E-commerce is a growing industry in Australia with a number of benefits for the domestic economy. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, e-commerce and digital trade opens domestic businesses to global customers, resulting in a robust economy. Below are some of Sydney’s top marketplaces and e-commerce service providers to know.

Top E-commerce Companies in Sydney to Know

  • Rokt
  • Instant
  • Zoomo
  • Ortto
  • Till Payments


Top E-Commerce Companies in Sydney

Rokt’s e-commerce platform alters the way customers view ads and it works with companies like Uber and Paypal. The company’s software displays ads after a customer completes a purchase, increasing the likelihood of their interaction with it. Its software also enables clients to provide upselling opportunities through strategic placement that may increase revenue. 

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Instant develops e-commerce software, including checkout solutions and marketing platforms. According to the company, its software reduces e-commerce friction and aids in delivering a favorable shopping experience. For example, its checkout solution reduces purchasing time to 30 seconds and provides one-tap checkout.   

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Zoomo is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can rent light electric vehicles, or LEVs, for extended periods. The company engineers its products, including e-bikes, mopeds and cargo e-bikes, in Australia. Consumers can rent these products products in various countries. They’re also suitable for transportation and delivery services.


Ortto is an AI-powered marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. The platform culls customer data and helps companies interact with consumers through email reminders and chatbots. The company also captures analytics and turns data into easy-to-understand visuals that aim to provide helpful customer insights. 

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Till Payments develops online payment software and point-of-sale hardware for omni-channel e-commerce businesses. Payment software helps businesses to process credit card payments and is essential for most independent e-commerce platforms. The company also provides a payment dashboard that provides insight into digital transactions and can also track chargeback and credit disputes with banks.

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