15 Tone-Setting Creative & Design Agencies in Portland

Written by Anthony Corbo
15 Tone-Setting Creative & Design Agencies in Portland
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Built In Staff | Jul 26, 2022

To make marketing effective, it must be captivating.

There are multiple channels to put to use when building up a brand today, from traditional methods like print and television advertising to the digital world of search marketing, social media marketing and more. 

The one thing these marketing methods have in common is that in order to strike a chord and become memorable to audiences, creative campaign execution is a necessity. This requires the careful collaboration of writers, designers, strategists, technology experts and many others working together to ensure brand activations are released into the world flawlessly. 

When it comes to creative and design work that stops people in their tracks, it's best to turn to the experts. These are 15 creative and design agencies in Portland to count on when it's time to make a brand shine.

Creative & Design Agencies In Portland To Know

  • dotdotdash
  • Manifesto
  • Rain the Growth Agency
  • SET Creative
  • Swift Agency
  • Thesis
  • Wieden+Kennedy
Sparkloft Media creative design agency Portland
Sparkloft Media

Founded: 2005

What they do: Sparkloft Media thinks social first, leveraging the power of highly integrated social media platforms to create campaigns that reach audiences effectively. Along with community management, influencer programs and monitoring services, Sparkloft Media is also well-versed in creative development with capabilities including branding, campaign development, video, photography and animation.

Clients include: ATL Airport District, Super Bowl LIII, South African Tourism and Blossom Brothers.


Thesis creative design agency Portland

Founded: 2002

What they do: While Thesis first began laying its roots in email marketing, the agency has evolved to offer so much more since opening its doors in 2002. Thesis offers a range of technology, strategy and creative services, including digital product design, copywriting, identity creation, digital design, motion graphics and more. These services provide brands with an outlet for unleashing their most forward-thinking ideas into the world. 

Clients include: Intel, Adobe, Taco Bell, GQ, Dollar Shave Club, Aramark and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


dotdotdash creative design agency Portland

Founded: 2012

What they do: Dotdotdash is an innovation agency that blends physical and digital marketing capabilities with the thinking of a creative agency and production shop. Taking projects from the discovery stage through execution, dotdotdash offers a range of creative services that connect brands and people through unforgettable shared experiences.

Clients include: The North Face, Adweek and PSFK.


Eris Creative creative design agency Portland
Eris Creative

Founded: 2015

What they do: Eris Creative offers a potent mixture of storytelling, branding and engagement services dedicated to growing brands and creating a stronger connection with consumers. Copywriting, email marketing, social media, branding, web/print design, photography and additional capabilities are available to bring exciting campaigns to life and get the message to the right audience.

Clients include: Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, DC Builders and Apex Outdoor Lighting.


Harlo Interactive creative design agency Portland
Harlo Interactive

Founded: 2004

What they do: Harlo Interactive is a digitally driven design agency dedicated to focusing on a project's goals, requirements and challenges to develop solutions. The agency’s line of services include content strategy development, website design, logo design, brand development, website development and more, partnering with local and national brands to create exceptional work for a wide range of audiences.

Clients include: Disney, Baskin Robbins, Portland Timbers, National Geographic, Audi and Twilio.


INDUSTRY creative design agency Portland

Founded: 2011

What they do: INDUSTRY describes itself as a creative consultancy — a combination of the best parts of ad agencies, strategy think tanks, boutique design shops, entertainment houses and experimental groups. The team strategizes on product design, campaign development and experiential activations, defining brand opportunities to allow organizations to shift their culture and provide customers with meaningful results. 

Clients include: Nike and Converse.


Manifesto creative design agency Portland

Founded: 2011

What they do: A brand declaration agency, Manifesto takes brand beliefs and turns them into authentic behavior through culturally disruptive ideas. The agency delivers branding, creative strategy, employee engagement, branded content and experiential solutions dedicated to identifying and promoting brand uniquenesses, creating stronger connections that have lasting impact.

Clients include: Arby’s, Delta, Samuel Adams, Amazon and GE Healthcare.


Opus Creative creative design agency Portland
Opus Creative

Founded: 1994

What they do: Opus Creative’s three pillars to creating meaningful campaigns incorporate practical strategy, meaningful decision making and reciprocal relationships to find solutions that connect with audiences. From branding and design to video creation and responsive digital development, Opus Creative utilizes its clients authentic voice to develop campaigns that resonate across industries.

Clients include: Dell, HP, Intel, Autodesk and Clear Creek.


Outlier creative design agency Portland

Founded: 2005

What they do: Outlier is a video-first content studio dedicated to conceiving, planning and executing campaigns that put connection at the forefront. The studio offers several packages dedicated to providing unforgettable visual solutions, including social media, human resources, website and campaign video, as well as graphics, animation and branding.

Clients include: Adidas, Puppet, KinderCare, MarketCraft and Louis Pain.


Rain the Growth Agency creative design agency Portland
Rain the Growth Agency

Founded: 1998

What they do: Rain the Growth Agency has been providing its direct-to-consumer clients with marketing services that lead to transformational growth for over 20 years. A proven methodology to scaling DTC businesses sits at the core of the agency’s strategy, with solutions integrating creative, media and analytics capabilities to deliver robust and captivating campaigns.  

Clients include: SoFi, 1-800-Contacts, Schick, 23andMe and Mercari.


SET Creative creative design agency Portland
SET Creative

Founded: 2009

What they do: SET Creative partners with leading brands and organizations to deliver creative, branding and strategy solutions to resolve some of the biggest challenges its clients face. Engagement, brand launch, brand strategy, event management and additional services incorporate a wide range of creative capabilities to properly execute on a brand’s vision and connect with new audiences.

Clients include: Lego, The Wall Street Journal, Vans, Google and Verizon.


Swift Agency creative design agency Portland
Swift Agency

Founded: 2006

What they do: Swift Agency is a creative agency formed to discover solutions to challenges brands face when creating for social media. The agency creates holistic campaigns attuned to the distinct voices of its clients, mixing visual, strategic and engaging capabilities to break through the noise and allow their clients to reach consumers at the right moment.

Clients include: Google, Adidas, Blue Apron, Gatorade, Starbucks and YouTube.


Veracity Marketing creative design agency Portland
Veracity Marketing

Founded: 2014

What they do: Veracity Marketing partners with local and national organizations to offer public relations, social media, search marketing, media buying and creative marketing solutions that grow audiences across a range of industries. From print and traditional media to social media, email and digital marketing solutions, Veracity Marketing fully recognizes brand challenges and strategizes accordingly before executing. Additionally, the agency offers empowerment and retainment services to be there when clients need it the most.

Clients include: Columbia Steel, KR Capital, FIRST and Oregon Sports Authority.


Wieden+Kennedy creative design agency Portland

Founded: 1982

What they do: Wieden+Kennedy is a global advertising leader with offices across continents dedicated to helping enterprise brands capture the attention of audiences on a large scale. The agency is home to a hub of creative talent where a multitude of capabilities are utilized to build campaigns that defy traditional advertising capabilities and captivate audiences worldwide.

Clients include: TurboTax, Uber, KFC, Crocs, Nike and Sprite.


Ziba Design creative design agency Portland
Ziba Design

Founded: 1984

What they do: Ziba Design is committed to helping its clients establish stronger connections with their customers by challenging them to think consumer-first. Working with brands across the food and beverage, financial services, wellness, and retail industries, Ziba Design utilizes brand experience, brand strategy and product innovation services to deliver solutions that build stronger brands.

Clients include: Adidas, Reebok, Everbank, Heinz, Dreamworks and Best Buy.


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