13 San Diego Consulting Firms Proving That Knowledge Is Power

These 13 San Diego consulting firms have experience in everything from billion dollar mergers to energy efficiency.

Written by Sam Daley
13 San Diego Consulting Firms Proving That Knowledge Is Power
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Built In Staff | Jul 27, 2022

Everyday, small business owners, CEOs and teams have questions and challenges that slow their progress to a halt. Where do they turn for expert guidance? Consultants. There are consultants for just about every field and specialty on the globe. Need help reworking your site’s SEO strategy? There’s a consultant for that. Are you considering a green initiative for your company? A consultant can help you achieve it. Are you wondering if acquiring a billion dollar company is a solid long-term move? Consultants are right there to crunch the numbers. Consultants are the knowledgeable, surefire way to help boost a business and answer all pressing questions.

San Diego is full of global consultancies that have the experience and knowledge to come up with creative solutions to any problem. The city is loaded with consultants who work on everything from business process efficiency to solar power. Check out 13 of San Diego’s brightest consultancies.

Top Consulting Firms in San Diego

  • CGI
  • Milliman
  • Deloitte
  • FICO
  • Cask
  • ICF
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Accenture
  • San Diego Consulting Group


booz allen hamilton consulting firms san diego
Booz Allen Hamilton

Focus: Public Sector, Defense, Intelligence, Energy, Finance, Healthcare and Transportation

What they do: Booz Allen Hamilton is a global consulting firm with roots in San Diego. The massive firm has more than 100 years of consulting experience in management consulting, and has more recently widened their focus towards strategic communications, human capital, cybersecurity and agile IT transformation. Booz Allen Hamilton also has vast experience in artificial intelligence implementation and VR/AR devices to help boost both customer and employee experiences.

Who they work with: Booz Allen Hamilton has helped thousands of clients across virtually every sector, including every branch of the U.S. military and most members of the Fortune 500.

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cgi consulting firms san diego

Focus: Finance, Communications, Public Sector, Insurance, Retail and Manufacturing

What they do: CGI is a global consulting firm answering their client’s most challenging questions to everything from IT infrastructure to cybersecurity. The firm, with offices all over the world, is especially apt at IT and digital transformation consulting, where they can recommend different cloud, analytics or IT tools to fit any need.

Who they work with: US Bank, Montreal Heart Institute, University of Helsinki, the Red Cross and the Scottish Government


milliman consulting firms san diego

Focus: Healthcare, Insurance, Risk Management

What they do: Milliman is an international consultancy giving insurers, healthcare providers and employers the tools they need to succeed. When it comes to health, MIlliman’s team can provide consulting on everything from analytics to liability insurance and risk adjustments. Milliman’s actuaries can also help insurance companies with claims, financial reporting and credit risk. The firm is also skilled at providing employers with help on everything from mergers & acquisitions to executing the right employee stock ownership plan.

Who they work with: Milliman works with some of the world’s largest healthcare and insurance providers to ensure that they are keeping costs low and are working as efficiently as possible.


fico consulting firms san diego

Focus: Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Public Sector, Travel, Media and Utilities

What they do: You may know FICO from their credit score reporting, but this analytics firm is actually a data consultant to some of the world’s biggest institutions. FICO consultants use the latest in big data and analytics to help businesses all over the world with high-volume decisions. To date, FICO has used their data knowledge to help 95 of the top 100 largest financial institutions in the U.S., as well as, more than 30 of the top 100 U.S. retailers, with data-driven decision making. 

Who they work with: Nestle, American Airlines, Samsung, Avis, Shell, Honeywell, Chase, Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines and Santander


icf consulting firms san diego

Focus: Disaster Management, Energy, Education, Public Health, Transportation and Environment

What they do: ICF offers advisory and consulting services in a variety of sectors, including digital transformation, human capital and analytics. The consulting firm specializes in digital transformations, where they offer services in everything from robotics process automation (RPA) to machine learning implementation and IT infrastructure strategy. ICF maintains partnerships with the likes of IBM, Appian, AWS and Salesforce, so clients can always expect flexible, top-of-the-line solutions. 

Who they work with: The State of New York, the CDC, US General Services Administration (GSA), BMW, the Minnesota Wild and Amtrak.


deloitte consulting firms san diego

Focus: Automotive, Retail, Defense, Healthcare, Finance, Media and Utilities

What they do: Deloitte is one of the most well-known consulting firms in the world with an expertise in just about every sector. The global consulting giant advises clients on everything from human capital to IT modernization and business operations. The company also has expertise in emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and IoT, which can all be used to help improve business processes and enhance safety protocols.

Who they work with: Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Metlife, Morgan Stanley, Adobe, Dell and the United States Golf Association


accenture consulting firms san diego

Focus: Healthcare, Automotive, Finance, Energy, Aerospace, Travel, Public Sector, Utilities and Retail

What they do: Accenture is one of the largest consultancies in the world. The firm features a wide range of insights and services, especially when it comes to the technical consulting side. Accenture has experience in established tech, like cloud and cybersecurity tools, and is also an expert in emerging technologies, like blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT. To date, more than ninety percent of the Fortune 100 companies trust Accenture to help answer their biggest business questions.

Who they work with: Subway, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Kellogg, Siemens, Delta and FanDuel


dnv gl consulting firms san diego

Focus: Maritime, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Healthcare

What they do: DNV GL specializes in digital and mechanical consulting. The company offers a very broad range of advisory services including environmental monitoring, maritime business consulting, energy auditing, wind farm algorithm design, climate action strategy and fatigue assessments. The risk management advisory firm has offices located all over the world, and invests 5% of its revenues each year towards future research and development efforts.

Who they work with: DNV GL has consulted hundreds of maritime, energy and mechanical companies on how to most efficiently run their businesses.


sentek global consulting firms san diego
Sentek Global

Focus: Public Sector

What they do: Sentek Global offers IT and cybersecurity advisory services to a slew of US Government entities, like the Department of Defense. The consulting firm advises clients on cybersecurity issues like auditing and penetration testing, as well as IT management and cloud migration services. Additionally, Sentek’s team can craft personalized software solutions and can even develop apps to help their clients gain a technological advantage. 

Who they work with: Various U.S. Government Institutions


cask consulting firms san diego

Focus: Media, Travel, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Finance and Public Sector

What they do: Cask is an official ServiceNow partner, offering expertise in everything from human resources to risk and asset management. The company tailors customized business and technology solutions to help fit the exact needs of every client. Additionally, their partnership with software company, ServiceNow, allows them to implement digital transformations without disrupting workflows.

Who they work with: Hulu, Grainger, MoneyGram, McAfee and the State of California


aesc consulting firms san diego

Focus: Energy, Environment

What they do: AESC consults the energy industry on how to increase efficiency, implement new renewable energy practices and even use custom software solutions to better their procedures. The Carlsbad-based firm has expertise in engineering consulting that can help clients with everything from energy efficiency to peak load management, as well as software implementation, where consultants design specific software to meet their client’s energy needs. 

Who they work with: City of Los Angeles, Duke Energy, City of San Diego, City of Phoenix, U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission


beyond20 consulting firms san diego

Focus: Healthcare, Communications, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, and Education 

What they do: Beyond20 is an IT consulting company helping clients to maximize their tech stacks through training and emerging technology implementation. The firm offers a wide range of IT-related consulting services in everything from strategic planning to service management and disaster recovery. Additionally, Beyond20 offers a wide range of training seminars and certifications in pertinent fields like agile, cloud and cybersecurity.

Who they work with: NASA, Discovery, Cisco, JP Morgan, Verizon and Pfizer

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san diego consulting group consulting firms san diego
San Diego Consulting Group

Focus: Communications, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Software

What they do: The San Diego Consulting Group has a range of experience in issues ranging from business operations and marketing to IoT and digital transformation. The full-service consultancy works closely with their clients to craft personalized game plans for how to solve challenges. The San Diego Consulting Group always makes sure a business’ goals are at the forefront, whether it’s crafting a new SEO strategy or implementing the latest in IoT technology for a client.

Who they work with: Verizon, Subaru, McDonald’s, PETCO, Pepsi, AT&T, Salesforce, Ford, Abbott and Stryker


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