15 Companies in Downtown San Diego Cultivating Long Term Success

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jul. 24, 2020
15 Companies in Downtown San Diego Cultivating Long Term Success
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It might not be experiencing the same boom that cities like San Francisco and Seattle are experiencing, but San Diego’s unique tech scene ensures the city’s tech workers will enjoy long term success rather than short economic booms. A mecca for biotech and defense tech companies, San Diego’s tech talent has long been instrumental in major developments the world over, tackling some of the most colossal challenges on Earth.

At the center of the growth and innovation is San Diego’s downtown district, where the density of restaurants, cultural institutions and tech companies best reflects the city’s many industries and its vibrant personality. Downtown San Diego is being radically transformed by the tech scene. With construction plans underway to turn the former Horton Plaza into a campus for tech professionals to take on new jobs, and network with potential investors and partners. Whether they’re building software to anticipate threats to national security, or researching remedies for the next contagious diseases, the city’s tech scene is putting San Diego on a fast track toward new heights of success. Check out these 15 tech companies in downtown San Diego making it all happen.

Companies in Downtown San Diego To Know

  • Procore Technologies
  • Mitek Systems
  • Classy
  • GoFormz
  • Flowmon Networks
  • Jungo
  • Certify
  • Reflexion Health


Mitek Systems Companies In Downtown San Diego
mitek Systems

Founded: 1985

Address: 600 B St.

Focus: Mitek Systems helps companies maintain the security and integrity of their digital assets by developing digital identity verification tools powered by machine learning and AI technologies. Companies that process transactions over the web need to be able to mitigate financial risks and verify their customers, and Mitek provides an identity verification software that aims to keep both clients and customers satisfied. 


Classy Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2006

Address: 350 Tenth Ave.

Focus: Classy specifically partners with companies in the nonprofit sector to deliver fundraising software capable of both processing donations and building effective campaigns to draw in new donors. Classy's work in guiding nonprofits toward their fundraising goals has helped them raise over $53 million in growth capital since their founding.


Procore Technologies Companies In Downtown San Diego
Procore Technologies

Founded: 2003

Address: 1620 Fifth Ave.

Focus: Procore Technologies works with global construction companies like Beck, Consigli, Harvey and Mortensen Construction to build cloud-based software with which they can manage projects and document labor. The team at Procore Technologies helps construction companies make better sense of their complex industry, offering a variety of software products that streamline bid management, quality control, safety compliance, invoice management and much more.


GoFormz Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2012

Address: 655 W. Broadway

Focus: All companies have paperwork, but just the act of storing and filing physical documents is a full time job. GoFormz helps companies simplify their data storage by providing an electronic document storage software that intakes data and stores it in the cloud for future access. The software helps companies of all sizes clear out some of their physical clutter and making it easier for individuals to arrange and sort forms into legible structures.


Flowmon Networks Companies In Downtown San Diego
Flowmon Networks

Founded: 2007

Address: 600 B St.

Focus: Flowmon Networks helps companies both large and small maintain full visibility into their site traffic and where their network security can be enhanced, giving them the tools they need to better protect their data and mitigate risks. Their centralized NetOps and SecOps platform is designed for access both in the cloud and on-site, making it easier for teams to plan networks and detect threats.


Jungo Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2005

Address: 1230 Columbia St.

Focus: Jungo's premier product is a comprehensive marketing and compliance platform that helps clients in the financial industry make more sales and reduce churn. By giving their corporate clients full visibility into their contacts and their CRMs, Jungo makes it possible for Salesforce reliant companies to tailor their campaigns and strategies to each client's specific needs. Jungo's expertise and technology is trusted by some of the largest names in real estate and lending, including Benchmark, Fairway, Supreme Lending and others.


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Certify Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2008

Address: 919 4th Ave.

Focus: Certify is a travel expense management company, teaming up with corporate clients to deliver financial travel software with which they can submit expense requests, automate payments, and book business trips. Their SaaS model is offered on a flexible pricing scale, so that companies of all sizes can pick the services and products that fit best with their budgets and needs. Offering a combination of technological services and expert support, Certify's unique travel expense platform is trusted by top global companies like Century 21, Garmin, Saddle Creek and Netscout.


Reflexion Health Companies In Downtown San Diego
reflexion Health

Founded: 2012

Address: 225 Broadway 

Focus: Reflexion Health offers a combination of healthcare support and software technology with their remote physical therapy platform, assisting patients in reaching their health goals without having to worry about transportation costs or copays. Licensed physical therapists can connect with their patients through Reflexion Health's virtual platform. The company's 3D capture technology and avatar coaching tech can fully immerse patients in their therapies and produce better results.

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Holonis Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2010

Address: 225 Broadway

Focus: Holonis provides companies with an all inclusive software platform with which they can design their own brand image with technology capable of tracking data, enabling e-commerce functionality, leveraging digital media, and ranking on search engines. Utilized by influencers and companies alike, Holonis offers users the ability to customize their digital presence on their own terms, simplifying processes such as SEO and coding so that users can quickly craft an impactful brand.


The Control Group Companies In Downtown San Diego
The Control Group

Founded: 2010

Address: 600 B St.

Focus: The Control Group is a digital media, marketing and web development agency that works with a diverse client base to build effective and impactful campaigns and brands. From conducting split tests on web pages to building applications from scratch, The Control Group offers their customers a wide range of branding services to choose from. Their comprehensive solutions help brands develop a holistic approach to advertising and marketing. 


Seer Interactive Companies In Downtown San Diego
Seer Interactive

Founded: 2002

Address: 1200 F St.

Focus: Seer Interactive's team has expertise in SEO, data science, creative strategy and PPC, and with their combined knowledge they deliver their clients a full-service marketing solution that addresses their snags and helps them reach their objectives. Part analytics company and part consulting agency, Seer Interactive works to build up their client's comfort levels with data-informed marketing. Additionally, Seer hosts webinars and provides resources to their customers to build their knowledge and help them independently manage their branding efforts.


Component Control Companies In Downtown San Diego
Component Control

Founded: 1986

Address: 1731 Kettner Blvd.

Focus: Component Control primarily works with aviation and aerospace companies to develop tailored, regulation-compliant software solutions to keep their craft and cargo safe. Their scalable platforms cover regular operations like hangar management, contact management, accounting, e-commerce processes and manufacturing operations, all while maintaining compliance with FAA certification requirements.


Edge Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2014

Address: 311 4th Ave.

Focus: Edge is a blockchain company that helps developers in the cryptocurrency market develop private, encrypted applications for transferring information and sending messages securely. Edge's users enjoy the ability to trade their cryptocurrency all on one platform, while having the peace of mind that their personal information and finances are protected. The company's software can be integrated into a range of external applications including IoT use cases, healthcare platforms, financial applications and more.


ReverseVision Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2004

Address: 1620 5th Ave.

Focus: ReverseVision's specialty is in reverse mortgages and home-equity conversions. They provide a software designed to support reverse mortgage operations as well as offer opportunities for home equity education and sales optimization. Their software supports more home equity conversions than any other platform, and they've been recognized by HousingWire as the TECH100 recipient for five consecutive years. 

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Seamgen Companies In Downtown San Diego

Founded: 2008

Address: 185 W. F St.

Focus: Serving San Diego and the greater United States, Seamgen is a web and mobile app developer that helps companies design effective digital identities that both resonate with their preexisting customers and help include new customers. Offering a full stack design suite, Seamgen's capabilities cover Javascript app development, scalable cloud infrastructures, UX design, and digital healthcare software development. Their team has worked on past projects for companies in a broad variety of industries, including retail, medicine, finance and aerospace. 

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