6 Engineering Companies in Ireland

These engineering companies reach across software, architecture and hardware sectors.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 Engineering Companies in Ireland
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 01, 2024

Ireland’s engineering industry is booming. The country has attracted several global firms to its borders, and thanks to a strong STEM education pipeline, it has also seen the development of local engineering companies that are creating new technologies and supporting infrastructure projects in Europe and elsewhere. We’ve rounded up some of the top engineering companies in Ireland. 

Top Engineering Companies in Ireland

  • Squarespace
  • Intel
  • Centum
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • BAM


Engineering Companies in Ireland to Know

Squarespace is a software development company building tools that support e-commerce operations. With an experienced engineer at the head of the business, commitment to software best practices and delivering reliable, customer-centric products are fundamental to Squarespace’s overall mission. The company’s growing Dublin office serves as home base for engineering professionals along with employees from other teams like sales and finance.


Intel develops and manufactures semiconductors and electric hardware used in everything from computers to network servers. In Ireland, Intel operates the Leixlip campus, just outside of Dublin, which contributes to semiconductor development. 


Centum is a U.K. engineering company offering a multitude of services to clients throughout Europe. The firm has experience developing solutions for pharmaceutical facilities, data centers and hospitals. Centum also offers custom engineering packages to complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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AECOM is a global engineering and consulting company with a large presence in Ireland. Its services center around infrastructure projects and provides architecture, environmental and geospatial services. Aecom also employs people across a range of disciplines, including environmental scientists, project managers and software developers.


Jaguar Land Rover manufactures luxury vehicles and is also venturing into electric and autonomous car engineering. The company aims to equip all new vehicles with NVIDIA DRIVE, which would combine software and sensor solutions for self-driving capabilities.


BAM is a U.K.-based civil engineering company contributing to infrastructure, rail and construction projects. One of BAM’s main areas of focus is sustainability. It aims to be a carbon neutral company in the near future and also helps its clients reach their own sustainability goals.

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