Systems

Founded: 1980

Focus: Solar Energy

What they do: Borrego Solar Systems offers a suite of solar and energy storage services for renewable asset owners and commercial energy users. The company’s commercial solar and energy storage solutions are designed to help customers go beyond utility energy sourcing and gain complete control of their energy supply. Borrego Solar Systems also gives clients the option to lease land for solar or energy storage, which can create substantial long-term income.


Baker Electric Home Energy environment companies San Diego
Baker Electric Home Energy

Founded: 2007

Focus: Solar Energy + Smart Home Solutions

What they do: Based in neighboring Escondido, Baker Electric Home Energy specializes in solar installation and smart home solutions. The company utilizes software that provides solar access values so they can build a consumption profile that extrapolates accurate electric consumption estimates based on bills and location. Additionally, Baker Electric Home Energy installs home solar batteries in addition to smart home devices like environmental controls, video doorbells and energy monitoring systems. 

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