12 Digital Marketing Agencies Keeping All Eyes on Miami

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 01, 2020
12 Digital Marketing Agencies Keeping All Eyes on Miami
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Miami barely needs a publicist — with its gleaming beaches, unparalleled nightlife, and skyrocketing tech scene, the city could let its culture speak for itself. But while the city may be a complete package, there’s still work to be done to sell that package to the rest of the world. The spotlight on Miami's tech companies is starting to heat up, but startups in the Magic City have to stand out from the global competition if they're going to maintain their success, especially since so many of them are working to create bridges between the North American and Latin American markets. 

When it comes to standing head and shoulders above the rest, there's plenty of digital marketing agencies ready to jump in and lend a hand. Familiar with both traditional means of marketing and the expanding engagement opportunities presented by the web, digital marketing agencies provide a well-rounded suite of branding, outreach and reputation management services to companies looking to make it big. Providing everything from logo redesign to creative campaign development, digital marketing agencies meet each client where they are at to highlight their strengths and improve upon their weak spots, helping elevate them above their competitors and draw the attention of new fans. Check out these 12 digital marketing agencies spreading Miami's magic across the globe.


Digital Marketing Agencies in Miami to know

  • Ariadna Communications Group
  • Newlink
  • Executive Digital
  • JeffreyGroup
  • On The Map
  • Figment Design
  • Netting Solutions
  • Absolute Web
Alma Digital Marketing Agency Miami

Founded: 1994

What they do: Alma is an agency focused on elevating brand images and stories, providing a mix of creative and analytical informed marketing services to companies of all industries across the globe. Alma's work with companies like Netflix and McDonald's has earned the agency recognition for a number of awards, including five Effies.

Clients: Clorox, Netflix, Pepsi, McDonald's, Glad, General Mills. 


Ariadna Communications Group Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Ariadna Communications Group

Founded: 1999

What they do: Ariadna Communications Group provides international enterprise clients with a complete suite of marketing and advertising services, including creative strategy, media purchasing, content marketing and online reputation management among their provided solutions. The agency maintains a greater footprint throughout the Americas, with additional locations outside the United States in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and other countries.

Clients: Unilever, Toyota, Wingo, Terpel, Tetra Pak, Gillette.


Newlink Digital Marketing Agency Miami

Founded: 1998

What they do: Newlink is both a marketing and public relations agency, delivering a variety of strategic branding services to companies both large and small across the globe. Serving clients in every industry from communications to retail, Newlink has worked on past projects such as social media campaigning, multichannel marketing initiatives, digital media content creation and more.

Clients: L'Oreal, Mastercard, DHL, Citi, Uber.


Executive Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Executive Digital

Founded: 2015

What they do: Executive Digital's team collaborates with clients of all sizes on projects to build brand visibility, offering SEO, web design, lead generation, social media campaign development and an array of other services. Given the borderless nature of digital marketing, Executive Digital is focused on serving an international market, and maintains a global presence in the United States, Serbia, Norway and Dubai.

Clients: Flex Wheels, Pink Camel Boutique, Castello Del Poggio.


JeffreyGroup Digital Marketing Agency Miami

Founded: 1993

What they do: JeffreyGroup is an independent marketing agency focused on cornering the Latin American market, serving clients in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Their specialized focus gives partner brands the opportunity to be the best in their countries and extend their influence globally, and the JeffreyGroup team offers assistance with everything from creative development to stakeholder strategies.

Clients: American Airlines, John Deere, Mastercard, Pepsico, Salesforce, Playstation.


On The Map Digital Marketing Agency Miami
On The Map

Founded: 2009

What they do: On The Map's team shares expertise in developing and handling internet marketing campaigns, providing their clients with SEO, Shopify, web development, PPC and other digital strategy services. The agency has served over a thousand global clients and has spent over $1.5 million in monthly ads, leading them to be named one of Inc.'s 5000 fastest growing companies in 2017.

Clients: Pacific Green, Andromeda, Hemopet, Simply Delicious.


Figment Design Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Figment Design

Founded: 1994

What they do: Figment Design's service suite covers both digital and traditional marketing needs, a full service approach to help clients maximize their impacts both on and offline. Their services are grouped into creative, web, multimedia, printing digital and traditional marketing umbrellas, under which their team provides clients with everything from packaging design to direct mail campaigns.

Clients: Kawasaki, Husqvarna, The Westin, Regent Cruises.


Netting Solutions Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Netting Solutions

Founded: 2001

What they do: Netting Solutions' team provides targeted support for lead generation, guiding companies in adopting both technology support and marketing strategies to help build their pipelines. Their specialists help companies engineer predictive analytics, email automation software and conversational marketing campaigns to upgrade their whole lead generation model.

Clients: HP, Zendesk, Voxbone, Imix.


Absolute Web Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Absolute Web

Founded: 1999

What they do: Absolute Web offers holistic marketing services to companies in the e-commerce industry, delivering services such as platform integration, UI/UX design, cybersecurity development and other solutions. Absolute Web offers their clients support with integration into Magneto, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms.

Clients: Oribe, Mita, Capezio, Swire, Iata, Karigam.


WMX Digital Marketing Agency Miami

Founded: 1999

What they do: WMX is a full-service agency delivering both advertising and marketing guidance to companies of all sizes across the United States and beyond, combining data expertise with creative initiative to build campaigns that are both appealing and effective. Their well-rounded cache of services covers analytics reporting, creative design, copywriting, email marketing, and a variety of other marketing necessities.

Clients: Miami Institutes, Resorts World, WoodSpring Hotels, Norwegian Cruise Line.


Republica Havas Digital Marketing Agency Miami
Republica Havas

Founded: 2006

What they do: Republica Havas' team offers their international client base an integrated service suite, taking care of creative strategizing, media buying, analytics research, PR management and much more. Republica Havas recognizes that a multichannel campaign increases the effectiveness of any branding effort, and as such includes events, social media, film and other outlets in addition to traditional marketing as a part of their approach.

Clients: Google, Toyota, Four Seasons, NBCUniversal, Logitech, Telemundo.

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the community Digital Marketing Agency Miami
the community

Founded: 2001

What they do: The community aims to deliver powerful marketing campaigns that connect a global audience, delivering branding and marketing expertise to clients in the U.S., Argentina, London and beyond. Their team has built campaigns for top name clients across mobile, web and physical channels, and the agency has been recognized for a number of awards from organizations like the Clios, Cannes Lions, and The One Show.

Clients: Verizon, Corona, Converse, Victoria, Tesco.

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