11 Software Platforms to Kickstart Your Employee Advocacy Program

These tools help companies manage and measure employee social marketing efforts.

Written by Hal Koss
Published on Feb. 23, 2022
11 Software Platforms to Kickstart Your Employee Advocacy Program

When someone on social media shares an article about their industry or gives an update about their company, it’s not always spontaneous. Sometimes, they get a little help from their employer.

Employee advocacy software makes it easy for professionals to receive and share preapproved content to their networks, while giving their employers a way to measure the results.

11 Employee Advocacy Software to Know

  1. Ambassify
  2. Bambu by Sprout Social
  3. ClearView Social
  4. DrumUp
  5. EveryoneSocial
  6. GaggleAmp
  7. Hootsuite Amplify
  8. Influitive
  9. Oktopost
  10. Smarp
  11. Sociabble

Companies typically experience three main benefits from using employee advocacy software, according to Anita Veszeli, director of social media and advocacy at Ericsson.

These include the ability to:

  • Create a “sandbox” where content is reviewed and curated, and social media policy is made clear to employees.
  • Measure impact with reporting and analytics, which can be presented to leadership.
  • Monitor employee engagement and help them level up their social media skills accordingly.

Granted, not all companies believe employee advocacy programs are necessary for employees to create and share content online. The employees at marketing agency Refine Labs, for example, are known for sharing content to build up their own personal brands without relying on nudges from the company through software.

That said, if you are considering employee advocacy software, here are some popular programs to keep in mind.


Employee Advocacy Software to Know


Ambassify’s software comes with built-in analytics that helps companies determine what social posts their employees should share. And it allows them to identify the most engaged employees and use rewards to incentivize employees to increase their social activity. Ambassify makes solutions for other use cases too, including employee engagement, employer branding and customer advocacy.

Pricing: A professional plan starts at $800 per month and moves up to a premium plan, priced at $1200 per month, which includes additional members, administrators and automation. Custom plans are available by contacting sales.

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Bambu by Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers a range of tools for engagement, publishing and scheduling, analytics and social listening. Its employee advocacy platform, called Bambu, gives companies a way to curate content that populates employees’ feeds, so they can easily share it with their own accounts if they wish. A potentially useful feature: The ability for communications leaders to add a note of context next to each suggested social post, so employees can understand and align with the larger goal before tweaking the copy to make it authentically their own.

Pricing: Sprout Social offers Bambu as an add-on to existing plans, which start at $89 per month, per user.


ClearView Social

ClearView Social gives employers the ability to copy and paste URLs directly into a queue, which is then fed to employees via email prompt and, with one click, can be shared on their personal channels. An additional handy feature is the algorithmic auto-scheduler, which uses AI to share posts at optimized times of the week. The software comes with a streamlined analytics dashboard too.

Pricing: Not publicly available on the website, but you can book a demo.

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DrumUp offers a suite of related products, including a social media management and content curation tool, a content recommendation API, an all-in-one content marketing platform and, of course, an employee advocacy program. That last one comes with a variety of bells and whistles, such as one-click content scheduling, an industry news stream, automated broadcasts of the company blog and built-in gamification modules to give employees an extra dose of encouragement.

Pricing: As a standalone product, the employee advocacy program starts at $95 per month.



EveryoneSocial has offered its employee advocacy solution since launching in 2012. Among its many features is the ability for companies to suggest social copy or hashtags to employees, as well as a way to surface proactive recommendations so that employees can easily discover compliant content to share with their networks. EveryoneSocial plays nice with other work software too — it integrates directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Pricing: A free plan is available. Team plans come with additional features and cost $24 per month. Enterprise plans with custom pricing are also available.



With GaggleAmp, companies can request employees perform over 50 social advocacy activities on platforms ranging from LinkedIn to Instagram. It also uses gamification elements, like leaderboards, to foster friendly competition. Plus, GoogleAmp comes with analytics dashboards and program benchmarks to track performance and measure against KPIs.

Pricing: Plans start at $300 per month.

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Hootsuite Amplify

Social media management platform Hootsuite offers users an employee advocacy tool called Amplify. Amplify allows internal communications teams to quickly curate and disseminate pre-approved links and posts across the company. Its measurement features give a helpful peek into campaign results, such as which posts perform the best and which employees share most frequently.

Pricing: Amplify is an add-on to existing Hootsuite plans, which start at $49 per month and increase to $129 per month and $739 per month for plans that include additional users, accounts and features. Custom enterprise plans are also available.



Influitive is a pricier option compared to others on this list, but it provides an array of features that go beyond the ability to curate and share company content. For instance, it offers templated campaigns and prebuilt employee engagement flows; a loyalty system that uses game mechanics like points, levels, badges and leaderboards; and dynamic segmentation and targeting designed to serve the right employees the right content to share at the right time.

Pricing: Plans start at $1,499 per month.



Oktopost’s employee advocacy program gives companies the ability to approve and curate content on the fly, as well as segment preapproved posts by topic, making it easier for employees to discover content relevant to their interests. The platform integrates with a social media management platform too, creating a shared workflow for social teams that want to manage everything under one roof.

Pricing: Not publicly available on the website, but you can book a demo.

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Smarp is an internal communications and employee advocacy platform used by brands like Amazon, DHL and LG. With it, employees are served company news and preapproved posts on their personalized feeds, which they can access from their phones, emails or group chats. They can then share it to their personal channels in one click — or use the Smart Share feature, letting the automatic scheduler find the optimal time to reach their networks.

Pricing: Not publicly available on the website, but you can book a demo.



Sociabble bills itself as a “one-stop hub” of company, internal, external and social media content. It works with Feedly, a third-party news aggregator, to curate and surface relevant outside content that employees would want to share with their networks, in addition to company news and blog posts. The platform also uses gamified quizzes and personalized campaigns to promote employee participation.

Pricing: Not publicly available on the website, but you can book a demo.

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