15 Scottsdale Digital Marketing Agencies & Companies Building Success Across Industries

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jun. 05, 2020
15 Scottsdale Digital Marketing Agencies & Companies Building Success Across Industries
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Any company knows that in order to reach their maximum audience, it takes strategic and actionable marketing.

Whether through digital marketing, traditional advertising or a hybrid approach that relies on multiple channels, marketing offers the opportunity to craft the perfect personality and messaging for a brand in order to signal a sense of community and opportunity to consumers. Marketing professionals, from account directors to graphic designers and every role in between, are constantly honing their skills and abilities to discover new mediums and audiences to make an authentic brand connection with, meaning consumers will always have the opportunity to be in the know.

Several agencies and marketing companies in Scottsdale are setting an outstanding example of marketing success. Take a look at what they are doing to help brands grow today.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Scottsdale You Should Know

  • Alexander Group
  • Banner Edge Media
  • Ezzey
  • Find Your Influence
  • Hivewyre
  • Ideas Collide
  • Markitors
  • SpyFu


Alexander Group digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
Alexander Group

Founded: 1984

Focus: Strategy

What they do: Alexander Group works with its clients to develop data-driven insights and actionable steps to drive sales ROI and improve revenue. Utilizing thorough analysis of relevant data, historical results and competitor information, Alexander Group crafts solutions that are specific to its clients’ industries and are ready to implement and scale immediately for continued success. 

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Banner Edge Media digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
Banner Edge Media

Founded: 2010

Focus: Higher Education Marketing

What they do: Banner Edge Media helps universities and institutions stand out from the pack with marketing services that help to target the right groups of students to make them aware of what the school has to offer. A mixture of enrollment marketing methods are put in place for Banner Edge Media’s clients, with services including proprietary analytics, PPC advertising, targeted lead generation, content marketing, social media marketing and more.


Ezzey digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2017

Focus: Digital

What they do: Ezzey is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps clients of a variety of sizes unlock the services needed to grow their business. SEO, SEM, social media marketing and web design capabilities make up Ezzey’s most direct set of capabilities, with sales funneling, chatbot, e-commerce and marketing system services available as well.


Find Your Influence digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
Find Your Influence

Founded: 2013

Focus: Influencer

What they do: Find Your Influence grants companies access to the power of influencer marketing, connecting clients with a network of engaging personalities to spread brand messages and create an authentic sense of awareness. Influencer campaigns build word-of-mouth knowledge amongst target demographics on the platforms in which they spend a majority of their time, and Find Your Influence’s platform offers several ways to track and customize campaigns so the messaging is always in the client’s control.

Clients include: Netflix, Budweiser, Honda, Chase, Bacardi and Sony.


FireDrum digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 1999

Focus: Email

What they do: FireDrum provides email marketing solutions that allow companies across industries to simplify their email process and devote more time to additional marketing efforts. DIY, managed and white label email solutions all provide users with an unparalleled level of customization when designing campaigns, driving sales while keeping brand recognition at top of mind.


Foresold digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital

What they do: Foresold is a portfolio company with a vested interest in marketing consumer brands and owning and empowering websites with powerful digital techniques. The company’s expertise lies in e-commerce, performance marketing, internet advertising, branding and acquisitions, building brands from scratch while simultaneously adding exceptional websites to its portfolio. 


Geocentric Media digital marketing agency company scottsdale
Geocentric Media

Founded: 2017

Focus: Digital

What they do: Geocentric Media operates a network of over 450 domestic and international brands dedicated to highlighting information about specific cities. Providing websites with domain hosting, advertising and publishing services to build exceptional value, Geocentric enables operators to capitalize on high organic search traffic and provide visitors with information on local business, events and opportunities.


Hivewyre digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital

What they do: Hivewyre provides display advertising services to brands looking to put marketing efforts in front of the people who will be most interested in what they have to offer. The company makes use of extensive data partnerships to build solutions that include revenue growth, sales funnel development and expert optimization, providing a clear methodology for reaching over 100 million in-market shoppers.


Ideas Collide digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
Ideas Collide

Founded: 2005

Focus: Full service

What they do: Ideas Collide is an integrated advertising agency offering a selection of technology-driven solutions that allow brands to increase ROI and grow to become larger organizations. From traditional advertising capabilities, like campaign conception and public relations, to brand identity, content marketing, and digital marketing, Ideas Collide provides access to the most effective solutions for growing audiences and maintaining growth.

Clients include: Paul Mitchell Schools, Z’Tejas, Greater Phoenix Chamber and Holoxa.


IZON Golf digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2011

Focus: Display

What they do: In addition to its best-in-class technology for mapping and managing golf courses, IZON Golf offers an advertising platform that provides brands with direct access to an audience of golfers while they are in their element. Sporting goods brands, restaurants, retailers and companies across several industries can access IZON’s platform of display ads and connect directly with consumers while spending idle moments on the course, significantly increasing a brand’s chances of acquiring new customers.  


Markitors digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital

What they do: Markitors helps small businesses grow and acquire dedicated audiences through digital marketing services with a proven track record of success. First focusing on strategizing to meet company goals and take on competitors, Markitors adds SEO, SEM and digital PR services into the mix to acquire new traffic over time and keep customers informed about what’s to come.


RealWorld Marketing digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
RealWorld Marketing

Founded: 1999

Focus: Automotive

What they do: RealWorld Marketing focuses all of its marketing efforts on being a creative leader for the Tier II automotive industry. Working exclusively with Honda and Acura teams across the United States, RealWorld Marketing provides broadcast production, brand recognition, campaign development, media buying and digital/interactive marketing services that take teams across the finish line.


Six Bricks digital marketing agency company Scottsdale
Six Bricks

Founded: 2016

Focus: Education

What they do: Six Bricks offers a way for professionals who are trying to break in or move up in the marketing world with access to educations and certifications that will help them land their dream job. The platform offers several learning paths that allow learners to become proficient in digital and e-commerce marketing, making it an exceptional tool for professionals, universities and employers alike.


SOCIAL BAZOOKA digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2010

Focus: Social

What they do: SOCIAL BAZOOKA provides a simplified method for growing followings and overall presence on social media by selling access to audiences. For budding influencers looking to kick start their pages to organizations who want to ensure their voices are heard, SOCIAL BAZOOKA’s services deliver real, authenticated followers and likes that are guaranteed to last across platforms.

Clients include: Sony, Lenovo, Mercedes-Benz, Sharp and Chevrolet.

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SpyFu digital marketing agency company Scottsdale

Founded: 2005

Focus: Search

What they do: SpyFu is a platform where search marketing professionals can receive access to best-in-class SEO and PPC tools that allow users to track keyword rankings, increase website traffic and make better connections. In-depth competitor research, keyword research and domain lead tools bring enhanced capabilities to search marketers across industries with step-by-step guides available to deliver maximum success.

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