With its foggy clime and mountainous backdrops, Portland simply exudes that peaceful feeling that beckons to artists of all disciplines. Imagination seems to run wild in Portland’s streets, fueled by the city’s ardent community of authors and musicians who feed into its nonconformist flair. And yet, this unabashed eccentricity has been met with a thriving job market that spans industries. Portland’s job market has been on the rise for the past several years, much like that of the state as a whole. According to Oregon.gov, the healthcare and manufacturing sectors are leading the state’s economic growth, while the high tech industry added 91,000 jobs in 2016 alone. 

But these aren’t the only sectors responsible for Portland’s robust job market. Owing to its status as an artistic hub, the city is home to many advertising agencies that combine tech with creative design to help both local and national brands share their stories. As new businesses continue to emerge across the state, these agencies are working hard to develop compelling brands and amass target audiences, so the city’s entrepreneurial community can keep growing. These 17 Portland ad agencies are helping businesses from all industries find their unique voices and share them with the world. 

Portland Ad Agencies To Know

  • Pollinate
  • Roundhouse
  • Wieden + Kennedy
  • Magneto Brand Advertising
  • Grady Britton
  • Borders Perrin Norrander
  • The Imagists
  • HMH Agency
Roundhouse Portland ad agencies

What they do: Roundhouse is an independent ad agency that specializes in crafting branded campaigns. Focusing on content, design and experiences, the agency offers a diverse range of services including channel strategy, brand story and narrative, retail design and production, digital experiences, event activations, product launches, environmental design, and packaging systems. Roundhouse’s mission is to build brand stories, sell at retail, enhance experiences and boost business for its clients.

Who they work with: Reebok, Red Bull, Gerber, Moovel and Adidas. 


Pollinate Portland ad agencies

What they do: Pollinate is a full-service digital agency that offers a variety of advertising strategies. The company specializes in creative development, brand and identity design, web and mobile development, media planning and placement, social media strategy, e-commerce implementation, and video and broadcast production. Pollinate has helped clients with national brand campaigns, brand launches, brand refreshes, beneficiary campaigns and more.

Who they work with: Bauer, Levi’s, Feast Portland, Under Armour, Oregon Lottery and New Seasons Market.


Swift Agency Portland ad agencies
Swift Agency

What they do: Swifty Agency is a digital ad agency that specializes in branding strategies. The company works with brands on a wide range of projects that involve logo development, rebranding, animated graphics, social media, product launches and app development. Swift Agency’s past work includes unveiling Google’s Pixel 4 technology at the Latin Grammys and creating branded content for the Portland International Film Festival.

Who they work with: Google, Adidas, Blue Apron, Starbucks, YouTube, Consumer Insights and Made with Code. 


For Good & Company Portland ad agencies
For Good & Company

What they do: Established in 1978, For Good & Company is an experience-driven ad agency that focuses on immersive storytelling. The agency specializes in advertising strategies such as 2D and 3D design, lead production, logistics, project management, creative direction, content creation, content capture and post-production, copywriting, and management. For Good & Company’s aim is to bridge the gap between brands and audiences, and authenticate the way they connect.

Who they work with: Adidas, Cascadia, Kindercare, Tillamook, Freightliner and Daimler. 


HMH Agency Portland ad agencies
HMH Agency

What they do: Founded in 1978, HMH Agency is a full-service creative ad agency that works with both local and national brands. The company specializes in web design, graphic design, brand strategy, email marketing, analytics, public relations, social media and photography. HMH Agency works with clients from a diverse range of industries including construction, finance, healthcare, travel, transportation and tech.

Who they work with: Atrium Health, The Partners Group, TruWood, Qualcomm, PGE and North Carolina Ports. 


The Imagists Portland ad agencies
The Imagists

What they do: The Imagists boasts a team of brand strategists, designers and creative directors dedicated to helping brands maximize their potential. The Imagists’ advertising services encompass content creation, social media, launch strategies, print materials, package design and web presence. The company works with a variety of clients ranging from startups to fashion labels.

Who they work with: Prawn To-Go, Orchid And Pine, Le Palmier, MISA and Hotel San Francisco. 


DHX Advertising Portland ad agencies
DHX Advertising

What they do: Established in 1998, DHX Advertising is an independent ad agency that offers integrated marketing services. The company’s expertise encompasses web design, social media, advertising, graphic design and public relations. Previous projects include brand campaigns, brand establishment, and web and mobile app development.

Who they work with: Keep Oregon Green, ACME, Edge Development, DeWils Fine Cabinetry and SAIF. 


Manifesto Agency Portland ad agencies
Manifesto Agency

What they do: Founded in 2011, Manifesto Agency is an advertising agency that specializes in brand development. The company’s suite of services includes branding and positioning, creative strategy, sustainability initiatives, employee engagement, product launch campaigns, branded content and experiential marketing. Manifesto Agency has collaborated with clients on press releases, launch videos, creative campaigns, brand strategy and more. 

Who they work with: Delta Airlines, Arby’s, Nike, Amazon, Verve Credit Union and the University of Wisconsin. 


Wieden + Kennedy Portland ad agencies
Wieden + Kennedy

What they do: Wieden + Kennedy is an independent advertising agency dedicated to influencing culture and building business value. The agency helps brands develop campaigns, launch branded films, create virtual influencer campaigns and more. With eight offices located worldwide, Wieden + Kennedy is committed to building strong relationships between companies and their customers.

Who they work with: TurboTax, Uber, Nike, Airbnb, Deliveroo, BMW, HBO and Facebook


Borders Perrin Norrander Portland ad agencies
Borders Perrin Norrander

What they do: Borders Perrin Norrander (BPN) is an ad agency dedicated to analyzing clients’ industries, audiences and business goals. The agency provides a wide range of creative services spanning research, engagement, analysis, content creation, media strategy and planning, video production, 3D animation and photography. BPN boasts its own media team dedicated to defining each client’s audience and the best channels to reach them.

Who they work with: Apple, Sorel, Valvoline, Banfield Pet Hospital, Columbia Sportswear and Burger King. 


Bradshaw Advertising Portland ad agencies
Bradshaw Advertising

What they do: Established in 1986, Bradshaw Advertising is a full-service advertising agency that focuses on brand and retail advertising, media and public relations. Their digital marketing and creative services include social media marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, analytics and conversion rate optimization, web design, content development, event planning, and radio and television production. Bradshaw Advertising also specializes in media planning and buying, offering strategic media planning and placement, ad positioning, promotional opportunities and bonus advertising.

Who they work with: Provenance Hotels, Latus Motors, Miller Paint, Alpenrose Dairy and CareOregon. 


Magneto Brand Advertising Portland ad agencies
Magneto Brand Advertising

What they do: Magneto Brand Advertising is a boutique ad agency that specializes in producing brand-focused campaigns. Working with both national and local brands, the company offers a variety of services including research, strategic planning, brand identity, graphic design, web development, social media and corporate video production. In the past, Magneto Brand Advertising has worked on package design, billboard advertising, creative posters, and television and radio broadcasts.

Who they work with: Chown Hardware, Hotel Eastlund, Living Well Physical Medicine and M Financial Group. 



Dojo Agency Portland ad agencies
DOjo Agency

What they do: Founded in 2007, Dojo Agency focuses on authentic storytelling as a way to leverage brands and maximize marketing campaigns. The agency is dedicated to crafting campaign stories that generate results for brand, marketing, and sales, providing clients with the tools needed to share their stories with their target audiences in an impactful way. Dojo Agency has developed campaigns for a variety of clients such as insurance companies, healthcare organizations and nonprofits.

Who they work with: Providence Health Plan, Amabilis, Galois, Colorado HealthOp and Knight Cancer Institute.


XPND Interactive Portland ad agencies
XPND Interactive

What they do: XPND Interactive is a full-service digital ad agency that develops highly personalized, strategic communication programs. The agency’s services encompass paid search and social, search engine marketing (SEM), e-commerce marketing, SEO, programmatic display advertising and social media management. XPND Creative’s client base spans a wide range of sectors including automotive, health and wellness, and e-commerce.

Who they work with: Aesthetic Medicine, Renaissance Homes and Ford + Wyatt. 


Grady Britton Portland ad agencies
Grady Britton

What they do: Grady Britton is an ad agency that works with clients across the Pacific Northwest. As a certified B Corporation, the company offers a wide range of advertising services including brand development, web design and development, earned media, integrated campaigns, social media programs, video production and public relations. Grady Britton is dedicated to developing brands and providing an integrated approach to activating brand loyalty and generating consumer traffic.

Who they work with: Organic Valley, Travel Portland, Women’s Healthcare Associates and Flextronics. 


High-Proof Creative Portland ad agencies
High-Proof Creative

What they do: Founded in 2018, High-Proof Creative is a full-service ad and branding agency that serves clients in the craft beverage industry. The agency’s creative services include web development, content and blogging, social media management, strategic planning, and logo and packaging design. High-Proof Creative also offers “small batch maps,” which enable potential consumers to locate brands at specific venues while providing insight into product demand.

Who they work with: Headwind Vodka, The Bitter Housewife, Outlandish, Alchemy Distillery and Alpine Distilling. 


Happylucky Portland ad agencies

What they do: Happylucky is a creative agency that focuses on various aspects of advertising. With an emphasis on sustainability and diversity and inclusion, the agency specializes in brand design and identity, content creation, environments and retail, packaging design, events and experiences, strategic planning, and community building. Happylucky assists its clients with product launches, advertising campaigns, retail engagements and installations, social media campaigns, and video content.

Who they work with: Zappos, Departure, Luminous Botanicals and Proletariat Butchery.


Photos via Shutterstock and social media

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